Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 9/7/05

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 9/7/05--Canada; Thursday 9/8/05--USA


By Lizz

MICHEAL: I know exactly what Tom is going to do. It makes me sick knowing that we've given him this kind of power over us. That man held us in the palm of his hand for years, making us feel... trapped and small and helpless. And that bastard loved every second of it. Oh, he--he loved having that kind of power. Now Tom thinks that nothing's changed. That he can abuse us and we just have to take it. But he's wrong! I won't allow it! Not ever again!

SHEILA: Yes, I do. I mean, there are those out there that make it their goal in life to simply... ruin yours. But you can't sit back, and you can't let that happen. No, you've got to show them that there's nothing--nothing that will come between you and what's rightfully yours….If somebody hurts you, you hurt them back.

MICHEAL: Tom is a cancer-- the insidious kind that destroys people before they even realize what hit 'em. He's gotta be stopped, permanently.

KEVIN: Yeah, yeah, you hope. But what if you're wrong? Huh? Tom saw the notice, Michael. What if he figured out that you were behind it, and he has just been waiting for this chance to call you out on it? It's fraud. You can lose your license again. Lose your career, your reputation, everything you've worked so hard for in this town. I couldn't stand to see that happen. I know that mom and Lauren couldn't either. So you tell me--tell me, is getting back at tom worth losing everything that you've worked so hard for?

SHEILA: You know, I sense you're a man with secrets. I have secrets, too. I think you and I could be very useful to one another.

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