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by Christopher Lawrence Menard

Struggles of a Mother & Daughter:

Kay became an alcoholic again when Jill began renovating the Chancellor Estate. Arthur Hendricks surfaced in town and, after a time, was revealed to be Jill's Father. He reunited Mother and Daughter and they all lived together. Mackenzie also came home to help Kay kick her addiction to booze. The family united with friends from the community and staged an intervention, but Kay got drunk and one-by-one they turned away from her. While passed out, she was visited by the spirits of Rex and Philip Jr. who convinced her to give up the bottle. She then signed in to rehab, determined to get well.

Sharon's Never-Ending Nightmare:

Sharon 'killed' Cameron when he tried to rape her on New Year's Eve, then ditched his body behind a dumpster. She confessed to Michael and later went back to get rid of the body when Nick and Dt. Weber began to wonder where the man was. After an ordeal, the body disappeared from the trunk of her car. Larry Warton, who'd seen her, threw it down a sewer. Grace Turner showed up, claiming to be Cameron's girlfriend and insistent upon finding him. She quickly suspected Sharon was somehow connected to his disappearance. When Sharon needed an alibi, she went to Nikki and confessed everything.

Things worsened when she began to be haunted by Cameron's ghost. To prove to herself that he was dead, she, Nikki and Larry went into the sewers and saw the body (though it was unidentifiable). When Cameron surfaced - ALIVE - on Mother's Day, Sharon and Nikki wondered who the body belonged to, and when Cameron offered Nick a job as C.O.O. of his software company, Sharon told her husband everything, hoping to prevent the merger. Nick agreed to stand by his wife and protect her from Cameron, while Grace and Cameron reconnected and it was revealed they were working together to destroy Sharon's world.

The body was finally found, and turned out to be that of Frank Barritt, Cassie's biological Father. All evidence pointed to Sharon and it seemed likely she would go to prison for the murder. Instead, everyone pulled together. Grace went to Dt. Weber and came clean about hers and Cameron's plot, while Sharon boarded a plane with Cameron - who admitted he was in love with her and had done everything out of a desire to be with her.

In the air, he confessed his crimes, and Nick - who stowed away - recorded it, then beat Cameron to a pulp before jumping out of the plane with Sharon and Cameron in tow. On the ground, Cameron was arrested and the Newmans celebrated Sharon and Nick's safe return with a barbecue to which Grace was invited. Victor, however, was bothered that his family had left him out of the loop.

Reaching Ashley In Her Deep, Dark Place:

Brad and Jack believed involving Victor might be necessary in reaching Ashley in her catatonic state. Nikki was opposed to the idea, while Olivia and Wes suggested they first tell Victor about Abby's paternity. With Brad's approval, Victor met with Ash and managed to help her face the reality of baby Robert's death. She came out of her state, and later told Brad the only way to guarantee her mental health was to tell Victor the truth about Abby.

The Fall Of Victor Newman & The End of Jack and Phyllis:

The orchid conspiracy continued as Phyllis gave Jack one for Jabot and he didn't tell her they already had one. When she found out, she quit her job at NE and left town, refusing Neil's request that she give him one of the flowers for Drucilla. When Phyllis returned, Diane stole an orchid and forced Phyllis to give Jack the remaining one. They reunited, but when Jack learned that Diane had forced Phyllis into the act, he was angry with Phyllis. To make amends, she offered to work with him at Jabot, but only if he fired Diane.

Meanwhile, Christine was forced to handle Victor's case as he was prosecuted for charges of commercial bribery. In an attempt to make amends, Victor offered Jack $75 million, but Jack refused without asking Jabot's Board of Directors. Victor confessed to the bribery, but Christine destroyed the tape. In court, Nikki defended Victor, while Jack sought to have the man sent to prison. In the end, Phyllis' testimony convinced the judge to go easy on Victor, and Jack - furious with her - said their relationship was over.

Victor was given a reduced sentence with a demand to create a community project of some sort, while the Abbott's were stunned to learn Jack had refused Victor's financial offer. When Ashley later pulled the plug on Damon and Dru's research into the orchids, the two wondered if they should seek employment elsewhere. Meanwhile, Nick began to wonder who would run NE while Victor was handling his sentence.

