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Sunset Beach Fan Fiction

Originally from Sunset Beach TV

Season 4 - Episode 1

Head-writer: Tommy K.

Date: December 8, 2000

Vanessa Hart-Bourne
Michael Bourne
Ricardo Torres
Gabi Torres
Annie Douglas
Olivia Richards
Jude Cavanaugh
AJ Deschanel
Bette Katzenkazrahi
Sean Richards
Emily Davis
Ben Evans
Meg Cummings-Evans
Pat Steele

Vanessa is waking up, lying next to Michael in bed. He is smiling to her. The sun shines through the window, and outside they can here chirping of birds.

Michael: "I can't believe that I have such a beautiful wife"
Vanessa: "Well, and I have the most handsome hospand in the entire word"
Michael: "I love you Vanessa!"
Vanessa: "Not more than I love you, Michael"

Vanessa smiles, and Michael kisses her.

Vanessa: "Do you know what Michael?"
Michael: "No, what?"
Vanessa: "I could bet pretty much on that I am the luckiest woman in the world, having you as my husband"
Michael: "Well, I have to admit one thing Vanessa... I feel the same way about you too, well apart from that I'm not the luckiest woman...

They both smile, and kiss again.

Vanessa: "And our wedding was so romantic. Can you believe that Ben and Meg got married at the same time we did. I wonder if Meg is as happy as I am right now..."
Michael: "Do you know what Scoop, lets not concentrate on them right now. Right now it's just you and me..."

Vanessa smiles, and Michael kisses her again.

Ricardo is lying alone in his bed, with his clothes on. He is thinking about what happened yesterday.
Gabi: I have to leave, Ricardo. After the wedding I'm gone. It's the only way things can work out between you and Antonio again.

Suddenly he hears someone knocking at the door. He sits up.

Ricardo: "Just a minute..."

But the door is going up, and Gabi walks in!

Annie is lying in Jude's bed in his hotel-room, and is thinking about what has happened lately. Jude is sleeping.
She's thinking about when Gregory came up, after lying unconscious on the floor at the power plant, and hitting Jude in his head.

Annie to herself: "Thank God Jude woke up again after that hit, so that he could set Gregory where he belongs: in jail.

Annie looks at Jude.

Annie: "And thank God I got this very handsome man! I can't believe that he really loves me."

She is thinking back on one of her fights with Olivia.

Olivia: "No one can ever love you Annie, and you know it."
Annie: "No you're wrong."
Olivia: "Wrong? You know I'm not, just admit it. You know that no one can ever love you. I mean, why should they? Del couldn't, Gregory couldn't, in fact, I don't know about a single person who can! They all hate you. And do you know why? They see you for what you are, and that's enough to make anyone you. And, it's only you fault Annie!"

Olivia laughs, while Annie is shouting "NO!!"

Annie: "No, you're wrong Olivia. You're so wrong!"

Annie smiles, while Jude is still asleep.

Bette is making breakfast in her house, while AJ is sitting in the living-room, looking at TV.

AJ (from the living-room): "What are you doing, the love of my life?"
Bette: "Oh, you'll soon find out. It's one of my many surprises."
AJ (laughing): "I can't wait to see what it is."
Bette: "Well, you don't have to wait anymore. I'm finished"
AJ: "Finished with what?"

Bette comes in, and with her she is bringing a table on wheels, and on it there is plenty of food.

AJ (laughing again): "Well, I don't mind eating a big millennium-breakfast, but honesty I don't think we could eat all that in two weeks."
Bette: "Well, just relax, you don't have to. We are expecting guests!"

Suddenly the door bell is ringing.

Bette: "Wonder who that could be..."

She opens the door, and Sean and Emily are standing on the outside.

Ben and Meg are lying in their bed in Ben and Meg`s house.

