The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/19/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is shell-shocked. His dad is telling him that absolutely he did not do it; he did not shoot him. Liam wants to know then who did. Steffy questions her mom and wants to know how she could do something like that. Taylor says she has no excuse. Steffy says she and Bill are the only ones who know and she is going to make sure it stays that way. Taylor says Steffy cannot even go near Bill again. Hope and Maya discuss Hope’s new line and Maya says she cannot be more excited to be part of something so empowering. She hopes Liam is helping her out too. She knows his relationship with Steffy is complicated. Liam tells Bill that he felt he had to hear this from Bill and he feels like now he may be able to breathe again. He feels like Bill may know who did this and is not saying. Bill says that is all behind them now. He could not have gone on the rest of his life thinking his son shot him. And Liam says he could have never forgiven himself. Taylor promises Steffy that she will seek help and see a colleague. She will not say where she is going but she will keep in touch and hope to come back and be an awesome grandmother to Steffy’s little girl right here in this house with Liam. They part with saying they love each other.

Hope rushes in to see Liam and he fills her in that now he knows when he blacked out it was so terrifying and he would believe anything, but now he knows he made it all up and he did not shoot his father. He was prepared to punish himself for the rest of his life but now he knows it wasn’t him. It never added up and he went over to Bill’s and he confirmed it. He could not have done it. She gives him a big hug. So now he does not have to live with that memory for the rest of his life. He can go to sleep tonight knowing he did not shoot his father. She says she always knew that; he does not have a mean bone in his body. He yells that he is free, truly free. He was lost there for a while and he did not think he would get over it but now he is back. They hug again. Bill shows up at Steffy’s. He wants to be sure Taylor is not there and Steffy says no she is leaving town. She is grateful that Bill is not going to press charges. She was not herself; that was not the real Taylor. She will get help and be herself again. Bill laments that he did something for Steffy and now he needs her to do something for him. She asks what. He says Liam gave her annulment papers and he knows she thought Liam would change his mind but that hasn’t happened. He wants her to sign them so all can get on with their lives. He has to go out of town to finish business that he is behind on since her mother put him in the hospital. He is sure if she signs the papers that Liam will move on probably with Hope. That will leave Steffy to find the time so she knows how she feels about Bill. He says he loves her and still wants a life with her. So she needs to give this careful consideration for her mother’s future and for her own.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani tried to reach out to JJ, but he didnít want to talk to her.  Rafe wanted Hope to help him with Gabiís case.  Hope didnít think she would be able to work closely with him.  She told him to work with Eli.  He said he didnít want to work with him.  He wanted to work with her.  Eli went to see Gabi, but she didnít want to see him.  He told her that he still loved her.  She told him to get over it because she was done with him.  He said he was going to work on her case.  Chad talked to Kate about Abby testifying against Stefan.  Chad was convinced that something was wrong with her.  Stefan told Abby/Gabi that she wouldnít have to see Chad anymore.  She hoped she wouldnít.  He thought that there was a future for them.  She wanted a future with him.  She hoped his island was far away from Salem.  She wanted to leave everything behind them.  When they kissed, Vivian walked in on them.  Lani apologized to JJ for hurting him.  She told him that this would always be the worst mistake.  He said there was no point in beating herself up.  She said she deserved to suffer.  He said she didnít.  He told her that he was no one to judge her.  He told her that she was still a good person.  He wanted to know what was going on with the baby.  She told him that she could lose the baby.  Gabi told Eli that she didnít want him to help her.  She yelled at him for what he and Abby did to her.  He told her that he talked to Justin and he gave him a piece of paper.  Hope told Rafe that she couldnít help him with Gabi after he was willing to take her to court.  He said he didnít want to sign the annulment papers.  He said Gabi needed her help because she is the best cop and knew the DiMeras.  He begged her to help him.  She decided to help.  Chad told Kate he had to undo the damage Abby did on the stand.  He wanted to find out who killed Andre.  He told her that they had to figure out what to do about Stefan.  Stefan told Vivian about barging in his room.  She said she had to stop him from being with the mental case.  When Abby/Gabi called Vivian a mental case and said that she was jealous of Stefan, Vivian slapped her.  He told her that he and Abby/Gabi were leaving town. 

