Best Y&R Lines Monday 8/29/05

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 8/29/05--Canada; Tuesday 8/30/05--USA


By Lizz

KEVIN: No way. You're not coming in here. And you sure as hell aren't going to be my roommate.

MICHEAL: Your "business relationship with tom"? Now what would that be, a blackmailer and blackmailee?

MICHEAL: Do you really think tom cares about making your life difficult?! No way! He loves it! It's tom's whole game. If he were an 8-year-old, he'd be tearing wings off flies. I'm sorry, Gloria. You may be under his thumb, but not me

KEVIN: I'll talk to you however I want to. Besides, tom, this isn't your kind of place-- no closets for you to lock me up in.

DRU: It's a daggone shame you're not gonna graduate with your friends.

TOM: And here I am picking on poor little you. What does that tell you, huh, kevvie? That you're a weakling. Always have been, always will be.

MICHEAL: I'm perfectly willing to live with it. Look, maybe you can browbeat Kevin and Gloria. But your little reign of terror is over. John Abbott’s going to know everything, because I'm going to-- oh, correction-- we are going to tell him, tonight

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