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Sunset Beach Fan Fiction

Originally from Sunset Beach TV

Season 4 - Episode 4

Head-writer: Anda T.

Date: February 9, 2001

Vanessa Hart-Bourne
Michael Bourne
Lena Hart
David Hart
Ricardo Torres
Gabi Torres
Carmen Torres
Annie Douglas
Del Douglas
Eddie Connors
Francesca Vargas
Olivia Richards
Jude Cavanaugh
AJ Deschanel
Leo Deschanel
Bette Katzenkazrahi
Caitlin Richards-Deschanel
Cole Deschanel
Ben Evans
Meg Cummings-Evans
Gregory Richards



At the police station Antonio is calling Maria from a pay phone.

Maria: " Hello."

Antonio: "Hello, Maria - it's Antonio, I'm glad I finally reached you."

Maria: "Meg and Ben left for their honeymoon so that's why I'm here with

Benjy. Is there something wrong?"

Antonio: " Ricardo got arrested!"

Maria: "Oh, no! Why?"

Antonio: " For faking his death and braking the law."

Maria: " But they are going to let him go, right?" Antonio: " I don't know.

His loser is talking to the district attorney now."

Maria: " I have to get over there!"

Antonio: " What about Benjy?"

Maria: " I'll take him with me. I hope this will be the end of all the sorrow that our family had to endure."

She hang up the phone.

Antonio: " Somehow I doubt it!"


At the Sunset Beach jail, Caitlin we face to face with her father for the first time since he was arrested.

The guard took his handcuffs off and left.

Caitlin: " Daddy!" and ran into his arms.

Gregory: " Katie, I missed you so much!"

They both burst into tears.

Caitlin: " How are you?"

Gregory: " I'm fine."

Caitlin: "Don't lie! How can you be fine in a place like this!?"

Gregory: "I'm surviving, anyway. God, it's so great to see you! I missed you so much!"

Caitlin: "I know, I missed you to!"

Gregory: "So tell me...everything. How are you? How's Trey and Sean and Olivia..."

Caitlin: "Sean is fine. His relationship with Emily is getting more serious every day. Mom is fine. Although she doesn't say anything I can tell that she misses you very much!"

Gregory: "...Yes... she is still with A.J., no?"

Caitlin: "No, they broke up."

Gregory: "Really?''

Caitlin: "Yes. A.J. realized that he really loved Bette all along so..."

Gregory: "A.J. and Bette!" he said with that conniving smile on his face that we all know and love. "My God! That pour loser...

Anyway, and Trey, how is he?"

Caitlin: "Trey, my brother - he's getting bigger every day; he is such a sweet boy!"

Gregory: "You still haven't been able to deal with Olivia and Cole's betrayal, have you?"

Caitlin got up from her chair. "I don't know! Did you get over what they did?"

Gregory: "I love your mother very much and I always will. I was very hurt by what they did but it doesn't matter how I feel. It's too late for me and Olivia now."

Caitlin: "I don't know what to say!"

Gregory: "Tell me how you feel about Trey. You still see him as your son, don't you?"

Caitlin: "I know he is my mother's, but it's hard!"

Gregory: "What you have to remember is that Trey doesn't love you like a sister. You were the center of his universe for an year. He is probably confused. Don't let Olivia and Cole make him forget that you still are the most important person in his life!"

The guard came back: "Time's up!"

Gregory: "I love you!"

Caitlin: "I love you too! I promise I'll come back soon. Is there something you want me to tell Sean or Mom for you?"

Gregory: "No! I can't wait to see you again. I miss you already!"

They hugged each other and Caitlin left.


At the Richards residence:

A.J. rang the door bell. Rose answered the door.

Rose: "Hello Mr. Deschanel."

A.J.: "Hello Rose. Is Annie here?"

Rose: "Yes she is. I'll get her for you."

Annie was coming down.

Annie: "A.J.! You came to see me?"

Rose: "Excuse me."

A.J.: "Annie I need to talk to you."

Annie: "I can't imagine what about."

A.J.: "Does 30.000$ ring a bell for you?"

Annie: "....I..."

A.J.: "It's the amount of money that you own the company. You do remember your little escapade to England to try to get uncle Tobias on your side, don't you? A lot of good that did you! We agreed that you were going to work at the Liberty Corporation to pay off your debt But you didn't show up for work today as always. One way or another you will have to pay back the company."

Annie: "I've been busy today, O.K.? But I will come tomorrow."

A.J.: "Why do I have trouble believing that?"

Annie: "You have my word that I will be at the Liberty Corporation tomorrow.

Why are you looking at me like that? I promised!''

A.J.: "Alright! I expect you at the first hour tomorrow in my office."

Annie: "Sure. I won't be later than 10:00."

A.J.: "At 8:30, Annie!"

Annie: "Whatever!"

Olivia walked into the room: "A.J., good to see you again."

