Best Y&R Lines Friday 11/18/05

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 11/18/05--Canada; Monday 11/21/05--USA
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Provided By Jodi

Tom: This is gonna sound a little weird, but all of a sudden, I'm kind of flashing back to tenth grade biology.

Ashley: Oh, really?

Tom: Yeah. There was this girl, and, well, she was kind of my first serious crush, you know what I mean? She looked good in a lab coat, too. We were just kids, but we really fell hard for each other. I even wrote poems for her. Yeah, huh? Me, writing poems? Imagine that. I was on top of the world for about a month. And then her old man got wind of it, and he flipped out, you know. I wasn't good enough for her, wrong side of the tracks, all that. And then when I went to my old man to get a little advice and support, you know what he said? He said, "what the hell did you expect, boy? What makes you think you deserve somebody classy like her?" Well, that was that. Lesson number one for poor old Tom-- life messes you up, takes away your dreams and leaves you empty.

Tom: Then... well... then I met you, and it's like...

Tom: Who says miracles can't happen, hmm?

Nick: What if you wanted to access it from a remote location?

Phyllis: I would just type in a password, and I'd be in.

Nick: And just like that, you're in the guts of our web site?

Phyllis: Yeah, where I can do anything I want.

Nick: Well, it's ingenious. I'll give you that.

Nick: Now all you have to do is hook one of these things up for me in the Jabot mainframe.

Phyllis: Yeah, right. I'm glad you still have a sense of humor. Do you want to delete this file?

Nick: Yes.


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