Best Y&R Lines Friday 9/23/05

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 9/23/05--Canada; Monday 9/26/05--USA


By Suzanne

 Gloria: By the time the wedding rolls around, you will be chummy.

 Michael: Mm-hmm.

 Gloria: Or at least on solid ground.

 Michael: Yeah, provided stepdad number one doesn't show his face around stepdad number two.

 Victoria: So how does it feel, Brad? You are the only non-Newman to ever own a stake in this company.

 Brad: Well, I'm honored you two would do this for me.

 Victoria: I'm thrilled it worked out.

 Brad: Me, too. Though I can think of one person who won't be.

 Victor: Its amazing how one person can bring together so many people... even us, Bradley.

 Jack: Hey, wait, wait, wait. Where are you going?

 Phyllis: To get a whip, although you might like it.

 Lauren: I asked you a question. What are you doing here?

 Tom: No, the question is what are you doing here? Classy lady like yourself in a place like the no-tell motel? What, are you cheatin' on Michael already?

 Tom: Hey, don't blame me for how he turned out, that pompous little jerk. Who's he think he is? His daddy was such a drunk that even that trashy mother of his didn't want anything to do with him.

 Michael: What's wrong with you?

 Kevin: Nothing. I just lied to someone to protect someone else, and I probably lost one of my only friends.

 Lauren: (Scoffs) hardly. I smacked your smug face once before, and I have no trouble aiming lower and using my knee.

 Tom: I think you're lying through your teeth. I'm surprised they're not ch-ch-ch-chattering.

 Lauren: I don't think so. Because I'm not a defenseless little child.

 Tom: No... baby, a child you ain’t. That is for damn sure. Little spitfire is what you are. In an empty, dark hallway with a real man for a change. I bet you haven't had one of those in a while, huh? There's no telling what I might do. Maybe I'll just reach out and grab you, cover your mouth so you can't scream... drag you off to my room... oh, I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you? Hmm? Little pretend rough stuff? Well, who knows? Maybe we wouldn't even need to pretend, huh, beautiful?

 Lauren: You are nothing but a weak, pathetic bully who gets their kicks out of intimidating people. Well, too bad it didn't work on me. Now do us both a favor and back off so I can get out of here!

 Phyllis: Drucilla, what are you doing here?

 Dru: Ooh, obviously you were not expecting me, and now that you're unemployed, I'm sure you're out of your clothes all the time.

 Phyllis: Whatever you want to tell me, make it snappy. I have places to be.

 Dru: Oh, like the bed? Look, I'm not gonna mince words, okay? I don't like you.

 Phyllis: Feeling's mutual.

 Dru: All right? You're crass, you're loud, you're impulsive.

 Phyllis: Next time you want to insult me, why don't you just put in in an e-mail and mark it urgent?

 Phyllis: Oh, all right. May the best woman win.

 Dru: Don't worry. I will.

 Jack: What are you doing here, Victor? Katherine need a bridge partner?

 Victor: Very funny, Jack.

 Jack: Must be nice having nothing to do these days. How's that shuffleboard game coming along?

 Victor: Did you come by to assure Katherine that you're not running her company into the ground?

 Jack: No, quite the contrary. Actually, I'm bringing her a report that says profits are up across the board.

 Victor: But that smug and satisfied smile tells me that you think you pulled off a coup.

 Michael: This is about Tom, isn't it?

 Lauren: Yes. I ran into him. And that man is evil, Michael. He's pure evil.

 Victoria: So I'm "oddly appealing"?

 Brad: Hey, I've been called a lot worse, most recently by you.

 Victoria: Well, I promise my days of insulting you are over.

 Brad: Hmm.

 Victoria: Unless, of course, you do something to tick me off.

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