Best Y&R Lines Friday 8/12/05

Best Lines of The Young & The Restless Update Friday 8/12/05--Canada; Monday 8/15/05--U.S.A.


By Lizz

Daniel: (before his trial) well, I haven't had this much fun since I can't remember when.

Brad: (To Jack) "Benedict Carlton," that's a play on words. That is funny, Jack. I didn't know you were such a comedic genius. What, is this your new office where you work out your new material?

(At Daniel's trial)
Nick: Christine, you are trying to blame Cassie for this.
Russell: Mr. Newman, please restrain yourself.
Phyllis: Wouldn't it be horrible if somebody else took the blame? That would really ruin your party, wouldn't it, Nicholas?
Nick: You shut up, Phyllis.

Jack: If that's the way you feel, Nick, maybe you're right. If you've already passed judgment, maybe you shouldn't be in that courtroom.

Cassie: (In Nick's flashback to her death): Don't... blame Daniel. (Voice echoes) Daniel. It wasn't his fault. (Voice echoes) fault. It w-- it was me. (Voice echoes) it was me.

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