Best Y&R Lines Monday 12/12/05

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 12/12/05--Canada; Tuesday 12/13/05--USA
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Lauren: You're acting like you haven't eaten in days.

Michael: I haven't eat-- I haven't eaten since this morning. You had me jumping from table to table all night.

Lauren: Aw.

Michael: I barely got a chance to look at my food, much less eat it. Give me another one, please.

Lauren: You poor thing. Well, you see, it's one of the drawbacks of being the bride and the groom.

Michael: Mm-hmm. Well, I suppose so, but I have to tell you, there were parts of the evening where I was sorely tempted to take a little nibble out of somebody's plate while they were busy admiring your dress or your hair or your legs or your face.

Lauren: Honey, the point of a wedding is not to sit down and eat. It's to share your joy with the people you love.

Michael: Hmm. Well, I'm done sharing.

Ashley: Oh, this thing with Tom is just getting weirder and weirder. You never know what surprise is gonna jump out at you next.

Jack: Yeah, including this latest visit of his to your lab. No wonder Dad took matters into his own hands.

Ashley: What do you mean?

Jack: Oh, I guess you have a right to know. Dad got a gun.

Ashley: A gun?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, unfortunately, yes.

Ashley: Look, I have a child in the house. This is a disaster waiting to happen.


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