The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/31/14 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby went to the DiMera mansion to see Sami.  Sami reminded her that she let her resign instead of getting her fired. Sami didnít want to talk to Abby anymore, but she wasnít finished talking.  Kristen wanted Daniel to help her see Brady.  He refused to help her, but she informed him that he already did.  She texted Brady so he would meet Daniel in St. Louis.  Will asked Kate about working with Sami.  Victor let EJ know that he bought his company and wanted him to be a consultant for it.  Daniel let Kristen know that it would be suspicious if he suddenly told Brady to leave John and go to St. Louis.  Kristen didnít believe him so he told her to send the text.  Kristen had to think of another way to see Brady.  Kristen wanted Daniel to give her some information about Brady.  Kristen practically begged Daniel for his help and she would let him go.  Daniel wouldnít tell her anything.  Will was impressed with Kate and Samiís plot against the DiMeras.  Kate left the apartment and Will stopped the recording. Abby rubbed it in to Sami that she and EJ were together.  Victor showed EJ the contract that Kate gave him.

EJ refused to believe that Victor would get away with buying part of his company.  Victor assured EJ that he already got away with doing it.  EJ stormed off.  Abby warned Sami that she will destroy her if she comes after her again or if she goes after her family.  Kristen wanted Daniel to talk so she could record his voice.  Daniel refused to say anything Kristen ordered the henchman to take care of Daniel.  Sami thought about being with EJ after finding out about Abby.  Kristen didnít want to hurt Daniel, but she would if he refused to cooperate with her.  Kristen left the room and allowed her henchman to take care of Daniel. EJ arrived home and wanted to talk to Sami.  They ended up arguing when he warned her that she would ruin their childrenís inheritance.  Kristenís henchman offered Daniel water.  Daniel elbowed him in the face and tried to get away.  EJ warned Sami not to continue with her plan.  Sami wasnít afraid and wanted EJ to bring it.  Kristen walked back in the room and Daniel grabbed her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Abbott house, Billy looks at a pic of himself, Victoria and Johnny. Jack comes in to join him. Billy and Jack discuss the secret that had come out about Ben and his being a “murderer.’ and the fact that Jack had kept it from him because of Kelly. Billy gets a call from Chelsea but ignores it for the time being. Chelsea leaves Billy a message. At the Athletic Club dining room, Kelly and Ben meet and discuss his secret leaking out to Victoria. At home, Avery and Dylan discuss Ben’s secret and how that Ben had kept it from Dylan for all these years. Victoria arrives to talk to Avery. Dylan asks her as to what she is going to do. Lauren and Michael meet at the Athletic Club dining room to discuss how that Fenmore had gotten accepted at a university in Arizona State. Lauren lets Michael know that Fenmore will have a clean fresh start. Dr. Shelby meets with Mark about his missing name tag and how that someone had used it to gain access to hospital files. Kevin quickly gets up and leaves which surprises Mark. Ben reminds Kelly how that Jenna had left the country with Max in tow and how that Victoria had found out his secret. Billy and Jill discuss how that the had used Ben’s secret to tell Victoria about Ben’s secretive past. They also discuss how that Victoria had reacted to the news about Ben. Jack interrupts Ben and Kelly. Ben is very rude to him and tells Jack that he can call him anything he wants to call him. Victoria questions Dylan about Ben and about what kind of person that Ben really is. Dylan defends Ben. Billy lets Jill know that Victoria is through with Ben but that she doesn’t want a paternity test run. Victoria asks Avery can Ben and Billy force her to have a paternity test run before the baby is born. Avery tells her that they can. Ben visits Dylan at the Coffeehouse to discuss Victoria and her feelings toward him now. Dylan tries to understand as to why Ben had kept this secret from him but there must be more that Ben isn’t telling him. Kevin visits Chelsea to let her know about the latest information that he had found out about Ben and his secretive past. Kevin gives Chelsea the file on Ben.

Ben lets Dylan to trust his instincts about him. Avery joins them. Ben asks Avery as to how Victoria is. Kelly tells Jack that she hopes that Victoria will give Ben another chance but Jack doesn’t agree. Jack tells Kelly again that he loves her. Kelly tells Jack to take her home. Kevin tells Chelsea that Ben had committed fraud which could ruin his life. Billy stops by Victoria’s to see Johnny. Billy lets Victoria know that he had overheard her conversation with the doctor that she didn’t want a paternity test run. Victoria becomes upset with him that he would eavesdrop on her. Lauren and Jill meet to discuss the new boutique that they were opening up. Lauren tells Jill that Fenmore is going to college at Arizona State. Jill tells Lauren that Colin had given her some good business ideas. Michael comes to the station to talk to Kevin. Mark goes through Kevin’s desk drawer and finds Dr. Shelby’s name tag. Mark confronts Kevin with the name tag and arrests him. Chelsea lets Billy know that she hadn’t told him the whole truth because she didn’t want to lose him. Ben visits Victoria to try to talk to her.

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