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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Wyatt come back a married couple. She hugs Brooke who tells Wyatt to call her Mom now, buster. Bill tells Liam that they are back and the party will be today and he expects him to be there. Liam says really, he doesn’t think so. Bill says yes he is going to be there. He can pull this off, start it today……and not a word to Hope about him being in Paris. Katie and Ridge discuss the day and she says Brooke does not know the entire story and he should tell her but meanwhile she does know what Bill did to Ridge and should stay away from him. He makes her promise to keep his secret about not drawing to herself. Quinn tells Deacon that today is the day that Brooke finds out that Ridge can not draw because of Bill. It will be a win/win for them, the good guys. It will be at the party and she is not going to drop the bomb; it will be Deacon. Brooke will be grateful. Brooke tells Hope that she thinks she better tell her; Liam will be at the party today. Bill lays down the law and tells Liam that he will be at the party. Liam is not even sure that Hope and Wyatt will want him there so Bill should check with them first.

Quinn is the first one at the party surprising Brooke. She says she always knew this would happen and she can’t wait for the next chapter in their lives. Katie is glad Ridge is getting dressed and he will go to the party to celebrate Hope and Wyatt. Bill calls Wyatt who is not sure Liam should be there, but Bill turns to Liam and says they want him there. He points out again that Hope is now married to his brother. So he needs to man up and accept it. Deacon joins the party and is introduced all around even to Quinn. Alone she tells him to be kind to Bill but drop the bomb about Ridge to Brooke nonetheless. Wyatt tells Hope they better not keep everyone waiting. He only wanted one thing in his life and now it is coming true and he is really, really lucky. Bill literally pushes Liam inside the door at Brooke’s. He says he is having a barrel of laughs. He spies Quinn who walks toward him and greets them. She tells Liam that she is a changed woman which he finds hard to believe – the woman who tried to kill him. As father of the groom, Bill offers the first toast while Liam hangs his head as Hope kisses Wyatt, and Wyatt hugs Bill. Then Bill calls upon Liam that he should toast the new bride. Liam looks like he could spit nails.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will’s article went online.  Abby’s name was released as EJ’s mistress.  Sonny was upset with Will for her name being in the article.  Jennifer was upset that Will put Abby’s name in the article.  EJ confronted Sami about telling the board that they are back together.  EJ asked Sami for one more chance.  Jordan told Lucas that she and Rafe broke up because he had sex with Kate.  Clyde met with Kate to get business referrals for his company.  Abby wanted to fix things when JJ stormed out of the house.  Will didn’t understand why Zoey added Abby’s name to the article.  EJ asked Sami about the article in the magazine.  Will thought Sami revealed Abby’s name to Zoey to pay her back for what she did.  Will was upset with Sonny for accusing him of hurting Abby.  Clyde wanted Kate to introduce him to discrete professionals who could work off the books.  Jordan told Lucas that Rafe admitted to the affair with Kate.  Jennifer intended to fix what happened to Abby.  Jennifer called the hospital to see if the news spread there.  Sonny tried to explain why he accused Will, but he wasn’t hearing it.  JJ ended up showing up at their place to find out why Will outted Abby as EJ’s mistress.

EJ asked Sami if she knew about the article and she said she knew.  He also wondered if she was ever going to tell him about it.  EJ wanted to read the article. He read it and became enraged when he found out that Will was the one who wrote it.  JJ yelled at Will for hurting Abby as well as his own mother by writing the article.  Kate didn’t want to help Clyde until he told her he would tell how they really met.  Will apologized to JJ, but he was still mad at him.  EJ let Sami know that the damage would hurt them.  EJ almost included Abby and Sami went ballistic.  Will called his editor to find out why Abby’s name was included.  Zoey came up with an excuse that she didn’t have time to let him know about the changes to his article.  EJ and Sami argued over Abby until he walked out of the mansion.  Sonny went to the mansion to see Sami.  Sonny wondered about the job Sami did on Will.  EJ went to see Will about his article.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon angrily picks up clothes in the living room as Noah watches her. At the Athletic Club, Mariah is on the phone. She starts to throw her cell phone when Kevin comes in. She tells him that she messed up the best deal she had. Nick meets with a woman to try to find out information about the doctor who delivered Sharon’s baby. Jack starts to ask Kelly a question, but she misinterprets it and thinks that Jack is going to ask her to marry him to which she answers that she is not ready. Leslie is joined by Michael and Lauren for lunch at the Athletic Club. Once at their table, Michael reprimands Lauren for starting to tell Leslie about their sexual problems. Lauren makes him understand that she wasn’t going to do that, but then she suggests that he needs to go to Leslie’s husband. Sharon lets Noah know that Mariah is a “user” who was using her. Noah defends Mariah as Faith comes downstairs and wants to know why she threw Mariah out. Kelly apologizes when she finds out that Jack only wants her to move in with him. She agrees to move in. Austin refuses to let Victor give him any money to solve his problems. Once Victor explains the conditions of the loan, Austin finally agrees and accepts his help. Avery catches up to Summer and Austin at the courthouse and lets Summer know that Daniel is going out of the country for awhile and he is making Summer executor over Phyllis’ medical care. Jack tells Kelly that he wants to go and tell Summer about them moving in together.

Sharon explains to Faith why she asked Mariah to leave. Noah promises to be there for Faith. Nick finds out the information that he needs to contact the doctor who delivered Sharon’s baby and goes to see him. The doctor is less than helpful and threatens to have Nick thrown out of his office until Nick blackmails him into giving him the information that he needs. Jack and Kelly visit Summer and Austin and find Victor there. Jack wonders what Victor is up to now. Jack starts to tell Summer their news but instead Kelly invites Summer and Austin out to dinner with them. Summer refuses by telling them that she has plans. Kevin offers to leave town with Mariah but she has different ideas. Michael comes up to join them and drags Kevin away to warn him about Mariah. Sharon regrets her decision to throw Mariah out and goes after Victor. Leslie tells Avery that she wants to get out of their partnership to which Avery agrees. Later, Michael is ranting about his workload, so they decide to partner up to share the work. Victor goes into his office, but Sharon is out. Nick threatens the doctor for answers concerning Sharon's pregnancy.

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