Ben: "I love you Meg."
Meg: "I know you do. But I can't help feeling sorry for Maria. She has gone through so much."
Ben: "Meg, don't think about her right now. I saw that she was with a man in the wedding. I don't know, but I could see from the way they looked at each other, that there was much more than friendship going on between them.
Meg (smiling): "I'm so lucky to hear that. I hope Maria will be very lucky with him."
Ben: "So do I. But you know Meg, it was really you I loved all the time. All the time I spend in Seattle, I couldn't stop thinking about you, and how angry I would be if Derek tried to hurt you."
Meg: "Well, but it all ended well, didn't it. And Ben Evans: I am looking forward to spend the rest of my life with you. I am so lucky to have you as my husband, and that I am living here in Sunset Beach. I am so happy that the dream I had, was only a dream."

Ben kisses Meg.

Michael: "Perhaps we should get dressed. After all, it's our first morning as a married couple."
Vanessa: "And I would like to spend it here in bed with you."
Michael (smiles): "But I want everybody to see how happy we are"
Vanessa: "Okay, but I feel kind of warm. Don't you. It's pretty hot here, even for California to be, don't you think. So, why don't we take a shower. And perhaps together..."
Michael (smiles): "I would like that very much"

Ricardo: "What are you doing here Gabi. I thought you left yesterday after the wedding."
Gabi: "Well, I remembered that I have to sign the divorce-papers before I leave."
Ricardo: "Come here Gabi, I want to talk to you about a few things"
Gabi: "What more is there to talk about. I have to leave, so that you and Antonio can be brothers again. You know that, don't you.."
Ricardo: "Gabi, listen. I have thought about you all night. I don't want you to leave, before I have thought through all this. I don't want to do something now, I may regret later. I have done that too much lately. I don't want to do the same mistakes again Gabi. Maybe someday I will be able to forgive you, and then I don't want to search through the entire world just to tell you that."
Gabi: "What exactly are you saying Ricardo?"
Ricardo: "I want you to stay here in Sunset Beach, Gabi"
Gabi: "Do you really mean that Ricardo? You are not just saying that so that you don't have to feel so guilty?
Ricardo: "No, Gabi. I really mean that."

AJ, Bette, Sean and Emily are sitting around the table, eating breakfast and talking.

AJ: It seems that everything is working out alright for us all, right now, doesn't it?
Emily: "Yes, AJ. You and mummy are seem to have found what you both were looking for, and so have I and Sean.
AJ: "Is what I heard about Amy Nielsen true?"
Sean: "Yes, unfortunately it is, AJ. I still can't believe that she would do such a thing. I considered her a friend, and she did something like that to me. It's just completely unbelievable."
Emily: "Well, but it did happen, and I will never forgive her for that"

Jude has woke up, and is looking at Annie without her knowing it.

Jude: "Feeling better now?"
Annie: "You scared me. And why should I be feeling better now."
Jude: "Better than yesterday, when Gregory was threatening to kill both me and you"
Annie: "Thank God he didn't"

Annie kisses Jude.

Jude: "So, am Annie. So am I."

Suddenly Annie's phone is ringing.

Annie: "I don't want to answer it."

Annie kisses Jude.

Jude: "Well, maybe you should. It could be important".
Annie: "Okay."

Annie takes it up, and answer it.

Annie: "Annie Douglas."
Olivia: "Well, good morning Annie. This is Olivia".
Jude: "Who is it Annie?"

But Annie doesn't answer him.

Gabi: "But, how long will this take, Ricardo. I can't wait forever for you to forgive me Ricardo. If you won't forgive me anyway, I have thrown my whole life away. I have to have a life, Ricardo."
Ricardo: "Gabi, listen to me. Perhaps, I am not saying that it will happen, but perhaps you can have that life with me. Just give me a few weeks to think, okay."
Gabi: "Of course, Ricardo. I can rent a motel-room, and...

Suddenly someone is knocking at the door.

DA Steels enter the room.

Gabi: "What do you want here, now?"
Pat: "I am sorry to say this Ricardo, but I have to arrest you..."



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