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Top Ten Ways to Tell You're Obsessed With Soap Operas

Contributed by Megan from

1.  You visit Ebay every ten minutes...just in case there's a new deal on the latest item up for bid from your favorite soap.
2.  You'd divorce your spouse before you'd give up on your soap.
3.  You tape your soap while you're watching it...and then re-watch it in case you missed anything.
4.  You're house catches fire, and the first thing you think to rescue is your soap opera collection.  (This includes your tapes, books, and any other soap memorabilia.)
5.  You lock yourself in your room and put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door from the time your soap starts until it's over.  ...and if the  phone rings, you let the machine get it...because it CAN'T be as important as your show.
6.  It's Friday afternoon, and you're having a heart attack...but you  won't leave for the hospital until the last five minutes of your favorite soap is over.
7.  You buy three TV's and three VCR's so that you can tape each of the shows on all three networks.
8.  You set two different VCR's to tape the same show...just in case.  ...and you ask a friend to tape it for extra security.
9.  You name all your children and pets after your favorite soap opera characters.
10.  You fantasize that you're "doing it" with your favorite soap star when you make love to your significant other.

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Page updated 2/28/13

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