The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/18/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Charlie washes off the ring and tells Pam that he almost swallowed that. He gets down on bended knee and asks if she will be his wife. They play coy but enjoy teasing Eric and Quinn with the engaging question. Both are happy for them. Eric gives a toast to the magic and wonderment of marriage and hopes they will be happy as he and Quinn. Pam says she would like the ceremony to be right here if it is okay with Eric. He agrees that would make Stephanie so happy. He’s at odds though when Pam wants to hang Stephanie’s portrait up and Quinn isn’t happy with that idea. She even encourages Charlie to be a knight and do it medieval style. But Pam keeps insisting if it is not too much trouble it would make her day to get married here where her sister lived for decades. So it is settled, it will be at Eric’s. Thorne tells Ridge that Ridge did what he had to do to give Will a better home; he is grateful for his brother stepping in. They wonder what they can do now. All Ridge knows is that Brooke knows she cannot be around Bill. He has to protect her. He will not tolerate that ever again.

Bill tells Brooke that he has his son back and he owes it all to her. Brooke tells Bill again that he kissed her but she loves her husband, only her husband. He has his son back in his life so he just needs to focus on that. She leaves and goes back to the office where Ridge grills her how her meeting went and what is wrong. Slowly Brooke says she was at her meeting at the restaurant and she looked up and there was Bill. She does not know how he knew where she was but he just showed up. Ridge says Bill is poison and he came to the restaurant because of Brooke……the wife that he kissed. He has to do something to end this. She hugs him and says Ridge is sweet and gentle and he needs to remember that. Bill cannot hurt them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi lied to Chad about Gabby attacking her. Abby wanted to know why she was at the DiMera mansion and why she was dressed the way she was. Stefan tried to explain to her why she looked the way she did. Sami looked around in a motel room after getting a lead about Kristen. She told Eric that she turned up empty. Kristen went to the room where she kept Brady. Kristen reminded him that he betrayed her. He told her that he wanted to be with her. Abby wanted to take the wig off. Stefan was convinced that Gabby was inside of her. Abby remembered having tea with Gabi. Abby realized that Gabi was the one who set her up. Chad had trouble believing that Abby hit Gabi. Gabi continued to convince him that Abby hurt her. Chad left the room so Gabi called someone to help her. Eric wanted to find out what Xander did. A man who worked at the motel stopped Sami so she asked him if he recognized Kristen. He remembered Kristen and he wondered if the man she brought with her was famous. The guy didnít recognize the picture of EJ. He remembered that Kristen had her hands all over the guy. Brady continued to convince Kristen that they could be together. She told him that he chose Sami over her. She was there to say goodbye. Brady was shocked that she was going to leave him there. She said that Xander is the only one who knew he was there and he hated him. She kissed him and walked out of the room. The guy at the motel raised the rate of the room that Sami wanted to use. Sami searched the room and found Bradyís bag. She realized that he lied to her. She called his phone and demanded that he call her back.

Xander let Nicole know that he couldnít trust her. Nicole wanted to make the most of the situation. Nicole was willing to be more generous towards him. Xander wanted Nicole to kiss him so she did it. Xander walked off. Eric went back to Nicoleís place and kissed her. Kristen went back to the guy in the wheelchair and said Samiís name. Kate went to see Gabi. She told Kate that she pushed forward with her plan, but Chad thought she was a liar. Abby continued to figure out what Gabi did to her. Stefan wasnít so sure. Chad walked in the room and saw the way Abby was dressed. He thought that Gabi was right about her. Eric wanted Nicole to pack up her things so she and Holly could leave. Kristen was upset that the person in the wheelchair wasnít responding the way she wanted. Gabi didnít understand why Chad doubted what she said. Kate reminded her that she was lying. Gabi was upset that Abby was going to get her way again. Abby denied being Gabi. Chad wanted to know why she was dressed the way she was. Abby told him that Gabi dressed her up like that. Chad let her know that Gabi said she attacked her. Abby tried to convinced Stefan and Chad that Gabi set her up. They had trouble believing her. Chad wanted to take her to see Gabi so they could find out the truth. Gabi wanted Kate to lie and say that she saw Gabby. Kate didnít want to help Gabi so she reminded her what she knew about her. Kate wondered what happened to her and she said that Abby happened to her. Eric followed Xander until Sami showed up. Sami told Eric that Brady was there with Kristen. She thought they were working together the entire time. Xander went to see Brady and he was surprised to see that he was still alive. Stefan wanted to go with Chad and Abby. Chad didnít want him to go, but Abby did. Kate showed up at the mansion to talk to Chad. She lied to Chad about seeing Abby leave the Kiriakis mansion on her own. She said Abby pushed her. Stefan said that they had confirmation that Gabby was back. Kristen wanted Xander to take Brady out of the building. Kristen wanted to take more drastic measures to get EJ to respond. Eric went into one of the rooms to see if he had the recording. Sami wanted to look for EJ. Eric found keys and opened a drawer. He found Nicoleís confession. Gabi was convinced that no one would believe Abby since Kate confirmed her story. Abby denied it and was convinced that Gabi set her up. Kate continued to lie about Abby. She wanted Abby to get help. Nicole was prepared to get Holly ready to go when Xander knocked on the door. Sami found a door that was labeled ďEDĒ and thought that was where EJ was being hidden.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Bobbie and Kim talk about loss in terms of her daughter and Michael’s baby. Kim then tries to confront Oscar and have a good birthday with him. He gets upset and storms out. She goes to see Julian who figures out that Oscar is sick. The two hug each other. Oscar meets with Alexis and informs her that he is dying. Alexis wants him to think about this but he wants to sue for emancipation. Carly and Bobbie see them talking from across the room. Jordan and Curtis decide on the Haunted Star for their wedding reception.

Elizabeth and Franco meet with Aiden’s teacher who tells them that he has been off all year. Elizabeth and Franco are unsure of what to do. Joss goes to Cam and asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend to get Oscar back. Cam doesn’t want to do it at first but then decides that he will because he likes her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nate goes to visit Lily and he tells her about Neil's relatioship with Ashley and Lily is hurt that Neil didn't tell her about it. Lily is worried because Cane didn't show up to visit and she asks Nate to check and see if he is okay. Nate finds Cane who admits he thinks he makes things worse for Lily when he visits her but Nate reminds him that It is far worse for Lily trying to survive each day in jail. Nate tells Cane that his wife needs him more then ever and he should put her needs first instead of thinking how uncomfortable he is every time he visits her. Charlie and Devon celebrate Shauna winning her swim meet and Devon advises the kids not to feel gulty about enjoying life because Hilary and Lily would want them to be happy. Phyllis is very angry with Billy for sleeping with Summer , and she gives him a slap in the face after he admits he only did it so she would have to live with the image of the two of them together. Mariah, Tessa, Kyle and Lola have a double date game night at the Abbott house and Lola is hurt when Kyle cuts things short to talk to an upset Summer. Summer wants to leave town but Kyle tells her she has never been a qitter and she is more then capable of making a fresh start without having to leave town. Summer finds Phyllis at Jabot crying and she apologizes to her for sleeping with Billy. Phyllis accepts the apology and they both hug each other while they cry. Billy tries to drink his troubles away and he realizes that what he has done can't be undone.

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