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Quiz #10
By Angie

 1. Who has a talk show called New Beginnings on AMC?
    a. Brooke
    b. Opal
    c. Krystal
    d. Erica
2. What is the name of Evangeline's sister on OLTL?
    a. Lydia
    b. Layla
    c. Tess
    d. Marcie
3. Who is coming back to GH as of October 12, 2005?
    a. Rick
    b. Laura
    c. Luke
    d. Robin
4. Who played the guy named Stan on Days?
    a. Nicole
    b. Kate
    c. Mimi
    d. Sami
5. On PASSIONS, who plays Noah Bennett?
    a. James Hyde
    b. Galen Gering
    c. John Reilly
    d. Dylan Fergus
6. What did Bridget tell Nick after she saw Brooke with Nick on B&B?
    a. she is having twins
    b. she doesn't love Nick
    c. she's not pregnant
    d. she had an abortion
7. Who left Y&R to go to boarding school?
    a. Daniel
    b. Mac
    c. J.T.
    d. Lily
8. Name the couple on GL who will be leaving the show soon.
    a. Harley and Gus
    b. Reva and Josh
    c. Dinah and Jonathan
    d. Danny and Michelle
9. Who took crystal meth on ATWT?
    a. Gwen
    b. Will
    c. Casey
    d. Jennifer


Page updated 8/27/12

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