A.J.: "Nice to see you too."

Olivia: "Have I interrupted something?"

Annie: "No, A.J. and I just finished." Annie was living.

A.J.: "Don't forget Annie, tomorrow is your last chance. Well, I have to go....nice to..."

Olivia: "Wait, A.J.! Is that all?! I just thought you would..."

A.J.: "That I would what...?"

Olivia: "That...I don't know, that you would say how happy you are to see me again, and ask me how I am, and hold me..."

A.J.: "I didn't know that mattered to you."

Olivia: "How can you say that?...Have I done something wrong?"

A.J.: "No."

Olivia: "Then what is it?"

A.J.: "Olivia, I have loved you

all my life. It was hard to put all those feelings behind me and to move

on. But now I love Bette, but I still feel a little vulnerable when I'm

with you." Olivia: "That's why..!"

A.J.: "Today I got a call from Leo. He fell in love with an English woman named Crystal Blake."

Olivia: "...Well, that's a coincidence!"

A.J.: "Maybe more than that!"

Olivia: "I can't wait to meet her."

A.J.: "Leo will be back in a couple of months. You will surely see her then."

Olivia kissed him on the cheek.

A.J.: "What was that for?"

Olivia: "For being so wonderful and for having such a sweet smile."

They both laughed.

"Bette is very lucky to have you! Do you want to see Trey?"

A.J.: "Sure!" She took his hand. "Let's go to the nursery then."


Amy was at the Shock Wave on her day off from work.

Sean and Emily came and got a table, but they didn't see her.

Amy was watching them with a jealous and hurt expression.

Brad came to her: "A penny for your thoughts. Or would you rather have Sean Richards instead!?"

Amy: "What would you know Brad!" Brad: "I know that you are still obsessed with Sean. You still don't get that he is never going to love you, do you?


Sean and Emily were talking.

Emily: "I am starved!"

Sean: "I'll get the waitress. Waitress!"

She came to their table: "Hello, what would you like to order?"

Emily: "I want a double cheeseburger and a cherry cola."

Sean: "The same."

Waitress: "Coming right up."

Emily: "Sean, I need to talk to you about something. I kind of think that it's time for us to...we have been throw a lot together and I am ready to show you how much I love you."

Sean: "Oh my God, Emily - that's great because I love you so much, and I really think that we are ready to take this step."

Emily: "I was hoping you'd say that! I've already made plans for us. I reserved a room at The Inn for tonight."

Sean: "That's great! You do not know how happy you make me!"

Maria and Benjy arrived at the police station.

Maria: "Spencer, hi."

Spencer: "Hello Maria. I'm sorry for what happened to Ricardo."

Maria: "Spencer, please tell me that they are going to let him go."

Spencer: "I wish I could tell you that Maria. Antonio is talking to his lower - maybe he has some good news."

Maria: "Could you please watch Benjy for me while I talk to Antonio?"

Spencer: "Sure."

Maria: "Benjy, I am going to be right back. You will stay here with Spencer, and try not to cause him any trouble, ok?"

Spencer: "Don't worry Maria, we will be just fine."

Maria found Antonio and attorney Jack Spears.

Maria: "Antonio!"

Antonio: "Maria, I'm glad you are here. This is Mr. Spears, Ricardo's lower, and he wanted to give us good news.

Maria and Mr. Spears shacked hands.

Jack: "That's right. I've spoken with the district attorney, and was able to get Ricardo out on bail."

Maria: "That's great!"

Antonio: "You don't know happy we are to here that! Thank you so much! I've got to find mama and tell her."

Maria: "And I am going to see Ricardo. Thank you again Mr. Spears."

Jack: "No problem."

Maria went to Ricardo.

Ricardo: "Maria..."

Maria: "Ricardo, I am so sorry for this. Are you O.K.?"

Ricardo: "I will be as soon as I get out of here."

Maria: "Fortunately you will. Bail is being set so they they should let you out any time now."

Ricardo: "Thank God! I hope I will finally be able to put this story behind me."

Maria: "Ricardo, what's wrong? I just told you you are getting out of jail and you still seem upset. It's because of Gabi, isn't it?"


Antonio went to find Gabi and his mother. They were near the water cooler, talking.

Antonio: "Mama, Gabi great news - they're letting Ricardo go."

Gabi: "Finally!"

Madame Carmen: "Gracias a Dios!"

Antonio: "I'll just go pay the bail, and he'll be out."


A.J. and Olivia were in the nursery room. A.J. just put Trey down for his nap after playing with him.

A.J.: "He got so big since the last time I saw him."

Olivia: "He definitely missed you...A.J. I hope that you are going to be a part of his life, although Co.."

A.J. interrupted: "I want that very much." They are leaving the nursery and going to the living room.

Olivia: "I need to tell you something. You are not going to believe this!"

A.J.: "What is it?"

Olivia: "Elaine is coming to Sunset Beach!"