Phyllis' New Life, Love, Family & Woes:

Danny returned to GC and he and Christine began dating. When Daniel decided to come to town for a visit, Phyllis insisted on seeing her son, but Danny refused to force the issue. Meanwhile, Phyllis began dating Damon, who was there for her during her separation from Jack. Vanessa Lerner left town after discovering Damon and Phyllis together. Later, Christine took pleasure in telling Phyllis that Daniel would be staying with her when he came to town. When Daniel and Phyllis came face to face for the first time, he refused to tell her anything about himself and said she wasn't his Mother. Phyllis insisted she had never given him up, but that Christine had stolen him from her in a court. Stunned by this news, Daniel contemplated leaving town. Phyllis warned Christine and Danny that she would tell Daniel the truth about his childhood (and that Danny wasn't his biological Father) unless they pushed for a relationship between Mother and Son.

When Daniel agreed to dine with Phyllis if she told him the truth, she did so, rocking his world. He promptly denounced Danny as a Father and - to stick it to him and Christine - moved in with Phyllis at Damon's place where she was staying. Daniel then manipulated Phyllis into finding a place for them to live alone, while Danny - devastated by his son's new attitude - left town and Christine behind. Meanwhile, Victor invited Phyllis and Daniel to live in Victoria's old house at the ranch. She and Jack received divorce papers and shared a passionate kiss.

Kevin Fisher Framed; Brittany's Scar; The Mob; A Breakup:

Kevin reached out to Brittany, but she turned on him when JT told her about Kevin's past sins. Bobby fired him, and he took a liking to Lauren when she showed him kindness. He fell in love with Lauren, who decided to go out with him to try to get a confession out of him. During a performance at the club, Brittany was electrocuted by a rigged pole. When Bobby and Raul learned it was no accident, everyone suspected Kevin. He accompanied Lauren to the Valentine's Dance, against Michael's advice, and - after overhearing Lily and Colleen discuss how Lauren was playing him - he took her back to his apartment where he held a gun to his head and insisted he'd kill himself. Michael arrived and talked him out of it.

While Brittany dealt with the reality of a disfiguring scar on her face, Kevin insisted he hadn't rigged the pole to electrocute her. Neil and Dru both learned that Kevin was Michael's brother, and lashed out at the lawyer for keeping the connection secret. Neil then hired an investigator to trail Kevin at all times. Lily refused to forgive Kevin for giving her Chlamydia, while Paul was annoyed that Lauren took pity on the criminal. Brittany confronted Kevin and blamed him for her scar, while Dt. Weber arrested him after finding evidence in his apartment. Meanwhile, Raul and Brittany's relationship suffered because of her inability to feel beautiful.

Lauren bailed Kevin out of jail, causing him to believe she loved him. He confessed his crimes to her, but she decided not to go to the police. He skipped town and went to Detroit to confront his Mother, Gloria, insisting that in allowing her husband, 'Terrible Tom', to beat him as a child, she'd screwed him up for good. When Neil's investigator had proof that Kevin hadn't been in Marsino's club when Brittany was burned, Dru insisted he keep it quiet. Kevin went to prison, where he was beaten so badly he almost died. Brittany and Raul shared momentary happiness as they made love again, but Raul was angered when she returned to the club to start singing again, and Bobby offered to turn the place into a cabaret just for her.

When Kevin woke in the hospital, he faked insanity to keep from going back to jail, by setting himself on fire. Meanwhile, Bobby began to suspect that Mr. Lewis, his financial backer (and a Mob Boss) had burned Brittany because of Frederick Hodges interference with the club. At Lily's insistence, Neil came forward with his evidence, and a crooked cop leaked the info to Mr. Lewis. Bobby sent Raul and Brittany out of town, then met with Mr. Lewis and got him to admit to burning Brittany and framing Kevin. The confession was caught on tape and Mr. Lewis was taken away to jail. Realizing she had feelings for Bobby, Brittany acted on the advice of Rose (a friend with cerebral palsy) and broke up with Raul so she could pursue a relationship with the older man. Meanwhile, Kevin escaped the hospital and went back to Detroit, nearly killing himself again before learning he had been cleared of all charges. Michael agreed to let Gloria come back to GC with him and Kevin so she could help her son recover.

Good-bye Colleen:

When Colleen got JT to sing in front of a crowd, he was seen by Shiloh, a talent scout. She later convinced him to go to LA to begin a music career. Colleen supported him, but was devastated when the job meant pretending he was single to impress female fans. Unable to handle the changes in JT's life, Colleen decided to leave GC and return to live with Traci in New York. Later, JT left the music business, realizing he wasn't cut out for the lifestyle, and regretting that it cost him Colleen.

