Y&R Best Lines Monday 7/15/19

Y&R Best Lines Monday 7/15/19


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Faith: Oh! Do you know how long it's been since I've had junk food?

Sharon: No brownies at soccer camp?

Faith: Ugh, no. Healthy everything. If I had to drink one more kale smoothie...

Sharon: Oh. Well, athletes have to stay fit.

Faith: Well, it worked. Wait till you see my scissor kick.


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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Rey: Why would dad think that he's welcome to lola's wedding, let alone walking her down the aisle?

Nick: Is sharon okay?

Rey: Well, things got a little tense while we were away.

Nick: Because of adam? Of course because of adam.

Adam: We can go back.

Chelsea: No, we -- we can'T. The adam I loved, the adam I wanted a future with, he had made peace with his family. You are a different man.

Adam: You don't understand what I am trying to do, chelsea.

Chelsea: Adam, all you do is talk about how much you love me. Yet you didn't hesitate for one second to stab me in the back.

Nick: What's wrong?

Chelsea: My husband died.

[ Sighs ] Adam is threatening to come after connor. I mean, my -- my head is all over the place.

Nick: Well, I'm more concerned about your heart.

Faith: Oh! Do you know how long it's been since I've had junk food?

Sharon: No brownies at soccer camp?

Faith: Ugh, no. Healthy everything. If I had to drink one more kale smoothie...

Sharon: Oh. Well, athletes have to stay fit.

Faith: Well, it worked. Wait till you see my scissor kick.

Sharon: You can show dad and me all your new moves.

Faith: Are we going to his house?

Sharon: Nope. We're meeting him and christian in the park.

Faith: [ Sighs ] I can't wait to see them.

Sharon: They've been looking forward to this family reunion, too.

Faith: Wow. Adam, hi.

Adam: Hi, faith. Welcome home.

Faith: Thanks. You, too.

Adam: I, uh -- I didn't mean to interrupt.

Sharon: We were catching up. I just brought faith home from camp.

Adam: Yeah, I heard you were out of town. Glad you're back.

Celeste: I miss you, too, baby. Uh, yeah. It's -- it's especially worse at night.

[ Chuckles ] No, don'T. You're making it worse. I know. I can't wait to see you, too.

[ Door slams ] All right. Oh! Uh... I got to go. Yeah. Uh, okay. Bye. Hey.

Lola: Who was that?

Celeste: That, uh, was someone from back home.

Lola: Who?

Celeste: Nobody that you know. You don't know him.

Lola: Well, you obviously know him really well.

Celeste: Yes, because we're friends.

Lola: Friends with benefits?

Celeste: That's personal.

Lola: Please. How many personal questions do you ask me?

Celeste: Because I'm the mama. I'm supposed to ask the questions. Like, how was your day?

Lola: Oh, my day was so great. My turn. Do you have a boyfriend?

Chelsea: Listen, nick, I --

[ Doorbell rings ] I'll grab it.

Nick: Somebody will get that.

Chelsea: It's okay. I don't mind.

Nick: No, no, no. Chelsea. Chelsea, I want to know where things stand.

Chelsea: And I wish I had an answer --

Rey: Housekeeper let me in. If -- if this is a bad time, I could...

Nick: Actually --

Chelsea: No. No, it's fine.

Nick: Uh, yeah, no. It's fine.

Rey: You must be chelsea.

Chelsea: Yes.

Rey: I'm rey rosales.

Chelsea: Well, it's nice to meet you. I-I hear you're doing some work for nick.

Rey: Yeah, that's why I'm here. I have some information.

Chelsea: Okay, well, I'll let you two talk.

Rey: No, you should stay. You're gonna want to hear this.

Nick: What is it?

Rey: It's about adam. And it's not good. I wanted to consolidate my credit cards in to a personal loan to pay them off faster. Lending tree made lenders compete for my business and i ended up with a loan that saved me over $9000 and no more credit card debt. I mean $9000!

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Celeste: I'm gonna go make you something to eat, and then you can tell me all about your day.

Lola: First, answer my question.

Celeste: What question?

Lola: I heard you on the phone, mama.

Celeste: Did I never teach you how impolite it is to eavesdrop on a private conversation?

Lola: Did you forget that this is my apartment?

Celeste: Well, if I wanted to share something with you, I would have.

Lola: Oh. Okay. So you get to know every detail about my personal life, but I'm not allowed to know anything about yours?

Celeste: Exactly.

[ Laughs ]

Lola: Wow. Okay. So, whatever it is that you're hiding must be really juicy, huh? Oh, come on! Now you have to tell me.

Celeste: Ugh... honey, go. Change. Get comfortable. I'm gonna go run out and grab us something for dinner, okay?

Lola: Don't think I'm gonna let this go.

Celeste: [ Chuckles ]

Rey: Buddy of mine on the force said that calvin boudreaux died of natural causes.

Nick: Yeah, a massive coronary.

Rey: You heard.

Nick: Uh, paul came out and gave the news to chelsea himself.

Rey: I'm sorry for your loss.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Rey: Did the chief say anything else?

Chelsea: That I should watch my back where adam is concerned.

Rey: He's right.

Nick: Why? What'd he do?

Rey: Adam tried to implicate you in your husband's death.

Nick: That son of a bitch!

Chelsea: How?

Rey: He gave paul a recording of a conversation the two of you had. You were talking about your husband, and --

Nick: Well, how is that incriminating?

Rey: Well, chelsea's husband wanted to help adam get custody of their son. Apparently you expressed some pretty strong feelings about your husband.

Chelsea: [ Stammers ] So that was supposed to be my motive for killing him?

Nick: That just shows you how desperate he is.

Rey: Good thing is, the case is closed, so the tape is worthless.

Nick: All right. Well, thank you for telling us.

Chelsea: Yes. Thank you.

Nick: If you hear anything else --

Rey: You will be my first call.

Nick: All right. I'll, uh -- I'll walk you out.

Rey: Okay. Nice meeting you.

Chelsea: You, too.

Nick: Sharon's back.

Rey: I heard.

Nick: I guess you didn't tell her about your trip to vegas?

Rey: Not yet.

Nick: Don't let adam get in your head.

Rey: The way he has sharon's?

Nick: Hopefully soon even sharon will see who he really is.

Rey: Maybe.

Nick: Did you learn anything new about chance chancellor?

Rey: Nothing's panned out yet.

Nick: Well, keep digging. There's something out there that will help us bury my brother. We both need you to find it.

Rey: Yeah. I'm on it.

Nick: Thanks, man.

Nick: You okay?

Chelsea: I will be.

Adam: I hope seeing a ghost in the middle of crimson lights didn't freak you out.

Faith: Well, mom told me you were alive, but it's still kind of weird seeing you here.

Adam: Mm. Well, at least now you can believe in happy endings.

Faith: No, I'm a realist. But I'm glad you got yours.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Well, thank you.

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