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Quiz #3

1. Which holiday does Deidre Hall's (Marlena, Days) birthday fall on?
a. Halloween
b. Valentine's Day
c. Christmas
d. Independence Day

2. On which celebrity did Leslie Charleson (Monica, GH) accidentally spill coffee?
a. Elton John
b. Liza Minnelli
c. Elizabeth Taylor
d. Elvis Presley

3. What is Eric Braeden's (Victor, Y&R) birth name?
a. Hans Erickson
b. Eric Braeden
c. Hans Gudegast
d. Gustaf Braeden

4. In which Alfred Hitchcock film did Darlene Conley (Sally, Bold and Beautiful) have a small part?
a. Psycho
b. Vertigo
c. The Birds
d. Rear Window

5. Which organization do Grant Aleksander (Phillip, GL) and his wife, Sherry, actively participate in?
a. Amnesty International
b. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
c. The Make-a-Wish Foundation
d. The American Heart Association

6. On Passions, Juliet Mills (Tabitha) daughter, Melissa Caulfield, portrayed a....
a. Demon
b. farm girl
c. student
d. book cafe patron

7. Which horror flick did Kassie DePaiva (Blair, OLTL) star in?
a. Evil Dead II
b. Halloween III
c. Nightmare on Elm Street
d. Friday the 13th Part IV

8. Where did Brian Presley (Jack, PC) propose to his co-star/wife, Erin Hershey Presley (Alison)?
a. on set
b. while appearing on "Live with Regis and Kelly" during a trip to Jamaica
c. while appearing on "Entertainment Tonight" during a trip to Disneyland
d. while visiting his family in Oklahoma

9. What is Susan Lucci's (Erica, AMC) heritage?
a. Spanish and Italian
b. Spanish and Irish
c. Italian and Swedish
d. Italian and French

10. Ronn Moss's (Ridge, B&B) daughters are named:
a. Creason and Calee
b. Stephanie and Phoebe
c. Caryn and Kelly
d. Cara and Corrine

11. Michael E. Knight (Tad, AMC) has a huge collection of:
a. bobblehead dolls
b. Pajama's
c. Vintage watches
d. Ties

12. What patriotic garment/accessory does Lynn Herring (Lucy, PC) constantly wear?
a. T-shirt
b. necklace
c. bracelet
d. pin

13. Which orphan did Martha Byrne (Lily/Rose, As the world turns) portray in the musical "Annie"?
a. Molly
b. July
c. Sandy
d. Pepper

14. Melody Thomas Scott, (Nikki, Y&R) is a big fan of which comedian?
a. Milton Berle
b. Jerry Seinfeld
c. Bob Hope
d. Lucille Ball

15. In which female pop group did Peter Reckell's (Bo, Days) wife, Kelly Moneymaker, sing?
a. The Go-Go's
b. Bananarama
c. The Bangles
d. Expose

16. In which sport is Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH) skilled?
a. fencing
b. soccer
c. boxing
d. swimming

17. How many different high schools did Ron Raines (Alan, GL) attend before graduating?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 5
d. 6

18. What showbiz honor does Lindsay Korman (Theresa, Passions) hold?
a. She was the youngest actress ever to portray Eliza Dolittle in a national production of Pygmalion.
b. She was the first actress cast in Passions
c. She was the youngest performer ever to star in a show at Universal Studios.
d. She was the youngest performer ever to star in a show on the Las Vegas strip.

19. In honor of which starlet did Eileen Fulton (Lisa, ATWT) name her dog?
a. Greta Garbi
b. Geraldine Page
c. Joan Crawford
d. Bette Davis

20. What attribute does Linda Dano (Rae, OLTL) share with her character, aside from looking like her?
a. She studied psychology in college.
b. She has a daughter named Skye.
c. Her middle name is Rae.
d. For a while, she resided in San Francisco.


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