The TV MegaSite's Thursday 12/13/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla talked to Steve on the phone and found out he wasnít coming back to Salem. Tripp overheard her conversation and wanted to know what happened. Maggie read Nicoleís letter about Chloe raising Holly. Chloe let her know the letter was written a couple of months ago. Victor was the one who interrupted the wedding. He demanded to know what was going on there. He didnít understand why Sonny was marrying the man who ruined the company. Will ran into Eric and Sarah at the pub. Will told them about what happened with Sonny and Leo. Willís upset because he will be alone again and canít afford his new apartment. Eric had an idea for him about the apartment. Chloe talked to Maggie about honoring Nicoleís wishes and wanted her to back her up. Kayla told Tripp about Steve being accused of being a double agent. Tripp wanted to know why she didnít tell him. She explained why she couldnít tell him. Kayla blamed herself for what happened. Tripp wanted to know how it was her fault. She told him how she went behind Steveís back and got the eye from Stefan. Eric and Will made arrangements for Eric to take over the apartment. Chloe regretted the battle she and Nicole went through because of the custody case. Maggie decided to back Chloe up and help her get custody of Holly. Leo said he was excited to become part of the family. Victor refused to welcome him and wanted him to get what was coming to him. Victor decided not to stand in the way and let Sonny marry Leo.

Tripp wondered why Stefan wasnít in trouble. Kayla told him how Stefan hasnít been caught yet. Tripp wanted to know why Steve didnít want to come home. Kayla thought Steve was staying away because he canít forgive her. Brady thanked Maggie for supporting Chloe. Maggie was concerned about how he was supportive of Chloe getting Holly. Maggie thought he was trying to get back at Eric. Brady let her know he was the one who tried to make amends with Eric. Maggie wondered if Brady wanted to get revenge. Eric was able to take over Willís lease. Sheila started the ceremony over with Leo and Sonny. Leo quickly said, ďI doĒ, but Sonny hesitated. Leo and Sonny were finally married. Justin threatened to get Leo out of Sonnyís life if he wasnít careful. Tripp tried to make Kayla feel better about what happened with Steve. Kayla told him how she finally told Steve once the ISA took him away. Tripp believed Steve would come back to her. Kayla didnít think Steve would want to come back. Brady wasnít proud of what he did, but Eric wouldnít forgive him. Brady wanted Holly to be safe and honor Nicole wishes. Chloe wanted to meet with Eric to talk about custody of Holly. Sarah got a call from her boss. She had to decide if she was coming back to work or he would replace her. Tripp continued to help Kayla feel better about what happened with Steve. Chloe wondered how she would be able to make it with an extra child. Brady assured her she would have help. Eric wondered if Sarah wanted to go back to Chicago. She talked to him about why she didnít want to go back to Chicago. She thought it might be time for her to go. Will thought about being with Sonny. Sonny wanted to go see Will, but Victor told him he wasnít leaving. Victor told Sonny he had to do everything he could to make Leo happy. Sonny wanted Justin to help him. Justin was going to work on it, but he had to keep Leo happy for now. Victor told Sonny to stay away from Will. Maggie ran into Eric and Sarah. Eric was excited when he told her about new apartment. Maggie had to stop him to tell him about a letter Nicole left for Chloe.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby lies to Devon and tells him she found a famous Miami chef for her resturant and Devon agrees to taste the food at a private dinner for him and Ana. The dinner goes well and Devon and Ana love the food but Devon is upset that Abby tricked him. Devon admits that Lola is a wonderful cook and agrees to be Abby's mentor and partner in her new resturant but only if Lola is the chef. Lola is also upset with Abby because she didn't tell her about her plans but is excited to take the job as chef of the new returant. Victoria tels Reed that Victor is being framed for JT's murder because he didn't do it. Reed eventually understands and tells Victoria that Cane still won't let him see Mattie even though they are just friends. Victiria tells Cane that Mattie and Reed are only supporting each other through similar situations. Victoria tells Cane that Mattie is welcome at her house any time. Mattie and Charlie want to decorate for Christmas but Cane doesn't want to until Victoria tells him to take things one day at a time and do one thing each day to make his kids happy. Tessa tells Mariah that Sharon was involved with Victoria anhd Nikki in questioning her and leaving her in the woulds. Mariah decides that they shoud do something to make the ladies see actions have concequences. Nikki persudes Mia to give her information on JT's case in exchange for her getting business clients for her new salon. Victoria worries that Nikki's sudden friendship with Mia might lead Rey to the truth about Jt's death. Nikki takes another drink at Mia's salon and contiues her slide off the wagon.

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