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Sunset Beach Fan Fiction

Originally from Sunset Beach TV

Season 4 - Episode 3

Head-writer: Anda T.

Date: February 4, 2001

Vanessa Hart-Bourne
Michael Bourne
Lena Hart
David Hart
Ricardo Torres
Gabi Torres
Carmen Torres
Annie Douglas
Del Douglas
Eddie Connors
Francesca Vargas
Olivia Richards
Jude Cavanaugh
AJ Deschanel
Leo Deschanel
Bette Katzenkazrahi
Caitlin Richards-Deschanel
Cole Deschanel
Ben Evans
Meg Cummings-Evans
Gregory Richards



At the Media Center Jude is in A.J.'s office talking about a project:

Jude: "O.K., A.J; I'll have the plans ready for you!"

Jude goes out of the room. The phone rings:

A.J: "A.J. Deschanel"
Leo: " Dad, it's me!"
A.J.: "Leo, my son, how are you?"
Leo: "I'm fine, but I miss you!"
A.J: "I miss you too! So tell me what have you been doing since the last time we spoke?"
Leo: "Well, school is alright, and I meet someone. Her name is Crystal Blake. She is really intelligent and beautiful!"
A.J: "I am so glad to hear that. Is she American?"
Leo: "No, she's English, but she wants to move to Los Angeles after the school year is over."
A.J: "That's great! I can't wait to meet her! So, what did you do for Christmas?"
Leo: "I went with Crystal to our house in Saint-Ettiene. She'd never been to France before."
A.J: "Then, I guess your relationship is pretty serious. What...what did you two do there? I mean, did you..."
Leo: "No! Crystal wanted us to wait. You know dad, as great as Switzerland is, I would like to come home with Crystal when the semester ends."
A.J: "Sure, Leo! I can't wait to meet her!"

Jude knocks on the door and comes in:

Jude: "A.J., I have the report that you wanted..."

He realizes that A.J. is talking on the phone.

Jude: " Do you want me to come back later?"
AJ.: "No, Jude, that's alright. Leo, I can't wait to see you! I love you!"
Leo: "I love you to!"
A.J: "Bye, Leo!"
Leo: "Bye."


At Bette's house:

Bette: "What the hell are you doing here?"

Amy: "Mrs. K., I wanted to talk to you."
Bette: "We have nothing to talk about", 

Bette wants to slam the door in her face.

Amy: "No, wait! I want to apologize!"

Bette: "Do you actually think anyone could forgive you for everything you did - drugging Sean twice to sleep with you, lying about becoming a non, and everything else. I don't know how you have the courage to show your face here!"
Amy: "I know I've made mistakes, but who doesn't"
Bette: "You call what you did mistakes?"
Amy: "I'm sorry for hurting Emily, but I loved Sean, and I still do!"
Bette: "Love? What Emily and Sean have is called love! You don't know the meaning of the word!"
Amy: "That is not true! I loved Sean with everything in me! And you know what? I have no reason to stand here and apologize for the best thing that ever happened to me! I am not sorry! I am not sorry for anything! When Sean and I made love, I really felt like someone loved me, and I don't regret anything!!! Goodbye Mrs. K."


Sara and Casey are talking at the lifeguards station:

Casey: "I love you!"
Sara: "Not more than I love you!"

 They kisses.

     Sara: "I want to tell you something about Meg."
Casey: "What about her?"
Sara: "She and Ben are leaving for their honeymoon today. They're going to Venice."
Casey: "Are you serious?"
Sara: "Yeah!"
Casey: "I'm so happy for her! It's amazing, isn't it? After all she and Ben went through! I guess love really does concur all! Have they left yet?"
Sara: "I don't think so!"


At Meg and Ben's house:

Meg: "I forgot my make-up bag. I'll go and get it."
Ben: "Hurry down."
Benjy: "Daddy, why can't me and mummy come with you to Venice?"
Ben: "Because honeymoons are only for the bride and groom.
But I promise you that the three of us are going to take a trip very soon.
Benjy: "You mean you, me and mummy?"


Ben: "No Benjy, I mean you, me and Meg. Your mummy is always going to have a special place in my heart, but I love Meg now. She's my wife! Do you understand what I'm saying?"
Benjy: "I guess!"
Meg: "I'm back!"
Ben: "We should get going! I hope that Maria won't be late!"
Meg: "I wonder if we forgot anything...I'm going to go upstairs and check again."
Ben: "No, you won't! You almost packed the entire house. We haven't forgotten anything! And even if we had, we'll buy it in Venice."

The door bell rings. Maria is standing outside the door.

