Best Y&R Lines Thursday 12/29/05

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 12/29/05--Canada; Friday 12/30/05--USA
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Brad: Hey, you know what? It isn't midnight yet. There's time for all of us to make our resolutions.

Abby: I have one.

Brad: You do? What is it?

Abby: It's about Victoria.

Victoria: Your resolution has to do with me?

Abby: It's something that will make my daddy happy.

Brad: Well, what is it, sweetheart?

Abby: Well, I know you really like Victoria. So I'm gonna try to like you, too.

Victoria: Thank you, Abby.

Kevin: You know what I used to think about when I was little? All the ways that I could get rid of him. I thought about strangling him, pushing him out a window, locking him in a closet and letting him rot in the dark. He made my life such hell, Mac. You know, other kids, um... other kids read books, you know, with monsters in 'em? Me, I lived with one. And now he's dead. And I don't know what to do with it, you know? I don't know if I should laugh, if I should cry, if I should be happy--

Mac: It's okay to cry.

Kevin: No, no, no, it's not okay to cry! It's not okay to cry. Why should I be shedding one tear for that bastard? Why?

Mac: Because he was your father. He was terrible at it. But he was your dad and that means something.

Kevin: You know, he may have been my flesh and blood, right? But he never loved me. He never wanted me. He was never a role model, you know? Tom Fisher was this perfect example of what a father shouldn't be. He took so much from me. You know, he stole so much. So much. You know what the crazy thing is? I used to think... that maybe someday I would be able to forgive him. And now I'm not gonna have that opportunity. And I don't know why I care.

Mac: Because that's the kind of guy you are. You never give up hope. I mean, look at everything that you have had to go through to get where you are. You could never have done that if you didn't believe that no matter what someone has gone through, life can be wonderful.

Kevin: I don't ever wanna be like him.

Mac: You won't be. You are nothing like your father, Kevin. And you know what? I believe that you will find a way to come to peace with this in your own time. In your own way.

Lauren: Two batteries left. Let's hope they have some juice in them. Oh, yes! It works!

Sheila: Great, we can have some music to die by.

Male radio announcer: This is a WGGG news brief. Thomas Fisher, the man wanted for the murder of department store magnate Lauren Fenmore, has died. Police have ruled the death a homicide. Ashley Abbott, president of Jabot Cosmetics, has been arrested. In other news--

Lauren: (Gasps)

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