Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 1/4/06

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 1/4/06--Canada; Thursday 1/5/06--USA
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Provided By Jodi

Lauren: All right. It's okay. Let's get the table. Okay. Can you get up?

Sheila: Yeah. Oh, no!

Lauren: What? What? (Sighs)

Sheila: We're gonna die.

Lauren: No. No! I am not giving up! I am not giving up!

Sheila: Why don't you just face it?

Lauren: No! I am gonna see my husband and my son!

Sheila: Let it go, Lauren!

Lauren: No!

Lauren: The least you could've done was taken a turn while I'm resting. It's unbelievable. You've actually given up. I didn't think maniacs like you ever gave up, no matter what the odds.

Sheila: Oh, yeah, well, what happened to all the empathy, huh? The interest to knowing why I am the way I am?

Lauren: I may have been curious. But I'm not letting my guard down with you for one second.

Sheila: It was a lot more than curiosity. Oh, yeah, but that's right. That's when we were staring sure death right in the face.

Lauren: You know what? I don't care what your sob story was. Because there are a lot of people who had it worse than you, Sheila. And they actually ended up as decent people. Nothing excuses you for the horrible things you did to me. Nothing.


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