Best Y&R Lines Friday 12/23/05

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 12/23/05--Canada; Monday 12/26/05--USA
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Lauren: If you can hear me, answer me! Tom Fisher, if you can hear me, answer me! (Banging)

Lauren: Come on!

Sheila: Would you shut up?! (Sighs) You're giving me a headache.

Lauren: You're ordering me around? You're the prisoner here.

Sheila: Well, you're not exactly a guest in the Lincoln bedroom, are you, Lauren?

Sheila: You got lucky this time.

Lauren: No, you got lucky this time. You're lucky that Tom didn't kill you. Of course, there's always time.

Sheila: You know what? If he were going to, he would've already done it.

Lauren: You know, you're not so invulnerable sitting there all tied up. You really played Tom for a fool, didn't you-- keeping your identity from him? And now look he's getting you back.

Sheila: Maybe he's getting us both back.

Lauren: Oh, no. Oh, no, not me. If there's one thing I know about Tom, he loves money. And you see, I'm his golden ticket right now. That is, if he plays his cards right. I'm the one who's gonna be getting out of here. I'm the one who's gonna be in my husband's arms with my son.

Sheila: It's never gonna happen.

Lauren: Oh, yes, it is. But not for you. Your life is over. And I'm gonna go back to living happily ever after with my husband and my son-- who hates you, Sheila! For what you've done to me-- he will hate you forever.


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