Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 12/7/05

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 12/7/05--Canada; Thursday 12/8/05--USA
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Ashley: Look, I understand that you're concerned, but we'll be perfectly safe, I promise.

John: Not as long as Fisher is out walking around and free to terrorize you whenever he chooses.

Ashley: No, pursuing is not the same as terrorizing.

John: Ashley, the man is obsessed with you, and you have to take precautions.

Ashley: Okay. I promise I will. I won't walk in any dark alleys until he's back in jail, okay?

Michael: Hello, Mrs. Manning. This is Michael Baldwin. May I speak to my beautiful bride, please?

Joanna: Certainly not.

Michael: But I really want to talk to her, Mrs. Manning.

Joanna: Michael, we have been all over this. You may speak to her after the wedding.

Lauren: Wait a minute. Mother!

Gloria: Joanna, stop being so superstitious. Michael, hold on! Lauren will be right there!

Joanna: No, she won't.

Kevin: What's going on? Is Lauren there?

Michael: She's being held hostage.

Kevin: What?

Michael: By her mother. Thank God the woman lives on a different continent. (Phone line disconnects)

Michael: What? Hag.

Michael: Just make sure when you deliver this to Lauren, it doesn't fall into enemy hands.

Kevin: Her mother's that much of a trip, huh?

Michael: And then some. Hey! Private!

Kevin: Did I just see you draw a heart?

Michael: You know what? Mind your own business.

Kevin: Sorry, I just didn't know you were that much of a sap.


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