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By Suzanne
Why I stopped watching Y&R

First I must confess that I don't watch the show regularly any more. The show had been getting worse and worse over the years, and last summer I just got too busy to watch any soap regularly. I've since started watching GH and Days again. I've seen bits and pieces of Y&R here and there, and I read about it in Soap Opera Digest, but nothing has really made me want to watch it again. The writing is just awful.

Some soaps have this problem where they make the characters jump in and out of bed so quickly with other people, that the audience loses any interest in rooting for their favorite couples any more. This had already happened for me a few years ago, with Nick jumping back and forth between Sharon and Phyllis. I know from what I've read that this is still going on, only worse. Sharon forgiving Adam was bad enough, after everything he did to her. Who can forgive a person for stealing their baby and making them think it's dead? That's just not plausible.

It used to be only primetime soaps had this problem. Since they had to be so much more exciting (read: sleazy) and worried about ratings, shows like Melrose Place would have people sleeping around a lot. Daytime soaps were different because the audience wanted character-driven stories where you really got to know the people and their families, and most of the people on soaps did not just sleep around, hopping from one bed to another. I'm not commenting on the morality of it. I'm saying, if you keep doing that, eventually the people have all slept with another and there's nowhere to go. You have to either introduce new characters for them to sleep with and hope we care about them, or they have to go back and forth between the same people. And in the process, the audience gets bored. If you're a fan of Sharon and Nick, and they keep breaking up when he goes back to Phyllis, then both the Shick fans and the Phick fans start to lose interest. Why root for a couple if they keep cheating on each other?

I always liked Cane and Lily, but once it came out that he lied to her about his family, it didn't make any sense to me. He seems to keep lying to her for no good reason. I know they fought hard to get back together, and she got cancer and almost died...but still, the whole thing never made sense. It's one thing when someone like Amber or Deacon lies over and over again, but it doesn't seem to be in Cane's character to keep lying over and over again, especially to the people he loves. He is an open, honest, and kind, except, he kept two huge secrets from everyone for years. That is just stupid.

I was glad to see them bring two of my favorite actors from General Hospital to the show, Tristan Rogers and Genie Francis, but they made them both villains and very unlikable.  They softened each of them a little, after awhile, but then they got rid of Rogers. They have had so many characters coming and going that it makes your head spin. Every time the audience gets used to one new character, that person leaves or is replaced by some other actor, or a bunch of new characters show up. This is not good writing and not a way to build fan loyalty. Bringing in actors from other shows doesn't always work out, especially if you don't have good story for them (like bringing in fan fave Maura West from As The World Turns and then making her really unlikable).

I know the writers and producers don't always listen to the fans, but when the fans and the soap press keep telling them over and over that something is bad, they still don't seem to listen. Sharon and Victor is a bad idea, just like Adam and Sharon was a bad idea. It's just too icky to have them together. Their age difference is bad enough, but they always had a nice father-daughter type of relationship that is now completely ruined and seems incestuous.

Daniel and Daisy - where do I even start? I mean, she raped him. Then he is expected to fight for custody of his rapist's baby? Then he MARRIES her? I mean, come on! This is not "only on a soap". This is "I can't believe how stupid this is".

I'm sure that if I watched the show every day, I would find a few things to like, but it just wouldn't be worth it to watch through all the crap. I heard that Chris and Danny are back, maybe I'll watch just their scenes. That's what a DVR is for. I hope that one day they change the writers to someone good before all of their fans have tuned out.

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Page updated 7/5/12

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