Y&R Best Lines Monday 2/22/21

Y&R Best Lines Monday 2/22/21


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Abby: And chance is out there -- I don't know where. And I know it's important because he wouldn't agree to do it otherwise, but, yeah, it's hard enough to pick an anonymous sperm donor. And then now that chance is gone, I mean, is -- is this something I should even be doing right now?

Devon: It's a very intimidating process -- 'cause i watched hilary go through it.

Abby: And in the end, she had you.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: I just wish, um...

Devon: It's okay, abby. You don't have to shut down for me.

Abby: Um, you [Laughs] Are a great friend. Thank you. But I am -- I'm gonna go wallow a little bit.

Devon: Okay. [ Chuckles ]

Abby: Bye.


Abby: Well, apparently everyone was as charmed by 12052 as we were and he's already been used by 10 families and that's their cutoff.

Nina: Why would they -- I guess, yeah, your child would already have nine half-siblings in the world.

Abby: But they could be anywhere in the world. It's not like they're all in genoa city.

Nina: Yeah, I know, but... oh, sweetie, I know you had your heart set on this donor, but there's got to be more than one perfect donor.

Abby: Well, I can always go with my fallback plan and just close my eyes and pick some random donor.

Nina: [ Laughs ] A perfectly legitimate option.

Abby: Even for a control freak like me who's already having a problem with this whole process?

Nina: Okay, how about this? We go for a walk, we recharge, we come back, and we look at some profiles and we find someone even better than the last guy?

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