Best Y&R Lines Monday 9/19/05

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 9/19/05--Canada; Tuesday 9/20/05--USA


By Suzanne

Michael: Sorry. I just can't erase the man from my mind. Unlike Sheila, Tom is still out there, wandering around on all fours somewhere.

 Lauren:  Tom is a very bad man, but trust me, his biggest ambition is to become a parasite.

 Michael: A very determined parasite. And as we all know, parasites eventually kill their host.

Scott:  What--what happened to your mirror? It wasn't broken before, was it?

 Sheila: No, no. Uh, the person next door threw something against the wall. It must have had a crack in it. It's a little crazy around here.

Brad: Go now, or I won't be responsible for what happens to you.

 Jack: Two words, Bradski-- anger management.

Kevin: You heard, huh?

 Daniel: Oh, come on, man. Everybody's heard. You and Mackenzie in business together. Wow. You were gonna get that chick one way or another, weren't you?

Michael: The thought of Tom locked up forever like Sheila, surrounded by screaming, violent lunatics and guards just waiting for the chance to pounce on him... you know, that-- that is justice with a great big, fat, red cherry on top.

 Michael: Hmm. Okay. Maybe you're right. I will put all thought of Tom aside. I will deal with him on an as-needed basis.

 Lauren: There you go.

 Michael: Besides, I would much rather focus on you. You know, you're a lot better looking than tom.

 Lauren: Oh, God, I hope so.

J.T.: You are so beautiful. You know, if you knew how beautiful you were, you'd be impossible to get along with.

 Mac: If you knew how full of it you were, you'd be nauseous.

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