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James R Searcy's Opinion
June 19, 2006

Jack Abbott: Could it be that Y&R is transitioning into new horizons? Jack and Brad have been on there quite a while but with current storylines on them respectively, it could build up for their departure as new blood is lingering in the wings. Of course I should include Victor in the lineup. These 3 stalwart veterans have done well for
Y&R but maybe the time is right to make a few changes. With that said........

(1) Jack Abbott: The current storylines show Jack treading into unprecedented dark territory. His lifelines thus far has been fighting with and losing to Victor Newman in the quest of power. Silly Jack - he was never content with partnering with Victor and
making Jabot its own little superpower. John's only flaw as a father is not keeping tighter reigns on the spoiled brat of a son. He (Jack) is selfish, arrogant, jealous, conniving, irresponsible as a father and - oh - let's not forget (WEEPY) when his butt takes a tumble for his shenanigans. So now he's on the march again. Surprisingly Phyllis has been the most grounded I've ever seen him (since he was married to Nicky) but now that he's been temporarily disempowered, he'll now stoop to the level of a coyote.....taking advantage of an adversary (Victor) when he senses injury. If this is the only way Jack views his chances of success, then he's seen the end of being an exciting character. The one thing that looks impressive by him right now is that new haircut - though it does nothing to enhance his image.

(2)'s almost magical how the present storylines compliment prologue on this mysterious character who graced the steps of the Abbott residence many moons ago. His good fortunes in spite of the previous unexplained past brings us full circle to a possible dead-end of his existence. Along the way however, this athletic, intelligent and darkly handsome rascal has sure played the field, "high-sticking" mostly the finest and wealthiest women of Genoa City (excepting Olivia), much to the chagrin of his nemesis, Jack Abbott. I suspect the final results of the investigation into his true identity will prove very the extent we might have to say good-bye to him?? Of course I'm thumbing my chin on how you will smooth out the disconnect of Victor's current (mental injury) with this on-going into the investigation of Brad's past (he previously ordered). The "current" Victor Newman would halt such sneaky activity of course. I don't believe J.T. has given Victor a report on the investigation since the mugging incident?? Hmmmm.....................

(3) what's the deal? Victor is great but getting old. He's been the strongest soldier on the show (no doubt). Time to put him to pasture? He has enough children to carry on at the fort (including Victor Jr. which you seem to be very hesitant to introduce to the Newman Klan). Actually, I do NOT like the current Victor - so heal him or kill him off!

What's so frustrating about Y&R at times is that you have so many potentially good storylines going on at once until a few of them linger out there far too long. I'm still scratching my head wondering what the hell happened to you all at the recent Daytime Emmy Awards. We both know the Guiding Light is a "DOG" of soap opera but they are wielding two dangerously superior actors Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan) and Gina Tognoni (Dinah)) that trumped you and all the others this time around. Any answers? All in all, I say you guys are still the #1 Daytime Show on the air and maybe that's good enough.

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Page updated 7/6/12

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