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Quiz #8
By Angie

  1. On Y&R, Tracy Abbot once desperately tried to lose weight to attract which man?
    A. Ryan McNeil
    b. Paul Williams
    c. Brad Carlton
    d. Danny Romalotti
  2. Which one of the following soaps was not created by Agnes Nixon?
    a. Loving
    b. All My Children
    c. Guiding Light
    d. One Life To Live
  3. Who was the editor of Tempo Magazine on All My Children?
    a. Gloria Steinem
    b. Brooke English
    c. Gloria Chandler
    d. Dixie Cooney
  4. How many times has Asa Buchanan tied the knot on One Life to Live?
    a. 0
    b. 3
    c. 6
    d. 7
  5. When did Bold and the Beautiful make it's debut?
    a. 1986
    b. 1987
    c. 1988
    d. 1989
  6. Name the only family not to appear in General Hospital.
    a. Quartermaine
    b. Spencer
    c. Ryan
    d. Baldwin
  7. What show features characters hanging out at Brady's Pub?
    a. General Hospital
    b. One Life To Live
    c. Days Of Our Lives
    d. Bold and the Beautiful
  8. How did Jenny die on All My Children?
    a. Broken Leg
    b. Jet ski explosion
    c. Car wreck
    d. Plane crash
  9. Which Y&R actress once got a face lift on camera?
    a. Melody Thomas Scott
    b. Jess Walton
    c. Jeanne Cooper
    d. Heather Tom
  10. In 1983, one of the popular characters on General Hospital, Luke, was partially paralyzed from which event?
    a. avalanche
    b. car wreck
    c. almost drowning in a pool
    d. gunshot


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