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By Kim

The big moment of the week was when Kevin decided he wanted to kill himself. Suicide is a dangerous topic for soaps to get into. Years ago, the British soap East Enders had a character kill herself and soon after, the suicide rate in England rose. I can’t remember if Y&R has dealt with this subject before. I think using a despicable character to tackle this subject is better than using one who has a lot of sympathy from the viewers. But despicable or not, the feelings of failure and hopelessness Kevin spoke of resonate in a great number of people – most of whom aren’t into barbecuing strippers. I was somewhat shocked at the end of Thursday’s show because we’ve seen public service announcements for internet safety and diabetes; why not one for suicide prevention? I thought perhaps on Friday there would be an announcement. I was surprised to see that Kevin didn’t exactly act like a changed man. He was still smirking, still sarcastic. Makes you wonder if he manipulated this whole thing just to get Mikey’s love. He knew Lauren was dating Paul – he watched them make love on top of the counter in the boutique. He let slip the information Michael gave him. He had to have known his date with Lauren would be some kind of information gathering session. And when Mikey left his apartment, he smirked as he commented he finally has a brother.

Is Kevin sincere about his feelings? Or was this an elaborate mindyouknowwhat for both Michael and Lauren?

Since Y&R didn’t do a public service announcement, here’s mine: is a very good site about information, training, and research.

Within that site is a link to crisis centers across Canada and the United States:

If you have thoughts of suicide, please go to this link (it is also within the site):

Good luck, and please remember what Mikey said, “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

Back to our regularly scheduled rant:

Is it just me, or is it more than coincidence that Grace shows up at the Newman Jrs. after Sharon sees Cameron in the window?

Brittany’s wailing gets on my nerves. She doesn’t seem to realize she’s lucky she only has superficial wounds. She seems to forget Daddy makes enough money to send her to a plastic surgeon in Chicago so she doesn’t have to endure another operation by Olivia’s version of the best there is (in rural Wisconsin). Why doesn’t Olivia bring in Victor the Healer? He could speak with her for a few minutes and then she’ll be back to her old, conceited self.

Jill finally has her family and Arthur tells her life would have been different for her had he known Katherine was pregnant way back then. She would have grown up with an alcoholic mother and a father who, in all likelihood, would have left because he wouldn’t have been able to take it. Now as for Katherine hitting the bottle again over a house – get over it, woman! It’s an inanimate object that holds too many memories, some worse than others. Sell the place. Buy a piece of land and build a new house where you can make new memories with your new family. The universe is telling you it’s time for change. Maybe you’re drinking again because you feel the need to cling to the past. Your only problem right now should be trying to find someone who will buy a house that has a grave on its property.

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Page updated 7/6/12

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