Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 9/27/05

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 9/27/05--Canada; Wednesday 9/28/05--USA
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Gloria: Oh, I am so sorry, Tom, but I don't think that's going to work... because you don't understand a woman like Ashley. You cross her once, it's the last time.

Tom: Yeah, well, I was all set to come clean with her until that self-righteous son of yours, Michael, ruined it for me.

Gloria: Ashley wouldn't look twice at a man who beats his children!

Tom: I'm trying to make amends.

Gloria: Oh, by blackmailing me?

Tom: Well, hell, it's not my fault this cost of living in this town is so high.

Jack: Oh, this is just a setback.

Phyllis: (sarcastic) Oh, yeah. Jack, it's a setback. This is nowhere near the end of the world.

Gloria: Don't you dare talk about John that way.

Tom: Well, you gotta face it, Glo, the guy's not getting any younger. I mean, even with that new hip of his, one little nasty spill could do a lot of damage. I mean, we're talking permanent damage. It could happen. All kinds of things could happen... accidentally. But who knows? Maybe, jeez, maybe even on purpose.

Gloria: (throwing money at him)  Here. Here. Take it. Take it. Take all of it. There is nothing left. And get the hell out of my house!

Tom: Honey, that's hardly enough to keep me in beer for a week.

Jack: I am through letting the mustache and his sidekick get to me. I've got a company to run.

Phyllis: Mmm, from what Jill says, it's just a tiny piece of Jabot.

Jack: Newman owning a nickel of Jabot is enough to make me choke...

Nikki: (Thinking, paranoid) what the hell is J.T. doing here? Why is Victor bringing in these spies? Does he think there's something wrong with me?

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