Best Y&R Lines Thursday 8/11/05

Best Lines of The Young & The Restless Thursday 8/11/05--Canada; Friday  8/12/05--U.S.A.


By Lizz

Phyllis: (To Lilly, attempting to sneak in Daniel's trial) Oh. Okay, look, let-- let me draw you a picture here, all right? Civic leader and local business honcho Jack Abbott is here supporting my son-- hey, that's a good thing. Accused juvenile delinquent Lily Winters who just aided and abetted Daniel's flight from justice and almost got her own bail revoked in here supporting my son-- that's a bad thing. You think I want Lizzie Borden cheerin' him on in here? No.

(Chris' opening statement)
Chris: Your honor, since this isn't a jury trial, I'm not gonna bore you with infinite detail. I would simply like to point out that everything in this case, except my client's intoxicated state, which we are happy to stipulate, is a matter of guesswork and assumption. The prosecution has assumed that Daniel Romalotti was driving the car because the other person didn't have a driver's license. I would like to point out that government data shows that many, many thousands of vehicle accidents each year involve or are caused by underage, unlicensed drivers.

Russell: I assume you will prove that.

Chris: Absolutely, though I doubt Mr. Richards will force the issue, knowing, as he does, that such events aren't as uncommon as he would like them to appear. The state will not successfully show beyond a reasonable doubt that my client was driving that car. Thank you.

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