Brittany's Ever-Changing Love Life:

Despite no longer being a couple, Raul stood by Brittany and convinced her to undergo experimental surgery to fix her scar. The surgery didn't completely repair it, but it was dramatically reduced. JT and Brittany began to spend more time together, while Raul accepted that their relationship was over and moved to Boston for school. Mac and JT were sad to see him go, while Brittany decided it was time to devote herself to Bobby. Later, Bobby proposed and Brittany accepted. JT was not thrilled, prompting Mac to wonder why he cared so much.

JT reluctantly agreed to be Brittany's 'best man of honor' after she helped him catch a crook for Paul. Anita and Frederick - because of gossip - believed Brittany was planning to wed JT. He went along with it for awhile, but Bobby eventually told her parents the truth, and they refused to attend the wedding.

Mac's instincts told her that JT had developed feelings for Brittany and she urged him to come clean before Brittany married Bobby. Though JT decided to tell Brittany the truth, he was unable to as he stood next to her at the ceremony. He shed a tear, which Brittany saw, and though she suspected he loved her, she went through with the vows and became Mrs. Bobby Marsino. JT reverted to his old playboy ways of one-night stands, while Mac was heartbroken that he loved Brittany but not her. She stayed with Kay briefly to get over her feelings.

During the holidays, Colleen stunned everyone by returning to GC, where she spent Christmas Eve with JT. The two began to bond again, as he threw her a surprise birthday party on New Year's Eve. Mac's jealousy was evident, and Brittany told her to get a boyfriend and leave JT alone. But Mac, instead, passionately kissed JT on New Year's Eve before the stroke of twelve. She wasn't the only one; Colleen planted a kiss on JT's lips as well, though he suspected she was hiding something from him.

Victor Newman Back On Track:

With approval from Lorena Davis, his parole officer, Victor bought an old paint factory and decided to employ community members to turn it into a new rec center. Lily, Sierra, Mac, Cassie, Daniel, JT and several street kids all pitched in to build it, and Victor decided it was time to make financial restitution to Jabot. When Drucilla tested Damon's hair-straightener to prove it worked, and her hair fell out, Ashley realized the company was in trouble. Victor offered Jabot the $75 million he'd offered before, on the condition that Jack be removed from the company and never return in any capacity. Realizing his family was in a dire position, Jack willingly left his post at Jabot, devastating John and Ashley, and thrilling Victor.

The Genoa City Rec Center Grand Opening & The Alex Aftermath:

Daniel and Kevin became fast-friends, bonding over their mutual dislike of JT. Kevin was tired of being everyone's favorite villain in town so he and Daniel concocted a plot to put Lily's life in danger at the grand opening of Victor's rec center, and position Kevin to save her, making him a hero. Things didn't go according to plan when Alex - the guy Daniel hired to 'attack' Lily - spiked her drink with a date-rape drug, causing her to overdose. Though Kevin did save her, Lily ended up in a coma and nearly died. When Alex then demanded that he'd only keep quiet if Daniel and Kevin helped him sell drugs at the rec center, Daniel went to Phyllis and begged for her help. Meanwhile, Michael was suspicious of Kevin's newfound identity as Lily's heroic rescuer. When Phyllis met Alex, he called her a bitch. She smacked him and he vowed vengeance.

When Kevin failed to run interference for a drug sale at the rec center, and Victor caught the dealers and threatened them, Alex went gunning for Daniel with a baseball bat. He attacked him and Phyllis, before Damon burst in, beat Alex to a bloody pulp and warned him never to show his face again. Kevin admitted his scheme to Michael, who joined forces with Phyllis to scare Alex into leaving town. Michael and Phyllis agreed not to turn their family members in to the police, but worried about the impact of what they'd done.

Expanding The Winters Family ... Enter Devon Hamilton:

While working at the rec center, Lily befriended Devon Hamilton, a street-kid. When she covered for him after he stole a wallet, Dru protected both children, and was impressed when Devon turned in the money. His plight reminded her of her own history as a homeless person and she decided to make a difference. She convinced Neil to take the boy into their home, insisting it would be temporary, but then secretly began the process to become his legal guardian. When Neil discovered this, he insisted Devon would be sent away. In response, Devon ran off and ended up mixed up with a prostitution ring in Chicago. He was returned to Neil and Dru, who begged Lorena Davis, Devon's worker, for a second chance to be a part of his life. Devon stayed at the rec center with Victor for a time, but when he was to be sent to a group home permanently, Neil was unable to let the boy go, thus devastating his wife and daughter. Instead, Neil insisted Devon would come home with the Winters family, where they'd teach him values. Drucilla and Neil became Devon's official guardians, thrilling Lily. Though Devon was worried he'd never be a true part of the family, it was obvious he'd changed a lot when he went out of his way to give his new family a homemade Christmas gift from the heart.

