Best Y&R Lines Monday 9/5/05

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 9/5/05--Canada; Tuesday 9/6/05--USA


By Lizz

JACK (to VICTORIA): Wow. I just got a little chill up my spine. You know why? You sounded just like your father.

KEVIN: Got Tom off my back. Mikey, you shoulda seen it. It was amazing. He storms in madder than hell, grabs all of his stuff, and then boom! He's outta there. It was a beautiful thing.

PHYLLIS: (Sighs) I think you and Lily were facing a lot of obstacles, a lot of heartache. You don't need another complication, Daniel. Neither does Lily.

DEVON: When I found her in the park, Neil, I was scared. And I was scared I-- I felt like I was 6 years old again coming home from school and finding her passed out on the couch after she O.D.'d, and I thought she was dead. That's the last time I saw her until... what if she doesn't make it? What if my mom dies? I finally get her back. I can't lose her like this. I can't lose her all over again.

GLORIA: Okay, you know what? You know what? I finally get it. This whole mess is your fault-- both of you. You both should've come to me the minute that you knew Tom was in town. But, no, you had to keep it a secret. And then this one comes up with this cockamamie idea about having Tom declared legally dead, which he wasn’t. But I didn't know that, because you lied to me. And now I am the one who is going to have to pay the price for your deception. Now does that seem fair?

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