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Article by J.V.

Some Thoughts On Current Developments In Genoa City

I feel that "The Young and the Restless" has been rather interesting of late, and one could assume that at least some of this must have resulted from the fairly recent change of command there.

To begin with a slight backward glance, I personally felt that the revelation of at least some of the past of the man we have known for so long as Mr. Brad Carlton, and that which resulted therefrom, was indeed gripping, notably the quest for that reliquary and the lengths to which those thugs were willing to go to get it. Though there could conceivably be some question as to the ethics of how those two died, I personally hope that Mrs. Kaplan and her family are now safe, and that her welcome, at least in my view, arrival in Genoa City might be the beginning of a long Indian Summer for her as a valued member of its society! As for the two actresses who have portrayed her thus far, I was initially disappointed that Miss Perkins did not work out, but I admit to being quite pleased with her replacement, and am told that, as per physical appearance, she is more convincing as this World-War-II survivor. As for this character's daughter-in-law, I respected Miss Tom in that role, though much of that stemmed from something outside her portrayal. But now I am rather liking Miss Heinle, actually finding at least a faint hint of _DIGNITY_ about her, though she has the folksy side as well. I _MUCH_ prefer those two together over Mr. Carlton with Miss Ashley Abbott, my dominant no-nonsense side not particularly having enjoyed all the frivolousness, etc., of that previous couple. Yet, as several wonder, are there yet more surprises to come from this lately-elusive man?

As a handicapped person myself, it is good that this programme is now devoting time to making us further aware of two handicapping conditions, epilepsy and meningitis, as well as that which can result from them. I have mixed feelings about that which has resulted from Mr. Newman's epilepsy. On the one hand, I am rather liking the "kinder, gentler" Mr. Newman, and yet, on the other, this is not him as he has been much of his life. Should the surgery and the post-operative medication prove successful in the long term, would it not be realistic to expect a return to the more-ruthless side of this man despite a few of us at least wishing it could be otherwise? Would that his friendship with his former arch-rival, Mr. Jack Abbott, could result in the latter not stooping to levels even below his often-low norm, of which more later! Despite his modern young-folksiness, Mr. Hamilton has become somewhat a favourite of mine, and thus I hope the hearing loss he is currently experiencing from his meningitis will only be temporary. And yet, if it is not, we could follow how this music lover copes with it, be it positively or negatively. It goes without saying that, if necessary, I hope the latter, thus showing us how strong a character he has become since being accepted by the Winters Family! Would that this further could be a pretext for bringing his mother, who I also rather enjoyed, back to support her son during this crisis! I usually do not care for Mrs. Winters despite my respect for Miss Rowell's efforts on behalf of culturally-deprived foster children. Yet may this tragedy _SOMEHOW_, as is said, bring her down a few pegs, causing her husband to reconcile with her, and then enter into a _MUTUALLY_-satisfying _AND_ _RESPECTING_ relationship with him! Further, speaking as a traditionalist if I please may, I then hope she will not be as career-driven as she has been previously since, at least at times, that has been an issue between this couple. But I must move on!

Of the two young couples, one married and one not, I personally now care most about the one often called Daily by their fans, and am _MOST_ pleased that they were able to reconcile following Mr. Romalotti's revelation concerning his previous doings! I hope the willing necessity of having to deal with her adopted brother's condition will not put undue strain on their marriage, her concern and care for him not taking too much time away from that she spends with her husband. I think the couple called Jolleen might do well to eventually marry for their mutual good, hopefully taming both of their wild sides, though I realize that some at least like that aspect of them both, particularly as per Mr. Hellstrom since Miss Carlton has not been especially wild of late.

So the younger Newmans have, as is familiarly said, called it quits. As we know well, they have been at least one of the most durable couples in Genoa City. And yet, apart from crises, it has usually seemed to me that their relationship was largely built on sex, seeming to lack depth otherwise. They two are now, for the moment at least, paired with other sexual beings, though Mr. Abbott has substance, often of the wrong kind as far as I am concerned, and, yes, La Phyllis can show substance at least in the workplace. Would that sort of a miracle could happen, bringing this long-standing couple back together with _DEPTH_-_SUBSTANCE_ to go along with the sex! Those two could use a good taming without entirely quelling the passion.

And now for arguably _THE_ story! I _REALLY_ wish these two alley cats or whatever one wishes to call them, Mr. Jack Abbott and Mrs. John Abbott, would just disappear off the face of Genoa City _FOR_ _GOOD_, thus, at least in my view, leaving that city the better for it! Yes, La Gloria was given two raw deals, being denied opportunity to attend her husband's funeral and deceptively being written out of his will. Yet now, in her gold-digging way (though one can understand her desire to better herself), she is now seeking to be written into another will, one of the Bardwell variety. And her two sons, who should, again in my view, be continuing to concentrate on keeping themselves clean, are having to resort to tactics at least as illegal, if not more so?, to keep their rival from perpetuating his own diabolical schemes. I further am usually, unlike many, not a Baldwin enthusiast (largely, it must be admitted, due to not personally caring for Mr. LeBlanc's casual personality), but I nonetheless have continually wished for him to remain on the proverbial straight and narrow, especially now when he and his sassy wife are expecting a baby. And Mr. Fisher is again stooping. As for their opponent, his father, who he is supposedly supporting and whose legacy he is claiming to be protecting, is continuing to be himself in his dream appearances. Yet, this coming Monday (US), his son tells him that, should he appear again, he is going to have to be exorcized. What sort of loyalty is _THAT_?! It is _NOT_ right for me to think this, even of fictional characters, but I find it hard to resist feeling as Mime, the Nibelung dwarf in Wagner's music drama _Siegfried_, the third drama in his famous and epic Ring Cycle, felt as he was about to watch Siegfried do battle with the dragon Fafner, who was guarding the ring which he and his brother coveted. He said something on the order of "Fafner and Siegfried, Siegfried and Fafner, oh that they might kill each other." These two Genoa-City rivals should not kill one another, but would that they could _BOTH_ be run out of town on the nearest proverbial rail, covered with _PLENTY_ of old-fashioned tar and feathers, and the Fisher sons be somehow kept out of prison despite really deserving it! _JUST_ _MAYBE_ the she-feline is a _LITTLE_ bit preferable to her male opponent, but not by too much!

Yes, there are currently exciting things to be had in this famous daytime-TV town, but again I think I would enjoy things _JUST_ _A_ _BIT_ more were these two whatevers not a part of it. Let them somehow seek better elsewhere, or, if necessary, may Mr. Abbott share prison with the Fisher sons.

Hoping this finds the readers of this article well,

J. V.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 7/7/12

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