The Return of Malcolm Winters & Questions Of Paternity:

After secretly spying on Drucilla, Neil and Olivia, Malcolm broke into Olivia's apartment and came face to face with Dru. He explained that he hadn't died in Africa, then refused to see Neil, still blaming his secret love for Alex Perez for costing him so many years of his life. Dru chastised Malcolm for letting everyone believe he was dead, then broke the news to Neil that his brother was alive, but didn't want to see him. Victor and Michael both encountered Malcolm, followed by Phyllis - who immediately introduced her former friend to her son. Lily was thrilled to meet her uncle, but saddened to learn there was tension between him and Neil. Olivia, upon seeing him, fainted, then woke and insisted he not try to contact Nate. As Malcolm and Lily bonded, Dru's discomfort grew and she admitted to Olivia that she was bothered since she and Malcolm had once made love. Malcolm's hostile attitude towards Neil upset him greatly, while Olivia was disgusted that Dru wanted Malcolm to leave town. After an encounter with a mysterious woman (Adrienne, Damon's ex-wife), Malcolm decided to stay in town, took a job working for Nick and Sharon at Crimson Lights, and agreed to be Lily's surprise present for Neil on Christmas Eve.

Malcolm later stunned both Dru and Olivia by admitting that he wanted to know if Lily was, by any chance, his daughter and not Neil's. Meanwhile, Lily wondered why she felt such a strong connection to her uncle. As for Neil, though he was thrilled to have Malcolm stay in town, he remained bothered by his brother's attitude towards him. Finally, on New Year's Eve, Malcolm devastated Dru by demanding the paternity test. Dru agreed to have it done, privately, using a kit from the internet, but warned Malcolm she would not allow him to destroy her family. Unaware of everything happening around him, Neil told Malcolm that his resolution for the new year was to see the two of them rebuild their broken bond of brotherhood.

Trust Struggles For The Chancellor Women:

Kay returned from rehab and accepted a marriage proposal from Arthur, while Jill began casually sleeping with Jack. Sitting in on the board of Chancellor Industries, Jill was suspicious of Elliot Hampton, the C.E.O. Jack helped her investigate the man, while Jill began dating him and fell in love - despite herself. When it became evident he was embezzling company funds, Jack broke the news to Jill, who ended their relationship and refused Elliot's request that she fly away with him. He skipped town, but not before Jack saved the day by having all his offshore accounts frozen, thus saving Kay's cash. The move so impressed Kay that she asked Jack to be C.E.O., but he declined.

While making wedding plans for her and Arthur, Kay was visited by Harrison Bartlett, Arthur's former stepson. The man claimed Arthur had murdered his Mother for her money and would do the same to Kay. Jill and Kay, despite themselves, investigated the claim through Paul. He turned up newspaper clippings proving an investigation had occurred, but that Arthur hadn't been charged, despite suspicions. Kay wanted to believe Arthur, but Jill kept pushing and fell for Harrison's planted insurance papers. She confronted Arthur, who was devastated at being doubted and left town in disgrace. Kay blamed Jill for driving her last chance at love away from her. Harrison and Arthur both left Genoa City.

Kay offered Jack the C.E.O. position at C.I. again, and he accepted despite Kay's stipulation that Jill never be involved in the company in any way whatsoever.

Genoa City's Cabaret:

Nikki gave in to Bobby's requests to join him as a business partner at the club, then played hostess on its opening night. Sharon trailed her there and was so fascinated that she began to want to strip herself. Brittany stripped, doing her part to help Bobby's night be a success. Nikki urged Sharon not to think about stripping, while Sharon admitted to Nick that she was intrigued by the idea. Though Victor and Nick were both bothered by Nikki's involvement with the club, Victor changed his tune when he followed her there and watched her work. He was reminded of the woman he'd fallen in love with.

