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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline looks at the sketches and is pleased but she can not stop thinking about Ridge guiding her hand and the kiss. Rick walks in and says his dad has made his decision on who will be CEO, him or Ridge. Maya speaks with Carter and says today is the day. She is sure Rick will win the job he has always wanted, being CEO. She is sure that Caroline and Ridge are involved and this will not bode well with him. Eric is distracted while talking to Hope but he says he has made his decision… will be very happy and the other disappointed. That comes with the territory of being in a family business. She agrees they need to get out there and precede any gossip to the press. Maya tells Carter that what she saw was not blown out of proposition and Rick will understand that when he hears. She tells Carter that she really wanted to marry him and it was not about money or bling that she wanted Rick. She had just ignored her heart for a while and the closer she got to her wedding date with Carter she knew she could not go through with it. Caroline tells Rick that he can always count on her. Her feet are firmly planted on the ground by his side and no one can change that. Katie feels all things are going well. Ridge will be named CEO and she will be by his side. Curiously she asks if Rick knows that Caroline has had a crush on Ridge. He’s a very perceptive guy so he might have picked up on that. Ridge says that is in the past so there is nothing for him to pick up on.

Hope tells Eric whatever decision he has made will be the right one. Eric tells Ivy that he hopes whichever son he doesn’t pick will take it well. But they have not always gotten along so this might just add fuel to the fire. Maya can’t wait to tell Carter that Caroline and Ridge have ended their collaboration. She thinks they are now running from each other. Sometimes emotional affairs are worse than physical ones. Caroline is making a fool of Rick and she is not going to let her get away with it. Carter tells her she is the one making a fool of herself. He can see that fevered little brain of hers working overtime. She says she knows what she saw and Rick and Katie deserve to know even if she has to call Caroline out in the meeting. Ridge spies Caroline kissing Rick. Rick says he has heard that Ridge’s drawing skills have come back and things will be back to normal around here once Rick is CEO. Donna drops by on Katie and asks if she is nervous. After all, it will mean her seeing less of Ridge when he is CEO. Maya catches Rick and tells him big day and she is definitely Team Rick. Caroline walks up and Maya asks Caroline if she is Team Rick or Ridge, whatever he is to her. Eric conducts the meeting and says he is not going away, just stepping down and taking his brother’s advice to get out and see the world. He will leave the company in their good hands and one of his sons will lead the company as CEO. He praises Ridge first as the best designer in the world and helped by Caroline. But Caroline’s partner is her real life husband, Rick, and he’s had international experience and he is very proud of him, he is proud of them both. Both of them are highly qualified and both gifted but one of them is going to be deeply disappointed. But he wants to see them as partners and brothers. He will have it no other way. The new CEO of Forrester is…….

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu tells Carly about Jerry Jacks holding Luke hostage. She spoils Franco’s surprise by telling Carly that he booked the Haunted Star for the wedding. Shawn tells Sonny that Franco went to see Heather again. Heather confronts Franco about still being in love with Carly. He admits that he is. He says he realizes that Carly loves Sonny and that she is only marrying him to ensure that he keeps his mouth shut. He tells Heather that she will have to wait until the big reveal to find out what he isn’t supposed to say. He tells her that he convinced one of the staff to get her out and tells her to just do what he says, no questions asked. Dante calls the man and asks about Heather. He assures Dante that Heather is locked up and under guard. Shawn knocks the man out and goes to get Heather. Heather willingly goes with him.

Monica mourns Jason at the family crypt where there is a plaque in his honor on the anniversary of his death. Sonny goes to visit Jason’s marker in the crypt and wishes Jason could reach out to Carly about the Franco situation. He then stands in front of AJ’s marker. Sonny is shocked by what he sees when the crypt doors open. Elizabeth tells John Doe that her son, Jake’s, father was killed and that his body was never found. She tells him about Jason’s accident when he was young when he woke up not knowing who he was and subsequently changed his name from Quartermaine to Morgan. John Doe stands up. Elizabeth gives him a tour of the hospital in a wheelchair. When they go to Franco’s art therapy studio, John Doe recognizes the name, “Franco.” She tells him that she used to paint. He wants her to paint something, but she is called to tend to another patient. Carly goes to Franco’s studio, but Franco isn’t there; John Doe is.

Tracy asks Ned for his shares of ELQ as ransom for Luke. He asks her if she has lost her mind. Monica tells Tracy to get out of her house. Tracy tells Monica that Luke’s life is in danger if she doesn’t give Jerry Jacks what he wants. Monica also refuses to give up her shares. Alice agrees to give up her shares for Luke. Alexis tells Julian that bullying Ned is not going to win her back. She says he has lied to her one too many times and no that she knows Jerry Jacks is in charge of his organization she wants nothing to do with him. He tells her that he hasn’t seen Jerry in a year. Julian warns Alexis that Jerry is dangerous and cautions her to stay away from him. The Quartermaine security guards escort Julian off the property. Olivia shows Dante the libelous article about Ned being involved with Monica. She tells Dante that Ned is seeing Alexis. Dante surmised that it bothers Olivia and that she wants to be more than friends with Ned. Dante advises her to tell Ned how she feels. When Olivia arrives at the Quartermaine estate, she sees Alexis hugging Ned. Lulu goes to the Quartermaine estate to talk to Tracy.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis asks Jack who Kelly is. Jack lies and tells her that Kelly is a party planner and is there to see Billy. At the hospital, Abby and Victoria have just come out of her birthing class. Victoria feels guilty that Billy or Ben isn’t there. In the park, Ashley explains to Ben that her new fragrance is a love potion and that is why he kissed her. Chelsea works on a new dress design when Billy comes in and interrupts her. Billy tells Chelsea that he loves her, but she cannot return the sentiment. At the Athletic Club dining room, Lily and Devon have a business meeting. When Lily tells Devon that Hilary and Neil are coming home, he makes up an excuse not to be there when they return. Neil and Hilary walk in to the dining room. Lily welcomes them home. Devon and Hilary exchange looks. Neil asks Hilary to let him talk to Lily alone. Hilary joins Devon and gives him back his cell phone. Neil lets Lily know how much he loves Hilary, which she understands completely. Ashley and Ben are discussing the kiss when Victoria and Abby interrupt them. Victoria asks him who he isn’t kissing. Jack tells Kelly that he told Phyllis about Billy and Victoria’s divorce. Jack starts to show Kelly out but Phyllis stops them and wants to know who Kelly really is. Anita walks in on Chelsea dancing with the mannequin. Anita urges Chelsea to get Billy back there but she hesitates.

At the Coffeehouse, Ashley tells Abby that the new fragrance is really a love potion. Abby wants to use the potion to get Billy and Victoria back together, but Ashley hesitates. Phyllis figures out that Kelly really is the woman who broke up Billy and Victoria. Kelly tries to explain then leaves. Phyllis is upset that she cannot get any answers. Billy comes in and is glad to see Phyllis. They hug. Phyllis questions Billy as to what happened between him and Victoria. In the park, Ben and Victoria have a heart to heart talk about her feelings toward this baby. Ben asks her to let them start all over. Billy rejoins Chelsea and Anita. Anita soon makes her exit leaving Chelsea and Billy alone. Billy tells Chelsea what went down at Jack’s between him, Jack, and Phyllis. Chelsea asks Billy to move in with her.

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