Best Y&R Lines Monday 12/26/05

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 12/26/05--Canada; Tuesday 12/27/05--USA
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Paul: Sheila tried to kill your mother on more than one occasion. And she is a very disturbed woman. She escaped from an institution for the criminally insane.

Scott: No, look, you're wrong. I know Brenda. She's a little off. She's different. But she is not crazy.

Paul: Right. And how many times did your mom meet Brenda?

Scott: Never.

Paul: And you know why that is? Because every time you tried to set it up, what happened? Brenda made some kind of excuse why she couldn't be there, right? Look, Scott, I'm telling you, you've been conned.

Kevin: At least it ended for you. You know, if the police don't catch tom... if he gets away with this... I should've taken care of him when I had the chance.

J.T.: No, then you'd be sitting in prison right now, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, it almost would've been worth it.

J.T.: You can't possibly mean that.

Kevin: Tom has lived longer than he should have. I wish he were standing here right now. I would hurt him so bad. Make him pay for every terrible thing that he's ever done, you know I just wanna explode right now. I just wanna explode. I wanna hit something! I just wanna hit something really hard, you know?

J.T.: You really mean that?

Kevin: Yeah, damn right, I do.

J.T.: Then hit me, Kevin.

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