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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Sally to put the gun down that she is aiming at his head. She mutters something about everything bad in her life she can blame on his father. Then she shoots and shatters the glass from a picture of his father on the mantle. Emma and Xander have fun getting acquainted. Xander confides in Simon, another intern, that he is half British but he is trying to fit in on his American side so he really was not making fun of Simon's accent. Wyatt takes the gun away from Sally and yells at her that he knows she is traumatized by his father and he doesn’t like him right now either but he is not going around with a loaded gun. Perhaps she had too much to drink earlier but again no reason to walk around with a gun. Maya tells Thorne that perhaps she is too suspicious but she wonders if Emma is kin to Justin, Bill’s right hand man. There is nothing wrong with that except that she did not mention it and she is trying awfully hard to impress Hope. But if she has nothing to hide then it won’t be an issue.

As they sit and talk, Wyatt tells Sally that he is not in good favor with his dad right now so he is fatherless and jobless. She quips they are quite the pair. Emma gets her models ready and joins them in music and dance for Hope’s pleasure. Hope claps, she loves it; it was incredible. She says it captures the essence of Hope For The Future. Xander tells her it is a good thing they like each other as looks like they are going to be super busy. Sally grabs her purse to leave and says she will not let another guy save her. She can sleep on the beach. He says no, he will not be able to sleep knowing she is just somewhere out there. She says she is loud and a Spectra so she will make it. He says he will even take away the pillows on the couch so she can rough it. She finally says okay. He looks at her long and hard and then kisses her and she responds. Maya catches Emma taking pictures of their clothes on her phone. She questions her about it. Maya is stern and tells Emma she should not be taking pictures of their designs that have not been seen yet. Emma apologizes and says okay she should not have done that but she meant no harm. Maya wastes no time in connecting the names and Emma admits that yes Justin is her uncle but he had no part of her getting the job here. Maya says then she should have just admitted earlier she was related to Bill’s right hand man. She surely knows how everyone here feels about Bill. He was the one who put her family in jeopardy. And Forrester is more than a business. It is her family and her husband’s legacy and she will not stand here and let Emma sabotage it. She is fired.


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla told Stefan that Kate was having a meeting with someone.  She said Kate was trying to hide something.  JJ wanted to call Eli about Laniís baby.  Eli told Hope and Rafe that he found Ciaraís last location.  They left to go there.  Ciara didnít want Ben to take her home.  She told him that she found her boyfriend getting close to someone close to her.  Ben asked if they had sex.  She said they denied it.  She didnít want to be taken advantage of anymore.  She didnít want Tripp and Claire asking her questions.  She thought he wouldnít understand.  He said he did.  Hope told Rafe and Eli that they were going to find her daughter.  Lani didnít want JJ to call Eli.  JJ wanted to take her to the hospital.  Marlena talked to John about injecting Will with the serum.  Will overheard Kayla talking about Kate and wanted to know what she was talking about.  Kayla lied to him.  He told her that the serum didnít work.  He asked her for another dose.  She said she wasnít going to give him one.  Sonny wondered why Paul wanted Will to get his memory back.  Paul said that it was what Will wanted.  Paul believed in what they had so he wasnít worried about Will getting his memory back.  Sonny needed Paul to do him a favor.  Ben told Ciara about Abby cheating on him.  He said it led to him killing people.  Ciara said she may be mad, but it hasnít driven her to kill people.  Sonny asked Paul to check out Leoís past.  Paul agreed to do it.  Kayla told Will that the hospital demanded that they not use the serum.  She said the hospital was libel if something happened.  He said he would sign something.  He wanted to try again.  He tried to convince her to do it, but she couldnít.  Ben advised Ciara to let go of her anger.  She said she wanted a fresh start.  Hope, Rafe, and Eli found Ciaraís bike.  JJ got Lani to the hospital.

Will told Paul and Sonny that he couldnít get the serum.  He said he still didnít have his memory back.  JJ and Lani told Kayla that Lani was cramping.  Paul comforted Will about him not getting his memory back.  When Paul left, Will told Sonny that he would help him with Leo.  Sonny wanted Will to interview him.  Will was apprehensive about it.  Sonny wanted to tell his side.  Ciara refused to get medical help.  Rafe said Ciara wasnít in the hospital.  JJ called and told Eli about the baby.  Kayla told Lani that she was going into labor.  Lani was upset that she was going into labor early.  JJ wanted to be there for her.  Rafe reassured Hope that they would find Ciara.  Paul met John and Marlena and told them that Will didnít get his memory back.  Sonny told Will what happened with Leo.  They talked about Will not remembering him.  While they were talking, Will had memories of Sonny.  Hope told Rafe that someone found her.  Kayla told Lani that they had to deliver the baby.  Eli and Lani didnít want her to deliver the baby.  Kayla said it was the only way to save the baby. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] Gloria would not like your feet on her desk.

Summer: If she was here on time, they wouldn't be. How do you drink that stuff?


Kyle: Sort of goes hand in hand with the whole "having a job" thing. You'll get used to it.




Summer: Well, then, I guess you haven't heard I'm working on a high-level project here at jabot.


Kyle: Ohhh. Marketing research for spoiled, rich, trust-fund brats?


Summer: You don't believe me?


Kyle: Why should I trust anything you say?


Summer: Well, you didn't used to feel that way.


Kyle: Well, I'm a lot smarter now.


Summer: All right. Then tell me this, einstein -- who do I see about getting a better parking spot?



Summer continues her pursuit of Billy by suggesting that she be put in charge of a marketing campaign for Jabot products sold exclusivley at Jabot. Phyllis tells Billy the idea and he says no at first but then gives in to what Phyllis wants and puts Kyle to work on the project with Summer. Summer tells Billy she knows that he is scared to work with her but she will prove to him how much he needs her. Brittnay tells Nick that if he wants to win custody of Christian he has to break up with Sharon but he refises to do so saying that he won't let Victir ruin hos life. Sharon talks to Victoria and she agrees to testify on Nick's behalf at the custody hearing. Victoria talks to Brittnay about her testimony but then gets uncomfortable when Brttnay imp;lies that she knows the whereabouts of JT and offers to represent him if Victiria can persude him to turn himself in to the police.Jack is happy when someone he hired is able to tell him that the key he found in his mother's things belongs to the safe deposit box at the city bank. Jack and Kyle go down to the bank and since he has his mother's power of attorney he is alllowed to open the box. The box has a picture of Dina , John Katherine Chancellor and Katerine's husband Phillip Chancellor. The back of the picture says it was taken outside of the country club nine months befre Jack was born. Jack thinks that Phillip may be his biological father but wonders how he will prove it. Sharon tells Nick they must break up for Christian's sake but Nick thinks its better that they get married and gets down on one kneee and proposes to Sharon.

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