Nikki's Childhood Trauma & Its Repercussions:

As work began on Victor's rec center, Cassie's discovery of a ruby earring and the tape of a little girl's birthday party got Nikki remembering her past. She realized she'd repressed her childhood memory of her 5th birthday, where she'd accidentally shot and killed Joshua Cassen, her best friend, then her Father had buried his body. When the skeleton of a little boy was discovered in the bowels of the rec center, Nikki knew her memory was real and had Paul begin investigating to find the family of the boy she'd killed. She also opened up to Victor, who urged her not to beat herself up too harshly for her tragic childhood mistake. Paul's discovered the Cassen family had gone to Cleveland then changed their names. When Nikki learned Brad had lived there, and changed his name after a tragic event, she believed he was Joshua's brother and confessed her crime. He sympathized, but insisted she had the wrong guy. He insisted she never again probe into his past, and she gave him the sealed court document Paul had discovered.

During a conversation with Bobby, he admitted to her that his little brother had disappeared and he'd moved to Cleveland where his parents had died in a car crash, and he'd taken the 'Marsino' name from evil relatives he went to live with who made his life hell. Realizing Bobby was really Charlie Cassen - the boy she was looking for - Nikki was devastated and didn't know if she should tell him the truth. Paul advised her not to until she was ready, as did Victor. When Bobby admitted that he'd made it through life by telling himself Joshua was alive and would someday be reunited with him, Nikki decided it was best she keep the truth to herself. But when Nikki's overwhelming guilt caused her to invite Bobby and Brittany to move into the ranch while their condo was renovated, and later offer to buy the club to save Bobby from financial woes, he began to suspect her emotional mood was connected to him. He went to Victor for answers and - in a stunning moment - Victor told Bobby the truth, taking Nikki's choice out of her hands.

Stunned by all he'd learned, Bobby confronted Nikki. She begged him for forgiveness, but he told her it was all too much to process and left her alone. Nikki blasted Victor, insisting he'd once again done damage because of his refusal to listen to anyone's wishes but his own. Victor lashed out, telling her he was sick and tired of hearing about the trauma and that she was acting ridiculous. Meanwhile, Bobby went to his club where he listened as Brittany sang a beautiful song about support. Bobby cried, then disappeared. When he didn't come home at all, Brittany worried about his safety and asked JT to help her find her husband, then admitted that she suspected something was going on with him and Nikki.

The Fall Of The House of Carlton:

The decision to tell Victor the truth about Abby's paternity was taken out of Ashley's hands when Abby saw the videotape confession Ash made the year before, then innocently told Victor he was her Father. Brad confirmed the revelation, and Ash later admitted to Victor that she'd wanted his child to make up for the one she'd aborted when they were married years ago. Victor warned everyone, at a family meeting, that he intended to be a part of Abby's life. When he was prevented from seeing her, he threatened to sue for sole-custody, but agreed to wait until a professional had spoken with Abby. In time, Victor, Brad and Nikki all blamed Ash for the situation they found themselves in.

Things went from bad to worse when Victor spent the day with Abby and refused to let Brad take her home, then later took her horseback riding and was unable to prevent a riding accident in which Abby broke her arm. Brad used the situation to keep Victor from seeing Abby, while the little girl blamed Victor for her accident. Nikki accused Ashley of still being in love with Victor and using her daughter to get close to him, while Ashley accused Nikki of being insecure and petty. Victor, meanwhile, blamed himself for Abby not wanting to see him, and for all the pain he'd caused his children over the years. Ash comforted him in his time of distress.

Her time alone with Victor served to make Ashley realize that she did - in fact - still love the man and had never stopped. She told Brad the truth about her feelings and he said their marriage was over and insisted she move out. Nikki worried Victor would reunite with Ash, but he reassured her of his love for her, and later devastated Ash by insisting he viewed her as a friend only. Feeling stupid and realizing she'd lost everything, Ash lashed out at Victor, and regretted her actions with Brad, who refused to take her back. She moved back in with her Father, and she and Brad broke the news to Abby. Ash later befriended Paul, and they bonded over their mutual bad experiences with relationships. Paul admitted he still loved Christine, and Ash admitted her feelings for Brad were still strong.

The New Lives of The Baldwin Brothers:

Christine convinced Michael to let Paul join them as Baldwin & Williams, while Michael began seeing Lauren, despite fear it would upset Kevin. Paul and Lauren shared an amicable break up, and she began openly seeing Michael, which infuriated Kevin when he found out the truth from Gloria, and later saw them together. He went to the gym and began working out, determined to face Michael in hand-to-hand combat.

