Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 8/31/05

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 8/31/05--Canada; Thursday 9/1/05--USA


By Lizz

MALCOM: Lily, you got a choice. You can make it hard on yourself. You can pout. You can kick and scream. You can give your parents a lot of attitude, but I promise you, that's only going to accomplish one thing, and that's keeping' you away from Genoa city even longer.

DANIEL: When the judge said I was guilty, it was like everything stopped. You know, the moment I heard those words, my life was over. I can't even describe what it felt like…And I was waiting to hear how many years I was going to be sent away for, but then you walked in and you handed over the clothes that Cassie was wearing that night. Then the judge reversed his decision. I-I couldn't believe it was really happening, you know? It was like a miracle.

GLORIA: (to TOM): Hmm, "that old man"? "That old man," as you call him, is worth fifty-- no, he's worth a hundred of you, and I wouldn't have you back in my life for-- for what, mike? For--for all the tea in china, because you haven't changed one bit since you left me. You were a loser then, tom fisher, and you're a loser now.

GLORIA: We both know why I didn't leave you. Because I was afraid of what you might do to me and my boys. That's the only reason we stuck around, not because we loved you. And I get it. I finally get it after all these years. I really think that is why you are so sadistic. Because deep down you know... that no one could ever love you.

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