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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope goes to see Steffy who is home for a while. She brings her a baby gift of a stuffed rabbit. But the main reason is she wanted to give her an invitation to her wedding. They are going to be a blended family and she would like it to start now. She knows it is unconventional but they will have children that will have three parents instead of two and she thinks they can show their children they are one family and not two. They can set an example to their children they are comfortable with this and others will see it as well that they are fine. Steffy is pretty silent and Hope says perhaps she is surprised but she would be happy and honored if Steffy would come and she knows Liam would too. She knows there has been jealousy and resentment in the past between them but she would like to put that aside and build on this. Steffy says she would too but she did not know they had already set a date and it might just be too soon. Hope tells her that it was her choice. Steffy says yes but she knows the reason. Hope says all the more reason she needs to be there and let everyone see this is the choice she made. This is not about winning or losing but their families coming together. Finally Steffy says okay, she will come, but she will need moral support. She does not mean a date, she wants her mother there also. Hope thanks her and says she knows this will not be easy but they are family and will all get through it. Brooke is working on the wedding plans and teasing Ridge that he has to be on his best behavior. Liam asks Wyatt to be his best man after asking him over for breakfast…….although he does not do bacon. He has vegetable hash on the stove. Wyatt does not try to talk him out of marrying but just to be sure now is the right time after the last delay. Liam grumbles that if he turns him down then he has to ask his dad! Wyatt does not want that so finally agrees that of course he will be his best man and be there to protect him.

Wyatt slips out a few minutes and comes back with a baggie of bacon slices. Clearly he slipped over to Brooke’s kitchen. Liam says again he does not know how to do bacon and Wyatt laments that everyone should have a microwave cookbook. And no Liam would not marry both women. His fantasy does not involve a harem. And people do not seem to understand. It is not who he wants to be with, but who he wants to be. Hope comes home and Brooke is trying to decide on the shrimp. Hope drops it on her that she would like to add one more name to the list. Brooke is aghast when she says Steffy. Taylor drops in at Steffy’s and she says Hope was just there. She has an idea, a little idealist but beautiful too. She tells Taylor that Hope invited her to her wedding and she is going. Taylor says to hell she is. She tries to convince Steffy that Hope is plopping her down on the front row for everyone to watch and see how magnanimous she is. And then she is stealing Steffy’s husband just like Brooke did to her over and over. Steffy tells her mother to stop. She is the one who screwed up; Hope did nothing wrong. She has already told Hope she would come but she does not want to go alone and sit there with no one talking to her. She would like her mother to come too. Taylor says this cannot be coming from Liam; it must be Brooke. Brooke tells Hope this is her wedding day they are talking about. They cannot be taking chances. Hope says Steffy will not cause a commotion. They are a family and it is time they started acting like one. Brooke says maybe on Thanksgiving but not on her wedding day. This is no time for surprises and rivals. Hope says she has already invited her and she accepted. And not only that but she wants to bring her mother. Brooke gives a big sigh and says that is a recipe for disaster and they have had enough of that. Enough with Steffy being there but her mother will cause a scene. Steffy tells her mother that she had her support when she needed it and now she needs hers. Steffy says she made her own mistakes and she owned it and no one can shame her now. So she wants her mother to come but wants her to promise that she won’t cause any trouble.


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby confronted Chad about whether or not he was going to kiss her before Gabi interrupted them. He said he needed time. Gabi was listening to them. Stefan went to Kayla and demanded to know Abbyís test results. Stefan threatened to make Steve go blind if she didnít tell him about Abby. Kayla finally told Stefan that Abby was okay. Steve told John that he was convinced that Kayla was hiding something. Tripp was shocked to find Ben in the apartment. Ciara explained why Ben was there. Tripp wanted him to leave. Gabi interrupted Abby and Chad to get him to go away from Abby. Gabi told Abby that she would convince Chad to go home. Stefan demanded to see Abbyís test results, but Kayla thought it was wrong. They went back and forth until she gave it to him. John thought Kayla could be in danger. Steve was going to confront Kayla again. Tripp and Ciara argued over Ben being in the apartment. Ben decided to leave when Ciara told him to stay.

Abe saw Rafe and Hope kissing at the station. Abe told them that Ben was still in town. Hope was upset about him being in town. Claire showed up while Tripp and Ciara argued over Ben staying with them. Gabi lied to Chad and said Abby thought he wanted to spend more time with Arianna and not Thomas. Stefan was looking at Abbyís records when she showed up. She wanted to know what he was doing. He said he didnít want her to see what he was looking at because of Chad. Steve went to see Kayla. He assured her that he would help her if something were wrong. Abby seemed to believe Stefanís lie. Chad didnít know how he was going to deal with Abbyís baby. Rafe found out that Ben left the shelter. Ciara continued to defend Ben. Tripp told Ciara that Claire didnít want Ben there either. Kayla assured Steve that she wasnít in trouble. Kayla left the room. Steve checked her phone to see if he could find out anything. Kayla came back and saw Steve with her phone. Abby told Stefan that Gabi was helping her get back together with Chad. She didnít believe that. Gabi continued to turn Chad against Abby. Claire agreed to let Ben stay with them.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason and Sonny discuss the hit that ended with Mike moving the body. He realizes it was a different time though. Kristina and Sam talk at Alexis’ house about their relationships. Sam admits that she really loved Drew but she knew it was Jason the moment he came back to town. She didn’t want to hurt him though. Kristina admits that Parker is great but she has a whole different life aside from her and it gets hard. Sam and Jason meet up at Charlies. Margaux is there trying to provoke Julian into going off on Sonny. Julian refuses. Sam and Jason are worried that Margaux is up to more than the usual DA.

Carly and Joss talk about the shoplifting. Joss is sorry. Carly is happy she admitted to it. She wants to make sure that she is ok. She is sorry that she was away. Joss thinks it is because she chose to trust Nelle that this all started. Carly doesn’t want her to blame herself. Elizabeth and Terry discuss Cam’s behavior. Elizabeth realizes she might have been neglecting him a little bit. Jordan and Curtis discuss the wedding and Jordan doesn’t want Stella there. Michael talks with Stella for a bit about the baby and then Kristina shows up reminding him that he is not responsible for any of this.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

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