Victor agreed to let Michael and Kevin square off in the boxing ring at the rec center. There, Kevin was overwhelmed by memories of 'Terrible Tom' beating him. He lashed out at Michael, who allowed it, realizing the breakthrough Kevin was having. On the heels of this, Kevin changed his attitude entirely, wished Michael and Lauren all the happiness in the world and decided to start anew. Kevin and Mac met and became fast friends. Though he tried to put in a good word with her for Daniel, she was more interested in him, and was still angry that Daniel had lied to her about his age when they'd briefly dated. Trusting Mac, Kevin admitted he'd arranged the attack on Lily to change his public image. Mac urged him to tell Lily the truth, and he did. Lily was devastated, but relieved to know she wasn't a magnet for awful men. She agreed to forgive Kevin, and agreed not to tell Neil and Dru the truth about what he'd done. The move angered Daniel, but impressed Mac.

During the holidays, Michael's hatred of Christmas caused Gloria and Kevin to try to surprise him. Their attempt failed and he threw a temper tantrum that sent Lauren running from him, though they'd recently discussed living together. Victor and Christine joined forces to make Michael celebrate Christmas with his friends. He let the spirit of the season in and later reconciled with Lauren. Meanwhile, Kevin continued to grow closer to Mackenzie. When they went on a work-out date together and ran into JT with Colleen (recently returned from New York), she recoiled from Kevin and insisted he stay away from her. Later, Mac begged Kevin to open up to her and tell her why Colleen was so afraid of him. Kevin told her he'd been falsely accused of something, but would not go into any greater detail. Mac said she wished he would trust her a bit more. When Kevin told Lauren and Michael that he was considering telling Mac the truth about his crimes, since he believed that would impress her enough that they'd have a future together, both his brother and Lauren insisted he had no choice but to keep quiet now that he'd lied for so long.

Mommie Dearest OR Mrs. John Abbott:

Gloria Fisher immediately set out to snag a man when she arrived in GC to help Kevin rebuild his life. She met John Abbott and was smitten. When John asked about her sons, she hired male escorts to play her boys (she knew about Michael and Kevin's bad reputations). When she later slept with one of the escorts in Michael's condo, he threw her out. John, not wanting her to leave town, invited her to move into the Abbott Estate. While Ashley and Mamie were angered by the move, Michael urged Gloria to come clean about her family. He told her the truth about Kevin's crimes, and she forgave her youngest son and insisted they all start fresh. She whisked John away on a cruise and the two were married. When they returned, Ash was devastated and warned Gloria that she would never trust her. Michael, meanwhile, advised John to do all he had to to protect his assets. Meanwhile, Kevin told John that he was a changed person and hoped John would one day let go of the hatred he held towards him.

Christmas brought tension to the household as Ash and Gloria clashed over who should decorate the estate. Gloria stole Ashley's heirloom ornaments to decorate Michael's apartment, then later played hero by 'finding' them when Ash discovered they were missing. The two ladies later went to war when Gloria warned Ash that Jabot's business troubles were negatively affecting John's health, then demanded Ash do something about it. When Ash spoke harshly to Gloria, John defended his wife and chastised Ashley.

The Ghosts of Damon's Past & Their Impact on Phyllis:

Damon's mood following Daniel's encounter with the violent Alex greatly worried Phyllis, who asked him to open up about his mysterious past. Damon told her his 8 year old son, Elias, had been murdered eight years before by Dominic Hughes, who was in prison for the crime. Damon insisted he'd kill Dominic if he was ever released. When Dominic was up for parole and it seemed likely he'd make it, Phyllis flew to Georgia and met with him to beg him to keep his distance from Damon. Dominic insisted he would go to GC to make peace with the man. Damon was bothered by Phyllis' involvement.

Dominic came to town, and Phyllis brought him to Damon, who beat him to a bloody pulp, but did not kill him. To make amends, Damon sent Phyllis to Dominic's motel to give him money to leave town and start fresh. There, Phyllis discovered Dominic had put on an act and planned to rob a store that night. She confronted him, he tried to rape her and Damon (whom Phyllis had phoned) burst in with a sword. Dominic shot Damon, and Damon sliced Dominic. Both men went to the hospital. Damon almost died, but was visited by Elias' spirit, insisting it wasn't his time. He recovered and hoped to start fresh with Phyllis, who had her doubts about their relationship. Meanwhile, Dominic claimed that Phyllis and Damon had lured him to town to murder him, and Dt. Weber took the claims very seriously.