Lani told JJ what was going on with the baby.  He wanted to know why Eli wasnít with her.  Eli gave Gabi a picture from Arianna.  Gabi loved the picture.  He told her that everyone was going to do what it takes to help her.  Hope told Rafe that there should be a shot of the dark haired womanís face at the hotel in Hong Kong.  He thought that the security guard at the hotel was on Stefanís payroll since there were no shots of the womanís face.  Vivian threatened to go after Abby/Gabi if she took her son away from her.  Abby/Gabi was going to go after Vivian.  He stopped her because he could reach out to her.  He told her to go back in the room.  Kate was outside of the door.  Eli told Gabi that Justin was going to put Abbyís testimony into question.  He said that everyone was helping her.  He said that Justin said they are working hard to get her out.  She thanked him for telling her that and for the picture.  He said he wished he could do more and left.  Hope didnít get any information from the security guard in Hong Kong.  Kate called Chad and left him a message that she saw the woman on the tape in the house.  Stefan wanted Vivian to listen to him, but she told him to listen to her.  She said she couldnít lose him.  He said she could run DiMera by herself.  He said she wasnít going to lose him.  He said that she had to accept what he wanted to do.  Lani gave JJ his ring back.  Eli showed up and saw her give the ring back.  Kate knocked on Stefanís door and said she saw Abby/Gabi.  Chad told Hope and Rafe that Stefan bankrolled the trip to Hong Kong.  Chad also told them that Stefan admitted to setting him up in Hong Kong.  Vivian threatened to go to the police if Stefan left with Abby/Gabi.  Eli apologized for being late for the appointment.  He said he went to see Gabi.  JJ asked how she was.  Lani thanked JJ for being there for her.  Hope and Rafe were planning to get the guard to turn against Stefan and the dark haired woman.  Vivian told Stefan that she wasnít going to let him leave.  He picked her up and said she wasnít going to stop him.  Chad went to see Gabi. Kate saw Abby/Gabi when she opened the door. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava and Sonny turn to Aurora media to get the message of Avery and Mike disappearing. Drew tells them they did a good job afterwards and the calls start to come in. Dante and Chase take them. Carly gets a call from Griffin to meet her for the test results. Drew offers to take her. Sonny goes home where Chase informs him about Carly being at the cemetery the other night. Carly finds out from Griffin that she has nothing wrong with her. She goes home and Sonny confronts her. Carly tells him that nothing is physically wrong with her even though he thinks otherwise. Griffin shows up at the PCPD and Julian is already there. The three pray for Avery to return.

Elizabeth runs into Drew at the hospital where they discuss everything going on. Jake has enjoyed having Franco back. Drew is glad. He is happy that Franco is doing better as well. Franco goes to see Betsy and tries to tell her off but doesn’t have the heart. Elizabeth finds Franco hiding in Kevin’s office and admits what happened. Elizabeth does think he has a heart because he got through it. Drew runs into Kim and they decide to have dinner as a family later on in the week. Oscar and Joss show up at GH after Joss hurts her foot. They discuss everything going on.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victoria was haunted by her final confrontation with JT and burying his body. Ashley and Abby were concerned that Victoria wasn't ready to come back to work, but Victoria was determined to take care of Newman in Victor's absence. Ashley and Victoria had a disagreement about which of them should run Newman. Nikki arrived with a message for Ashley and Victoria. Abby was annoyed when Nikki made her leave the room. Ashley and Victoria were disappointed when Nikki revealed that Victor put Nikki in charge of Newman. Nick asked Billy if he knew why Victoria left JT. Nick told Victoria that he wouldn't rest until JT was found and punished. Lily packed up Hilary's desk at Hamilton Winters. Devon told Lily that it wasn't a done deal, but Neil said he wasn't changing his mind about kicking Hilary out of the office. Neil informed Lily and Devon that a lot of things were going to change at Hamilton-Winters. Hilary argued that she should be at the Winters family meeting because she might be carrying Devon's baby. Neil would not allow her to stay. Neil told Lily and Devon that from now on they couldn't let their personal feelings affect the business. Neil lectured Devon about trying to have a child with Hilary. Devon made it clear that he didn't appreciate Neil trying to dictate the way he lived his life.

Neil told Mattie and Charlie that he was proud of them. Neil asked Lily to step back and let him handle Hilary. Hilary tried to smooth things over with Devon and explain herself, but it didn't go well. Hilary apologized to Neil and proposed that they start over. Neil did not accept. He threatened to fire Hilary if she stepped out of line or hurt his family. Devon made up with Neil. Jack called Gloria. Kyle asked Jack to give him a chance, and Jack agreed. Kyle admitted that he'd felt ignored by Jack, and Jack said he didn't intend to make Kyle feel that way. Kyle continued to insist that Victor didn't manipulate him. Kyle threw Jack a small party to celebrate his release. Kyle said that he wanted to stand at Jack's side and build on John's legacy. Ashley and Abby decided to keep the secret about Jack's paternity. Jack confided in Billy that he didn't trust Kyle, but he decided to give Kyle a chance to prove his loyalty. Jack asked Billy to return to Jabot and help him keep an eye on Kyle. Billy accepted the job.

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