Best Y&R Lines Thursday 11/3/05

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 11/03/05--Canada; Friday 11/04/05--USA
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Michael: Overreact? This man is making good on threats to my family. He poisoned Lauren!

Paul: We don't know that.

Michael: I am sure he did!

Paul: We don't have any evidence. We have no proof. When did he poison her? How?

Michael: I don't know! I don't know, but you know what? I bet I can beat it out of him!

Paul: That's a bad idea.

Michael: I can rip his lungs out--

Sharon: Okay. Well, whatever tension exists, I'm sure it won't last, especially not when you both have what's best for the company in mind. Okay... that's not it. There's more. Don't tell me things have gotten way out of hand already.

Brad: Look, Sharon, I really don't want to put you in the middle, okay?

Sharon: Well, I'm already there. Brad, you supported me so much. And on top of that, you have done amazing things for this company. You should be thanked, not hassled. Now, please, just fill me in, okay? I really feel like I can help.

Sharon: Okay, you're smiling. That means I'm getting through to you.

Brad: I'm going to handle this my way. But it is a good feeling to know that if I ever did need the help, I have a tigress like you in my corner.

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