Daniel convinced Christine to represent Phyllis, but she quit when Phyllis refused to take her legal advice. When Damon didn't take things seriously, Phyllis disguised herself as a man, pretended to be drunk and got herself thrown into a cell with Dominic. She tried to get him to confess to what he'd done, while she recorded it. Dominic caught on and exposed her to Weber, who charged her with conspiracy to commit murder and obstruction of justice. Damon, because of Phyllis' stunt, was also arrested, and blasted her for her behavior. Michael took over Phyllis' case, while Christine represented Damon. Paul discovered proof that a transcript of Phyllis' visit with Dominic existed, but when he and Christine read it they were disappointed to learn that it proved Phyllis was innocent, but proved Damon had intended to kill Dominic. Christine told Damon about the transcript but insisted they keep it quiet.

Phyllis and Michael believed Christine and Damon were hiding something, and Phyllis begged Damon to tell her what it was. Several arguments left the lovers wondering if there was any hope for a future now that neither fully trusted the other. Phyllis stood up for herself, insisting that all their problems were because of Damon's rage towards Dominic and her attempts to prevent it from manifesting.

The situation was complicated by the arrival of Adrienne, Damon's ex-wife. She confronted him about not showing up at the parole hearing for Dominic, and blasted him for never being there for her when their son had been killed years before. Damon told her what he'd done to Dominic, and emotionally apologized for disappointing her as a husband. She agreed to stay in town to work things through. When Phyllis first encountered her with Damon, she appealed to the woman, begging her to come forward with any info that Damon had shared that might clear Phyllis' name. Adrienne, despite knowing about the transcript, was loyal to Damon and told Phyllis she was on her own. Meanwhile, Christine tried to bluff Glenn Richards, the DA, into dropping the charges against Damon, but the smart man called her bluff and refused. Unable to handle lying any longer, Damon went to Phyllis - against Christine's wishes - and had a heart-to-heart. He thanked her for the role she'd played in his life, and apologized for the grief she'd been caused because of him. Phyllis said she would never forget him, but the two agreed things had gotten too complicated to simply go on business as usual. Damon did tell her, however, that he had something that would change her life, then handed her the envelope with the evidence clearing her name.

The Corporate Intrigues of Jabot Cosmetics & Newman Enterprises:

Neil hired Dru and Phyllis to work at NE, and regretted it when they went to war over who would get Victoria's old office. He forced them to work together and assigned them to a beauty pageant. They undermined one another at every step (Dru even brought Diane into the mix), until a catfight caused Neil to fire them both. Trapped in an elevator together they got drunk and bonded, later convincing Neil to rehire them. When Sharon tried to get a job, Dru did her best to sabotage her efforts, not wanting to share the limelight at NE with anymore powerful females. Nick was annoyed that Neil wouldn't hire his wife, so he asked Jack to get her in at Jabot and offered to pay her salary himself. Brad agreed, hoping to annoy Victor.

When Nick and Victor finally had it out about what Nick thought of Victor's lackluster parenting when he and Victoria were children, Victor decided it was time he give Nick control of NE. He ousted Neil and put his son in charge. Nick promptly angered Neil by cutting most of his projects, including Dru & Phyllis' pageant. Michael and Nick bonded when Michael helped him beat a blackmailer in the office, and Nikki and Sharon bonded when Sharon handled her first Jabot press conference like a pro. But Neil, having had enough of Nick's treatment, quit his job and refused to come back. Victor, despite disapproving of how Nick was handling things with Neil, stepped back, while Sharon worried her husband was becoming just like his Father.

Jabot hit deep financial trouble when - right during the holidays - a distribution center went up in smoke. Ash begged Victor to let Jack return to work to help them with the crisis, but Victor refused. At a board meeting, they all decided it was best to declare bankruptcy. When Ash later told Victor about this, he told her they were being foolish, and insisted he alone had the ability and know-how to save Jabot.

Sharon and Brad bonded at Jabot, while Nick was bothered by his wife's refusal to leave her new job and join him at NE. Meanwhile, Dru was very vocal about her disapproval of how Nick had handled her husband. In a meeting with Ashley, Nick chastised her for the pain she'd caused his family, while in a meeting with Jack, John gave his blessing for Jack to move on with his life at Chancellor Industries.

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