Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 8/30/05

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 8/30/05--Canada; Wednesday 8/31/05--USA


By Lizz

TOM: You're not going to throw all that away. You go to john Abbott and let him know she's kept a whopper of a secret like this from him, he will boot her out so fast, her head will spin, and she will never speak to you again, mike.

MICHEAL: If that's the case, let it be so... because eliminating you out of our lives would be the best possible thing I could do for her and Kevin. That's what a real family means, tom... protecting each other... at all costs.

SHARON: I know. I won’t. At the end of the day, I can’t. I'm going to miss Cassie every moment of every day for the rest of my life, but I can't mourn her forever. I can't build my whole life around missing her. She's gone, and I need something else to focus on besides that.

NEIL: I wish there was, lily. Come on, sit down. Hey, honey, we spent so many years apart, you know, you and me? I am so very grateful to have you back in my life every day. Do you really think... that I would send you halfway across the country if I thought there was another choice? I mean, every day I know I'm going to miss you but... it's the best thing for you. I remember that morning when I heard that Cassie passed away and... I couldn't stop thinking-- that could've been my little girl. And for you to throw everything in your life away like that--

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