Meg: "Hi Maria"
Maria: "Hello Meg, Ben."
Ben: "I'm glad you could make it!"
Maria: "And I am very happy for you! It's wonderful that you are finally going on your honeymoon!"

Benjy suddenly comes running from the kitchen and jumps in Maria's arms:

Benjy: "Mummy!"
Maria: "Hello tiger."
Ben: "Benjy, I love you very much. I'm going to miss you!"
Benjy: "I'll miss you too!"
Meg: "I love you too Benjy - don't forget that!"
Ben: "We should leave now."
Benjy: "Wait! You didn't say goodbye to Franklin. I'll go get him."
Ben: "Hurry, Benjy!"
Maria: "So, how long will you be staying in Venice?"
Ben: "2 weeks."
Maria: "That's great! And don't worry about a thing. I'll make sure that everything will be fine!"
Meg: "Thank you Maria, we really do appreciate it!"

The phone rings.

Meg: "I'll get that. Hello."
Casey: "Hi Meg, it's Casey!"
Meg: "Casey, how are you?"
Casey: "I'm fine! Sara told me that you're going to Venice, and I wanted to tell you how happy I am for you!"
Meg: "Thank you so much!"
Casey: "Well, I'll better leave you now. You probably have to get going."
Meg: "Yes I do! Thank you for everything. I love you!"
Casey: "I love you too!"

Ben and Meg says good bye to Franklin, and leaves.


Gabi and Antonio are at the police station. Antonio is visiting Ricardo.

Antonio: "Ricardo, I'm so sorry..."
Ricardo: "I am to blame for this too! It's not like I didn't deserve it."
Antonio: "I want you to know that me and Gabi, I mean we understand what you did. The only one responsible for this is me..."
Ricardo: "It's not quite like that Antonio! I broke the law, and now I'm paying for it."
Antonio: "You are a great detective! We're all going to do everything we can to get you out of here, and to keep your license."
Ricardo: "I appreciate that."
Antonio: "....I suppose you are very happy that Gabi is back, aren't you?"
Ricardo: "Are you?"


 Gabi is calling Madame Carmen from a pay phone

Carmen: "Hello."
Gabi: "Hello, Carmen it's..."
Carmen: "Gabi? Where are you?"
Gabi: "I'm in Sunset Beach!"
Carmen: "Did you come back - or did you never leave?"
Gabi: "I came back..."
Carmen: "Does Ricardo know you're back?"
Gabi: "Yes, he does! Actually...."
Carmen: "How did he react?"
Gabi: "He was surprised! Anyway I have some bad news about Ricardo. He was arrested today!"
Carmen: "What? Because of framing his murder and all?"
Gabi: "Yes!"
Carmen: "Are you at the police station?"
Gabi: "Yes."
Carmen: "I'm coming right now over there!"


Annie is in Jude's apartment, in bed, reading a magazine when she has another of her fantasies:

"Well hello Annie!" Annie turns around and is looking at her father.

Annie: "What are you doing in my fantasy?"
Del: "Always happy to see me ha' Annie? I've seen that you are doing quite well for yourself! You put Gregory behind bars, and you even think that someone loves you!"
Annie: "I know someone loves me! Jude and I love each other, and I even made peace with the Richards clan. In case you don't know, me and Olivia..."
Del: "I have seen you and Olivia at that church, getting passed all that hate. Disgusting sight!
Annie, Annie, Annie, my dear Annie, you can fool a raging alcoholic, you can convince your Jude what a great fantastic person, you turned into, but the fact is, that you are never going to change! You're always going to be the same spoiled, unwanted brat that seeks pleasure from the pain of others!"
Annie: "You are so wrong! But you know what? I don't care what you say! For the first time in my life I'm happy! You here that? I am happy! Happier than I've ever been, and you are not going to ruin it for me! Now I know that people can love me for who I am! And Olivia is not a ragging alcoholic. She quit...."
Del: "Oh my God! Eddie, Francesca, get in here!
Did you hear what she said?"

Eddie and Francesca enters the room.

Francesca: "Outrageous!"
Eddie: "You have changed, Annie!"
Del: "She defended Olivia....Look at what you've become!"
Francesca: "In all hell I haven't seen or heard anything like this!"
Eddie: "I feel sorry for you!"
Annie: "Will you just stop it! All of you!"
Francesca: "You are so pathetic! Do you think that rich tramp of a drama queen of a snob with the phony irritating accent that fell of the wagon more times than Dell shaved coal would ever defend you? And by coal I don't mean the retired jewel thief that...

Annie suddenly smiles.

