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By Kim

Very touching scene between Phyllis and Jack. I bet they get back together again, but not anytime soon.

Speaking of touching scenes, I felt so ripped off when we found out Phyllisí encounter with Daniel was all in her mind. And here I thought wow, they wrote a very classy scene for them to start on a new phase together.

Shiloh, thy name is bitch. I canít believe JT or Brad didnít tell her off for treating Colleen like JTís lackey.

How lame was JTís video? It reminded me of something I would have seen in the mid-80ís. Looks like Beachfront doesnít have much cash to splurge on a real video. I loved the song, though. I wonder if Thad Luckinbill is going to launch a music career in real life.

I am very sad to see Colleen go. If it was a matter of too many teens now that Cassieís going to be starting high school soon, why not let Lily get shifted off to Swiss boarding school. She can join Nathan. Iím afraid Camryn Grimes will be forced to dumb down her acting around Cristel Khalil, even though sheís the veteran there. Sheís had some heavy storylines and not once has she ever used the word ďlikeĒ as if her life depended on it, nor has she rolled her eyes unless it was an honest reaction. It would have been nice to see two intelligent teenage girls like Colleen and Cassie as friends. I used to like Sierra very much, but lately sheís been acting too much like Lily. I suppose three intelligent girls is too much to ask for.

In any case, I wish Lyndsey Fonseca all the best. Sheís a good actress and I look forward to seeing her in other venues.

So, Cameron is back. Hmmm. There are a few scenarios that could happen with this:

1. Shades of Blade

Could he have an evil twin masquerading as him? I know this is highly unlikely but this is Soapoperaland, where reality often takes a vacation. Could he have been the one Sharon was dealing with for the New Yearís Eve party, and both brothers were there, unbeknownst to both Cameron and everyone else? Sounds like an evil twin would be more to Graceís liking.

2. Cameron has multiple personalities.

He canít remember what heís done. Again, another unlikely situation if he really was in the Caribbean.

3. This is all an elaborate plot to send Sharon to the funny farm.

All lovingly orchestrated by Ö NIKKI!!!! Now this would be rich. Perhaps she hired a detective (definitely not Paul) and found her in Denver. She knows about Cameronís dalliance with Sharon, she threatens to get the cops involved if he refuses to play along. He shows up in Genoa City, acts nasty, and then lures Sharon to the sleazy motel room. The champagne bottle is a fake and she canít feel a pulse because Nikki had some wrist prostheses made for him. Nikki then hires Grace as Cameronís love interest, knowing this would push Sharon to the brink of sanity, and hopefully beyond. In order for everything to work, Nikki would have had to hire Larry for his part, but I find it difficult to picture him going for something like this. The dead body could be that of a homeless man that was found frozen in a back alley somewhere.

I am eager for this storyline to end soon Ė but it is nice to see Linden Ashby without the grey makeup on!

Frederick needs a haircut, doesnít he?

Could Mac be a love interest for Raul? He was the first one she dated, isnít he? Theyíre much better suited for one another.

Bobby talked himself out of a beating, but for how long? Iím guessing two scenarios here Ė either the cabaret business wonít be profitable because Brittany wonít be able to continue to bring in the bucks, or Mr. Lewis will insist the cabaret be a front for something shady, which is exactly what Bobby didnít want.

I have to say I like the Erykah Badu look Dru has been sporting.

I think pregnancy agrees with Tonya Lee Williams. Sheís glowing!

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Page updated 7/6/12

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