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JM's Opinion
Writing – Faster Pace Causing Storyline Gaps?
September 15, 2006

When Lynn Marie Latham joined The Young and the Restless she promised a much faster paced movement of the stories and a reintroduction of character history; getting Y&R back to Bill Bell’s legacy.  Well, she’s definitely done one of those things, and that’s a faster pace. In some ways, I like it, however; I think it needs to be toned down a bit as we are now seeing some major gaps in the storylines causing confusion and misunderstandings.

Lets take Victor for example: He’s now in the hospital because he had a bad reaction to his anti-seizure medication? Hold up! Lets go back for a minute. The last I remember was Victor switching his anti-seizure medication with aspirins because he was so dead set against taking it. So how could he now be having reactions from this medication that he wasn’t even taking? Did I miss something or is that a major storyline gap.

Another consequence for having faster moving stories is the removal of certain, “I want to see their reaction” scenes. Take Nikki and Sharon for example. This was a little while back, but they were arguing at Newman Enterprises and somehow it got to Sharon blurting out face to face to Nikki that she’s glad she’s divorcing Nick because Nikki won’t have to be her mother-in-law anymore! The scene ended and it was never followed up nor mentioned again. We never saw Nikki’s reaction to it at all. A few episodes later Nikki is being nice and supportive to Sharon as if nothing was ever said. If you ask me that is a major storyline gap.

Think that was a one-time mishap? How about Noah’s recent escapade? He snuck out of his house with several pictures of his family and then placed them all over the tack house. When Nick and Phyllis walked in, Nick went to grab the rest of their luggage while Phyllis flipped on the lights in shock to see all these pictures of Nick and Sharon with Noah. That was the end of the episode. Since then nobody has even mentioned it. Even when Noah snuck out again and Nick caught him asleep on the couch, he didn’t mention his previous outing with the pictures. It’s like it didn’t happen at all. Have I once again missed something or are these more major storyline gaps!

It seems to me that we as viewers are left to do a whole bunch of assuming lately on the show. This is causing confusion and misunderstandings left and right. I have no problem with seeing stories move faster, just please without all these gaps in between.

Reader Response to August 11 Article:

I feel the show is much better than the others soaps, but I do feel that it is changing from the old style of things it used to do, and I am not liking it.  I think the show should have kept Jerry Douglas on as John Abbott because he is the only man on the show that I trust and have great faith in. He is the anchor on the show, the guy people go to talk and be there for. 

I just don’t feel for Brad or George or whatever he is calling himself.  The character is not likable in any sense of the word and this storyline is not making him any more sympathetic to viewers.  I see it as a stunt to make viewers care about Brad, but I am not buying it.  I hope the storyline ends soon because it went downhill from there a long time ago.  The timeline doesn't add up and many fans are not buying this Nazi garbage. 

I think that Nick should be honest with his choice and stop this back and forth with Sharon and Phyllis.  Is he going to be with one or the other?  Make a choice and stick with it.  I love Phick because they have great chemistry, even through it will destroy Nick and Sharon’s marriage. Their marriage was done a long time ago.  They need a break and I don't think Nick really forgave Sharon for her infidelities and I think the death of Cassie really did them in.  They need a break to find themselves and to discover what they want in life.

I don't care about Daniel and Lily's marriage because they shouldn't have gotten married in the first place.  They are the most boring couple on the show.  I think they need a lot of growing up to do before getting so involved with each other and they are young and need to experience life a bit.  I also think that Dru and Neil should get a divorce or work it out.  I think the Malcolm-is-the-daddy storyline should have more bite than it had in the past.  I think Neil is a judgemental, holier-than-thou, hypocrite who thinks he is better than anyone and can't do no wrong. I think he should think about how he got high and mighty and remember the mistakes he’s made in the past as well. 

John’s death has brought some great drama and emotion from Peter Bergman and the rest of the cast. It has also brought a battle of Jabot between Jack and Gloria.  Gloria's schemes will be revealed and she will have to face the consequences of her actions (tainting the cream). 

Writers bring back Victor's smarts, but have him act like he’s still delusional, but faking it, to get revenge against his enemies. I hope the writers don't lose Phyllis's edge because that’s the part the fans love about her and let nobody, not Nick or Jack, control her and lose what she wants in life.  I also hope that Brad loses everything that he gained over the past 20 years.  I think Vicki is better off to divorce him or to get an annulment for fraud and take control of the shares he gained in Newman.  I hope the show turns out better for the last four months of the end of the year and the new writers hand Katherine, Jill, and the cast a better storyline for years to come.

Written by: Reggie of Carneys Point, New Jersey
Edited by: JM

Thank-you Reggie, for sharing your thoughts and opinions on what’s been happening with Y&R lately.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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