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Quiz #2
By Angie

1. What daytime soap opera won an Emmy in 1972?

A. Guiding Light
B. The Doctors
C. Another World
D. Ryan's Hope
E. As The World Turns
F. General Hospital

2. On All My Children, who is played by William Christian (which character)?

A. Edmund Grey
B. Aiden Turner
C. Derek Frye
D. David Hayward
E. Trevor Dillon
F. None of the above

3. On Bold and the Beautiful, who was played by Kimberlin Brown?

A. Brooke Forrester
B. Shelia Carter
C. Stephanie Forrester
D. Sally Spectra
E. Macy Forrester
F. Taylor Hayes

4. On Days of Our Lives, who was played by Macdonald Carey?

A. Tom Horton
B. Jack Deveraux
C. John Black
D. Roman Brady
E. Shawn Brady
F. Mickey Horton

5. On General Hospital, who was played by Antonio Sabato, Jr.?

A. Jagger Cates
B. Jason Morgan Quartermaine
C. AJ Quartermaine
D. Sonny Corinthos
E. Tony Jones
F. Luke Spencer

6. What date did All My Children start?

A. January 5, 1970
B. January3, 1972
C. April 2, 1953
D. May 5, 1980
E. January 2, 1972
F. June 22, 1960

7. On Days of Our Lives, who was the original Bo Brady-- what was the actor's name?

A. Robert Kelker Kelly
B. Peter Reckell
C. Matthew Ashford
D. Jason Cook
E. Jay Kenneth Johnson
F. None of the above

8. In which state was All My Children's Gloria Chandler born?

A. Kentucky
B. Pennsylvania
C. Kansas
D. Alabama
E. Alaska
F. Delaware

9. In what country was All My Children's Mateo Santos born?
A. France
B. Spain
C. Italy
D. Russia
E. Poland
F. Mexico

10. What soap was David Hasselhoff on before he was a lifeguard on Baywatch?

D. Y/R


Page updated 8/27/12

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