Best Y&R Lines Monday 11/7/05

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 11/7/05--Canada; Tuesday 11/8/05--USA
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Ashley: This is a nice surprise, but aren't you sleeping at your dad's tonight?

Abby: Uh-huh, but I forgot some things.

Ashley: Uh-oh.

Brad: Somethin' about a pink dress.

Abby: Yeah, it's my favorite. I wanna wear it to my birthday party tomorrow.

Ashley: Honey, it's in the very front of your closet, okay, and don't forget the hair thingamajiggie that goes with it in case you wanna wear that, too.

Abby: I won't.

Brad: Hair thingamajiggie.

Abby: Be right back.

Brad: Very important. Get me a hair thingamajiggie. I might...

Tom: I have a chance... at some real happiness in this life. Now I know what you've heard about me. But, Mackenzie, that stuff wasn't mine. It wasn't. I don't know anything about crystal meth. I have never done it. I sure as hell don't know how to make it.

Mac: Then why did the police find those chemicals in your belongings?

Tom: Because Michael Baldwin planted them there. Now he's got it in for me. He wants to punish me for things I did a long time ago, when he and his brother were kids. And I will admit, I was... I was a terrible father to Kevin. But my boy... I mean, he's grown up, he's--he's made something of himself. He's become a real decent person. Now to--to let Michael drag him into this, to force him to lie... to send an innocent man to prison, his own father? That's the real crime. And I don't want Kevin to have to live with that burden.

Mac: I've heard what you have to say. But I'm not the one that you beat up and locked in a closet. However Kevin wants to deal with you, that is his decision. And I don't think that I should get in the middle of it.

Tom: Mackenzie--

Mac: I'd really like you to leave, please.

Tom: I'm being honest with you here. I'm being completely honest with you. Now what is it gonna take? Tell me. What's it gonna take? 'Cause I'm not leaving here-- I'm not leaving here until you believe in me.

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