Annie: "That what? That fell in love with Caitlin and forgot all about you?!
Francesca: "Why you miserable...
Annie: "Shut up! I don't have to stand here and listen to any of you losers! I have a life unlike you!"
Del: "Alright Annie - we'll leave you alone for now, if that's what you want! But don't forget - you'll be joining us one day!
Annie: "That's what you think!"

Eddie, Francesca and Del starts laughing.

In the next second, Annie is back in Jude's apartment.


 Caitlin is in Cole's arms in the living room:

Cole: "Have I told you how much I love you?"
Caitlin: "Not in the last 5 minutes!"
Cole: "Well, then I'll have to fix that! I love you....I love you with all..."

They suddenly hears Trey crying.

Caitlin: "I should go..."

         But after a few seconds he stops. The expression of joy on Caitlin's face suddenly changed into sadness.

Caitlin: "Mom probably went to him..."

Cole wrapped his arms around her.

Cole: "I know this is going to be hard on you, but sweetheart, what can we do about it? It has to get easier on you as the time passes."
Caitlin: " You're wrong Cole! How can this get any easier? I have lost my son for good! And I wonder - will I ever be able to except that? I love you Cole, but how can I handle this situation? Will I ever come to terms with the fact that my mother gave you a son - a son that was supposed to be ours. And the fact that I can't have any children makes this even more...?"
Cole: "Cait, can I make you feel better?"
Caitlin: "There is nothing that you can do! I just wish" 

Caitlin starts crying.

Cole: "You wish that we could raise Trey as our son, don't you?"
Caitlin: "I love Trey with all my heart! I raised him for a year! What else am I supposed to feel?"
Cole: "If there was any way I could make this happen I would, but..."
Caitlin: "Cole if you don't mind, I just need to take a walk, to clear my head!"
Cole: "I'll come with you!"
Caitlin: "No! I need to be alone! Just for a couple of minutes!"
Cole: "Okay! I love you!
Caitlin: "I love you to! I'll be right back!


Olivia is holding Trey in his room.

Olivia: "My precious baby! I finally have you - I have all my children! Oh, I love you so much! I just wish, I wish your daddy could be here! How are we going to handle this Trey? How are we going to handle the fact that your daddy will spend the rest of his life in prison? He loved you so much! I loved him too!"

 She remembers the earthquake, when the three of them were trapped in Gregory's car. They had to get out because it was going to explode. She couldn't get out because her foot was stuck. She told him to leave with Trey, but he wouldn't even consider leaving her to die. He helped her, and she got out seconds before the car exploded.

Olivia: "I loved him so much!"


At the police station Madame Carmen arrives. Spencer sees her and walks towards her!

Carmen: "Gabi! Where is Ricardo? Spencer, are they going to let him go?
Spencer: "Not soon, I'm afraid"
Carmen: "I want to see him!"
Spencer: "Sure, follow me.


Ricardo: "Are you happy that Gabi is back, Antonio?"

Spencer and Madame Carmen walks in.

Carmen: "Mi hijo, are you alright?"
Ricardo: "I'm fine mama."
Carmen: "How could they arrest you?"

Antonio: "Mama, we've already called a lawyer. I'm sure he'll get Ricardo out on bail. Can you give me and Ricardo some time alone? There are some things we need to discuss."
Ricardo: "Actually, Antonio if you both don't mind I'd like to be alone right now. I'm kind of tired."
Antonio: "Ricardo, no! We need to talk!
Carmen: "Antonio, que pasa mi hijo?"
Antonio: "Nothing, we just need to talk!"
Ricardo: "As I said, I'm tired. We'll do this later!
Antonio: "Ricardo...."
Ricardo: "We'll talk later!"
Antonio: "Fine - but it's not fair what you're doing!

         Both Antonio and Carmen leaves.


Carmen: "Pero mi hijo,  why are you so upset?"
Antonio: "I don't think Ricardo got over what happened with me and Gabi."

Gabi sees Madame Carmen and Antonio.

Gabi: "Antonio, Carmen, this is Jack Spears, Ricardo's lawyer. Mr. Spears this is Ricardo's brother and mother."
Antonio: "Hello, Mr. Spears. What chances do you think Ricardo has of getting out of here?"
Jack Spears: "To be sure of that, I'll have to talk to him. So if you'll excuse me...."
Antonio: "Certainly"


Vanessa, Michael, Lena and David (Vanessa's father) were having lunch:

David: "Michael, that means that I owe my daughter's life to you!"

 Lena came back from the lady's room: "Did I miss something?"

