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By Kim

Looks like the writers are conspiring to break up JT and Colleen, now that Shiloh has firmly planted doubts in Colleenís head, and everyone else is telling JT to cut her loose. It would be sad to see that relationship end, but I guess thatís why Mac is back.

Speaking of Mac, has Jill not seen her yet? Where does Mac stay? In the attic room where Jill and Katherine hid Nina? If Jillís having a fit over Arthur and Katherine, sheíll have an even bigger one when she bumps into Mac. I think Jill should move out of the mausoleum for now. It isnít like sheís going to lose the place. Katherine has admitted to Arthur she doesnít feel like drinking when itís just the two of them so itís obvious Jill, or the thought of having her for a daughter, is driving her to drink. Theyíre trying too hard to be a family. I heard the actor who plays Arthur has been let go. I wonder if there will be a new Arthur or if heíll just walk upstairs, never to be mentioned again.

And speaking of new Ė the new Danny Junior seems much more age-appropriate. What I donít get about him is, why is he working at Ginaís II during his spring break? I thought kids were supposed to have fun when they flew halfway around the world at that time. Iím trying to remember how old he was when Phyllis lost custody of him. I donít think he was so young that something wouldnít have tweaked in him when he served Phyllis that coffee.

Iím getting rather tired of the Valley Girl talk from the Three Amigos. I canít believe I heard right - they complained thereís no hostess to seat them at the athletic club? They should be hanging out at a mall or at Crimson Lights. I guess they have to be rebels and frequent a snooty, highbrow gym. Who knows, maybe Lily and Sierra are looking for sugar daddies.

If Diane goes after Damon, wouldnít she incur the wrath of Jack as well? Iím not sure sheíll succeed. Perhaps sheíll rethink it if she sees Jack slightly disheveled with a 5:00
shadow happening. Iíve never said this about him before, but I think he looks rather sexy that way.

So Bobby really is going to change Marsinoís just for Brittany. What a hopeless romantic. Something like this could get him ďtaken outĒ by his bosses. Then Brittany would inherit everything from him and she would become the next Gina Roma! A restaurant where only she will sing (and perhaps a duet with her good friend, JT).

I donít understand Nick. Not so long ago, all he wanted to do was run his coffee shop. Now heís upset because he has nothing else to do but that. Come on Nick; let Kneel be The Black Knightís minion. You wonít be kicked off the ranch and Iím sure Miss Sixth Sense will still be able to shop, and freak out, until she drops.

Now I know what itís like to be an American viewer since Fridayís show was preempted! Cameron kisses Sharon in one episode and he shows up clean and healthy at the end of the next. Now I have to wait until next week to find out whatís happening! It was too obvious a good smear of makeup made it onto Sharonís lips. I supposed she thought she was hallucinating that, too.

Now, seeing as how a Motherís Day brunch would be traditionally held on a Sunday, what kind of psychiatrist works on that day? I guess Cameronís sudden appearance would be a relief to Sharon Ė at least she wonít be going to jail for murder. I wonder what she would consider to be worse Ė jail, or Nick finding out the truth.

I thought Jeanne Cooper did a great job of acting as an obnoxious drunk at the brunch. It was funny but at the same time, you could feel the embarrassment of some of the characters. I thought it was a nice touch to have a real-life mother-son scene. You could really see in their eyes the love they have for each other.

Just when I thought perhaps Greg Rikaart really didnít sign a 3-year contract after all, the heart monitor begins to beep again. Maybe he signed that day and they were waiting for his agent to bring a copy of the signed agreement over. I suppose it is medically possible for someone to come back minutes after CPR has been stopped, but wouldnít there be some kind of brain damage associated with it? It would be a convenient way of getting Kevin to walk away from prison time for anything. But even with my skepticís eye, I did enjoy the scenes between him and Mikey. They did a phenomenal job on the make up. Things should be interesting with Goofy Gloria on the scene now.

I will leave you with this question Ė how does Wayne Brady know the Williams brothers from ďthe old daysĒ?

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Page updated 7/6/12

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