Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 9/28/05

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 9/28/05--Canada; Thursday 9/29/05--USA
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Provided By Suzanne

 Jack: Oh, what are we drinking to?

 Phyllis: Um... improving your mood?

 Jack: Don't hold your breath.

 Phyllis: Yeah, well, I'm glad I got you out of the club. It was hurting my ears, all that grinding of your teeth that you were doing.

 Jack: Brad Carlton played me for a fool.

 Phyllis: Hoist on your own petard, I believe, is the phrase.

 Neil: So instead of being forced out of Newman Enterprises, what happens? Brad ends up with shares of the company.

 Dru: Are you serious?

 Neil: Baby, do you see me smiling? I still can't believe it. I mean, I've been a loyal, hardworking employee for years. Do I have a stake in the corporation? Do I have shares? Hell no! I always figured those were the breaks if your last name wasn't Newman. But now the new kid on the block, a guy that Victor used to despise, he's in an ownership position. I still don't understand it.

 Paul: All right, J.T. you know, your best girl is here tonight. And yet, you are on opposite sides of the room. You wanna explain that?

 J.T.: You know, Paul, you're a hell of a detective, so do you have any idea what makes women tick?

 Paul: I can't say that I do. Although I've had some pretty good times looking for it. And you know what?

 J.T.: What?

 Paul: Maybe we're not supposed to know. Maybe that would spoil all the fun. Which is why I think God let us invent red wine.

 Phyllis: Jack, Brad's the enemy? Brad? Why? Because you backed him into a corner and he found a solution that worked for him?

 Jack: Giving Victor Newman Jabot stock is not a solution.

 Phyllis: I agree with you. It's not a solution, but we're talking about Brad here. He looks out for number one. He was the gardener, for God's sake. He's not a match for you. He's not dangerous.

 Neil: Well, honey, I'M... considering--considering all my options, you know? There's a lot of things that I'd love to do. (Exhales) I could work in a whole different field, you know? Start my own business, I have a lot of experience. It wouldn't matter if I was makin' widgets, man.

 Dru: Widgets? What the hell are widgets? You ain't makin' no-- look, and starting your own business-- do you know how much hassle that is, not to mention... look how hard you have worked to get to where you are. Hell no. Are you crazy?

 Jack: Bradley has to understand when you play, you pay... but don't worry. Just because I'm teaching that snake in the grass he doesn't mess with Jack Abbott doesn't mean I'm forgetting what's most important in my life--you.

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