Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 9/21/05

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 9/21/05--Canada; Thursday 9/22/05--USA


By Suzanne

 Scott: I'd like to know, if your friend wasn't actually crazy, how did she wind up in an insane asylum?

 Sheila: You know, uh, that's the same question I've asked myself a thousand times.

 Mac: If J.T. wants to leave, I'm not gonna go chasing after him. I am not gonna give him the satisfaction of knowing that he is driving me crazy. Not that he is.

 Kay: No. No. Of course he isn’t.

 Brad: Sharon, I left Jabot because Jack didn't respect me. I'll do the same thing here. I'm going back to the office and handing in my resignation.

 Sharon: No, you're not. Because I'm not gonna let you, and not just because of what it means to Newman Enterprises.

 Mac: Well, it isn't all me. I mean, J.T. is the one who lied. I know he had a good reason, but if he really loved me--

 Kay: Oh, you know, right there--right there is the biggest trap that men and women fall into when they disagree-- "if you really loved me."

 Scott: So tell me more about Ingrid.

 Sheila: She was a tease. She would jump from man to man, you know, in search of money and status. I wouldn't be surprised if she were out there right this minute tricking some poor sap into falling in love with her.

 Mac: Well, I'll give you this much-- you certainly are creative.

 J.T.: You like it, huh? Hey, I hope you realize I'm gonna do whatever it takes to get you back. Even if that means giving up indoor plumbing.

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