Best Y&R Lines Thursday 8/18/05

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 8/18/05--Canada; Friday 8/19/05--USA


By Lizz

GLENN: Let's face it, your honor, if the only other living thing in that car besides Daniel Romalotti was a Labrador retriever, the defense would be a dog was driving.

GLENN: Your honor, Daniel Romalotti-- an arrogant, careless young man, through his actions deprived Nicholas and Sharon Newman of their daughter's companionship, of her smile, of her beauty and of her insight. He robbed Cassie Newman of the chance to fulfill her dreams, her potential, her life.

CHRIS: Your honor, the man on the street, the person with little or no education in the law, can almost always quote two phrases which are central in our nation's legal philosophy. They are, "you have the right to remain silent." And "you are innocent until proven guilty." The latter, amongst lawyers, is called the presumption of innocence. You see, what's troubling to me about this case is in my attempt to obtain justice for my client, I constantly find myself butting up against what I can only call a presumption of guilt. The car was registered to Daniel Romalotti. And he had been disinclined in the past to let others take his car out for a spin with the top down. So the blame and the consequences fall on him. End of story. Prosecution rests…And I must say in Mr. Richard's rather inappropriate attempt at humor notwithstanding, no, we would not have tried to claim a dog was driving. A dog doesn't have the physical wherewithal to drive a car. But Cassie Newman did. She had two hands to put on the wheel and a foot to put on the accelerator. And it's true-- she did lack the experience and the training to drive a car well. But it's been made abundantly clear that the car wasn't driven well…Your honor, when it comes down to it, there were two people who might have driven the car that night.

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