Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 8/24/05

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 8/24/05--Canada; Thursday 8/25/05--USA


By Lizz

PLYLLIS: Um... I don't know how to say please don't send my son to prison without just saying please don't send my son to prison. But that's not gonna work, so I'm not gonna say that. Um, uh... is there any point to this? Really, is there any point to this? I mean, are you just thinking, "this is another mother begging for mercy, trying to convince me that her son is a good boy and he wouldn't hurt a fly"? Is that what you're thinking? Am I right, your honor? ...Um... uh... you know, I know a little bit about jail. And I know that it's a place where good people go and they become bad people. And bad people go and they become really bad people. But, you see, Daniel, my son, he gets it. He gets it. He's learned. What happened that night, it's never--it's never going to happen again, and it's going to stay with him forever, right? Right, Daniel? It's going to stay with you forever. See? So he knows he has to be careful now, and he understands that life is precious and--and--and it's fragile. And regardless of who was driving, that doesn't even matter. My son has changed, and that's the point I'm making. You don't have to keep on changing him. You don't have to keep on trying to change him.

RUSSELL: I'll be honest with you, Mrs. Abbott. I've read the pre-sentencing report. I know quite a lot about your son already. If all we ever had to say was, "I've learned my lesson," then we could indeed turn our prisons into outlet malls.

BRITTANY: Well, there will be. Every day, I take a digital photo of Joshua. I'm going to put them all in there. That way, Bobby can see pictures of all the time he's missed with his son.

J.T.: Nothing. I just... I don't know. I think it's strange that you and Bobby have this connection, even though you're not together. Meanwhile, Mac and... Mac and I are living under the same roof and we're not... well, I don't know what the hell you'd call us. We're definitely not a couple, that's for sure.

Brittany: (Sighs) look, what Mac needs is a guy who will make her the center of his universe, somebody who will wait on her hand and foot, cherish the ground she walks on. Somebody like... I don't know... Kevin Fisher.

RUSSELL: Now I understand that the incarceration of Daniel Romalotti is not going to stop drunk driving or underage drinking across the board, but if what we do here today causes one young driver at a party to stop and think, "maybe I shouldn't do this," then perhaps we have saved a life. In countries where the punishment for drunken driving is harsher, arrests, injuries, fatalities have all gone down, so the threat of punishment does work. But that threat is only as meaningful as the punishment handed down by judges such as myself. Therefore, Daniel Romalotti, this court is going—

MICHAEL: It is the address to a local homeless shelter. Never let it be said that I don't take care of my family.

RUSSELL: Mr. Romalotti, there is no doubt whether you were drinking that night when you shouldn't have been, but that is not the issue to be decided here. This new evidence raises the level of doubt in my mind as to what happened that night. In light of this revelation, I can no longer find you guilty of vehicular homicide…You'll notice I didn't say you were innocent. I don't know that. No one knows but you and god. Therefore, Mr. Romalotti, I'll leave you and your conscience free to go.

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