David: "Vanessa was telling me how she met Michael. He saved her from being ran down by a car."
Lena: "Yes, I've heard the story. Michael was like a god send for our daughter!"
Michael: "Oh no Mrs. Bourne, it was the other way around!"
Lena: "My name is Lena, Michael."
Michael: "O.K. Lena"
Vanessa: "You guys, we should get going. Our flight is in less than 2 hours."
David: "Vanessa, are you sure the two of you want your parents on your honeymoon? This is not the most romantic idea for newly weeds."
Vanessa: "Dad, I would love for you and mom to come to Africa with us. It's been so long since we've all been together!"
Michael: "This way Vanessa and I'll have more than a honeymoon. It will be a celebration for the reunion of our family as well."
Vanessa: "Now that we've settled this, let's go!"


Caitlin is walking on the beach. Her thoughts wondered from the time she meet Cole, Trey's first steps till the time she discovered that Trey was her half-brother and that she had to give him up.

 Caitlin: "I wish I could talk to someone about this! But with who?.....I know!.."


Olivia came down to the living room and saw Cole there:

Olivia: "Hello Cole!"
Cole: "Olivia! How's Trey? I heard him crying."
Olivia: "My son is fine!"
Cole: "....Our son!"
Olivia: "Our son is fine! Where's Caitlin?"
Caitlin: "Olivia when are you going to deal with the fact that Trey is my son as well? I am his father!"
Olivia: "Fine Cole."
Cole: "It's not fine! You don't seem to understand that I...."
Olivia: "I do understand! Can we just drop this? Where's Caitlin?"
Caitlin: "She is taking a walk!

The phone rings.

Cole: "Hello!
Elaine: "Hello Cole, it's your mother."
Cole: "Oh, hi, how are you?"
Elaine: "I'm fine, but you seem upset. Is there something wrong?"
Cole: "No, I'm O.K."
Elaine: "Are you sure?"
Cole: "Yes, I am - don't worry about it!

Elaine: "Cole, I was thinking about coming to Sunset Beach to pay you a visit....Hello?
Cole: " want to come to Sunset Beach!? Why?
Elaine: "What kind of question is that? I want to see you and my grandson and your wife!"
Cole: "Your grandson...."
Elaine: "What's wrong with that?"
Caitlin: "Nothing, nothings wrong."
Elaine: "I know what your afraid of!"
Cole: "You do?"
Elaine: "Yes, but I already know!"
Cole: "You do?"
Elaine: "I read about it in the paper, I know about Gregory going to jail. I was shocked. I can't imagine what Caitlin and Olivia and all of you are going through! So I want to help!"
Cole: "And I appreciate that, but..."
Elaine: "Ok, so I can come in 2 days."
Cole: "So soon?"
Elaine: "Yes! Paula wants to talk to you too."
Cole: "Sure, put her on."
Elaine: "I love you and I can't wait to see you!
Cole: "I love you to!"
Elaine: "Bye."
Cole: "Good Bye."
Paula: "Cole, how are you?"
Cole: "I'm fine - although things have been a little tense lately with Gregory and all. That is why I don't think it would be a good idea for your mother's visit!"
Paula: "Don't worry Cole, she just wants to see you. She won't let what happened effect her! So why did he kill that woman, that Francesca?"
Cole: "He says he did it for Caitlin."
Paula: "He killed a person for his daughter?!"
Cole: "Yeah, well you know that his obsession for Caitlin ran high."
Paula: "Anyway, how's my little nephew?"
Cole: "He's doing great! He said his first words, he can walk, he's a big guy now. You are going to come with Elaine, right?"
Paula: "I wish I could, but I can't take time off from work. I promise to come soon!"
Cole: "Ok then! I miss you and we'll talk soon!"
Paula: "Sure. I miss you to! Bye."
Olivia: "Cole, did I hear right? Is Elaine going to come to Sunset Beach?"
Cole: "Yes, she'll come in two days."
Olivia: "That can't happen! Call and tell her not to come."
Cole: "I thought she was your friend."
Olivia: "She is, but don't you remember that you agreed not to tell her that A.J. is alive when you went to visit her? And she has no idea that Trey is our son. How do you think she'll react?"
Cole: "Olivia, I don't know! I tried to tell her not to come, but what was I supposed to do? Forbid her from coming to her home town?"


Caitlin goes to the Sunset Beach jail to see her father. She is so nervous! After less than 2 minutes an officer brings Gregory to the visiting room. It is the first time she sees him handcuffed in that orange overall. That proved the fact that he was human after all, not a god like Caitlin thought of him growing up. They are standing face to face...




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