A.J.: "...You caught me completely off guard! When is she coming?"

Olivia: "Tomorrow."

A.J.: "She doesn't know that I'm alive does she?"

Olivia: "No! When Cole went to visit her he agreed not to say anything about you because she found someone else in San Diego, so..."

A.J.: "Needless to say she has no idea that you are Trey's mother."

Olivia: "I cannot imagine how she'll react when she hears this! I wish so much she wouldn't come!"

A.J.: "Well, we'll just have to deal with it! But I want us to talk about you now. I can't imagine how you felt when you found out the truth about Tobias....I know that it must of hurt you"

Olivia: "I don't want us to talk about that."

A.J.: "Do you still love him?"

Caitlin walked in. "Hello A.J."

A.J.: "How are you Caitlin?"

Caitlin: "I'm O.K. Have I interrupted something?"

Olivia: "No!"

A.J. didn't answer but Caitlin realized there was some tension between them.

"I'm tired. I think I'm going to lie down. Nice to see you again, A.J."

A.J.: "Nice to see you too."

Olivia: "I'm tired as well. Thank you for coming and spending time with Trey. We'll see what happens with Elaine tomorrow."

A.J.: "Why won't you answer me?"

Olivia: "Answer what?"

A.J.: "If you still love Gregory."

Olivia: "Why would you ask me that? It doesn't matter! He is in prison and he's not coming back."

A.J.: "O.K. then. It's not my business anyway. I've got to get back to the office."

He hugged her. "I want you to be happy. You mean so much to me!''

Olivia: "I care about you too. And I am very happy."


At the Shock Wave

Amy: "I know that Sean loves Emily, O.K? I also know that I love him and I always will!"

Brad: "Here you go again. You are hopeless, you know that?"

Amy: "Anyway Brad, I won't be leaving with you anymore."

Brad: "Really! And were are you going to stay?"

Amy: "That is my business."

Brad: "Come on Amy! You don't think that if Sean finds out you're homeless again he will let you stay with him, do you?"

Amy: "That's not it. I mite as well tell you about it.

I have decided to become a noun. For real this time."


At the police station

Ricardo: "Maria, I don't know what to tell you."

Maria: "Ricardo I think that you should try to find Gabby and talk to her.

Who knows, maybe there will be a chance for the two of you."

Ricardo: "Don't you know?! She came back to Sunset Beach. Gabi is right here at the police station."

Maria: "I had no idea. Antonio didn't tell me anything. I wonder if he knows."

Ricardo: "He knows alright!"

Maria: "And you talked to her?"

Ricardo: "Yes."

Maria: "Don't you think there mite be a chance for you to get back together?"

Ricardo: "So much has happened - that I don't know."


Sean and Emily arrived at her house.

Sean: "So we'll see each other later today...."

Emily: "At The Inn at 7 o'clock."

Sean: "Can't wait! Tonight is going to be so perfect...!"

They kissed.

Emily: "See you then." She opened the door. "Mum, are you home? Mum!"

Bette: "Yes Em I'm right here."

Emily: "Good, because there's something I need to talk to you about."

Bette: "Sure kitten, what is it?"

Emily: "It's about me and Sean. We decided that we've waited long enough, and tonight is going to be the night."

Bette: "Wow Emily, I didn't think it was going to be this soon...."

Emily: "Mum, it's not soon. It feels like I have known Sean forever, it feels like I've loved him for as long as I know myself."

Bette: "I know that's how you feel, and I know Sean is a great guy, but are you sure you're ready for this? It's a big big step in a relationship, and..."

Emily: "Mum, I'm sure."

Bette: "Then what can I tell you!"

Emily: "Don't worry, I've got that under control."

Bette: "Are you sure you don't want us to talk about that?"

Emily: "There's no need. Honestly, there's no problem."

Bette: "I am so happy for you! I can't tell you haw much it means to me that we are so close and that you confided in me with this. When I remember all the years when I wasn't a good mother to you."

Emily: "But that is in the past. Now we are closer than ever and this is how we are going to stay. I'd better get ready. I only have about 3 hours."

Bette: "Just tell me when you want me to leave."

Emily: "There's no need. I reserved a room at The Inn."

Bette: "O.K. Do you need me to help you with anything?"

Emily: "Yes, you can come with me upstairs and tell me what you like best from the lingerie I bought."


Ben and Meg were driving to the airport. "You haven't stopped smiling since we got in the car" he said while driving.

Meg: "And I will smile for the rest of my life. You made all my dreams come true. I love you!"

Ben: "I love you too!"

Meg: "How long till we get to the airport?"

Ben: "About 5 minutes I think. Why don't you grab the map from the back seat?"

Meg took her seat belt off and looked for the map: "I don't see it."

Ben looked back: "It must be there."

Suddenly a truck appeared in front of them.

Meg shouted: "Ben, watch out!"


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