Best Y&R Lines Friday 11/25/05

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 11/25/05--Canada; Monday 11/28/05--USA
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Ashley: Dad, I told you last night that I had the situation with Tom under control.

 John: Are you sure that's true?

 Ashley: Yes.

 John: You never told me who sent these flowers, and you were certainly upset when you read the card. Now were they from him?

 Ashley: Yes, they were.

 John: Oh. Well, I don't want him in this house.

 Ashley: Neither do I, actually.

 John: Well, good. Then get rid of them, and I don't care if you throw 'em away, give 'em away, just get 'em the hell out of here.

 Tom: Ohh.

 Ashley: Look, I don't want to upset you anymore, but, um... when I was talking to Michael about the wedding, he brought you up. It kind of makes him crazy that I'm even giving you the time of day, you know? He says you're very dangerous, that you've threatened him and his family.

 Tom: Come on. You believe that?

 Ashley: I don't want to. I see how angry you are. Maybe you should talk to somebody. Maybe you need to work through it. I'm just afraid you might do something stupid, get yourself in worse trouble with the police, you know?

 Tom: It was all a damn lie, wasn't it, Ashley? You planned the whole thing with Michael... (groans) 'cause you... you're the one who planted those chemicals on me... you bitch. (Door opens)

Sharon: Well, Nick, it was just last summer that you practically wanted Daniel dead, and now you can sit down and have a dinner with him as if nothing. It shouldn't have bothered me, I guess, but it did. I didn't expect to react that way, but I guess I just wasn't ready.

 Nick: You might not understand this. I don't even know if I understand it, but... these past few months, it's been kind of comforting to be able to talk to Daniel and Phyllis.

 Sharon: "Comforting"?

 Nick: Yeah. Maybe it's because we all went through this tragedy together or maybe it's because I know it's what Cassie would have wanted. I don't know. I just know that it helps. (Knock on door) (door opens)

Daniel: You know, it's pretty wild.

 Nick: What's that?

 Daniel: Just when I think about it, I never would have believed that I'd be standing here in your living room talking to you. You know, like this. Trying to help you out with Noah. It really means a lot to me.

 Nick: It means a lot to me, too, because I know it's what Cassie would have wanted.


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