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Quiz #7
By Angie

  1. "General Hospital"
    Who kissed Jason at Nikolas and Emily's wedding?
    a. Liz
    b. Courtney
    c. Carly
    d. Sam
  2. "Bold and the Beautiful"
    Who does Rick still have feelings for?
    a. Amber
    b. Samantha
    c. Caitlin
    d. no one
  3. "Days of our Lives"
    Sami wants to marry Lucas, but to which man is she still married?
    a. Austin
    b. Rex
    c. Shawn D.
    d. Brandon
  4. "All My Children"
    What soap was Bobbie Eakes on before she joined AMC?
    a. OLTL
    b. Y/R
    d. B&B
  5. "Passions"
    Name the people who were at Alistair's party.
  6. "Young and the Restless"
    Which two women fight the most?
    a. Nikki and Ashley
    b. Brittney and Mac
    c. Dru and Olivia
    d. Jill and Katherine
  7. "General Hospital"
    What is the name of Jax's mom?
    a. Tracy
    b. Monica
    c. Jane
    d. He doesn't have a mom
  8. "Passions"
    Who is the blind man?
    a. Sam
    b. Father Lonigan
    c. Hank
    d. Luis
  9. "Bold and the Beautiful"
    What character does Jack Wagner play?
    a. Deacon
    b. Nick
    c. Eric
    d. Rick
  10. "Young and the Restless"
    Who is Cassie and Noah's Grandfather'?
    a. Jack Abbott
    b. Brad Carlton
    c. Victor Newman
    d. No one


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