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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy hands the signed papers to Liam and says it is up to him now. She says she does not want Bill but would like to make an offer for the house. It is where she envisioned raising her family. Hope tells Brooke that Liam is probably looking at the papers as they speak. Then she springs on her that she does not know how Brooke would feel about it but she would like Liam to move in here…..well the cottage out back. They could make sure he eats well, there would be the tennis courts and swimming pool, all perfect for him to unwind and get back to life. Brooke thinks that is nice and agrees. Hope wants her to run it by Ridge first and not cause problems. Brooke suggests Hope invite Liam over so they can welcome him in person. A couple of interns meet with Eric since Hope has not been around much. They hope to gain a few brownie points with Mr. Forrester Creations himself. Ridge brings Eric up to date that Taylor was in town but he thinks she has left already and even he did not see her. Ridge tells his dad that he has talked to Hope because it is a complicated situation. Steffy does not want Liam to go and says she hopes they can still make it work. She kisses him but it seems to have no effect. Liam says it kills him to say this – he still loves her but the kisses only remind him of what she did with his dad. He still cannot let go of that. She says then she will fight for her family, for their little girl. She promises he will never have to doubt her love or their marriage ever again. All he has to do is tear the papers up. Without another word he leaves.

Steffy tells Ridge that she loves him but he has to stop this. It is the second time today he is checking up on her. She does not want to talk about her mom. He says how about business. He cannot run the business without his beautiful, pregnant, daughter. She then tells him that she signed the annulment papers and now wants to get control of the house as she still wants her marriage despite the papers. Liam goes to Brooke’s per their request. He says he does not know what is going to happen now. They lament he needs some new scenery, a place where he can be nurtured by those who love him. They would like him to move in here. He is stunned. Ridge also is stunned that Steffy signed the papers. He thought she was going to fight for her family. She says she had no choice. She can not keep holding their marriage over Liam’s head and this is her sacrifice. He has taken them with him but did not sign them yet and she is hoping he won’t. This is not the end. They will still be together. Brooke tells Liam this is a happy place now and he can have the cottage out back and will have healthy, delicious meals. He wants to make sure Ridge knows about this. Brooke says leave that up to them. Hope says she thinks he could be happy here and she knows it is a lot to consider and has nothing to do with if he signs the papers or not. He thinks it over and looks at Hope and says he does want to be here with her and her in his life, so he thanks her. She says good, then he can file the papers and move on with his life….she hopes for their life together. She kisses him and says there is not much time.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will talked to Sonny about his assignment.  Will told him that he was going to talk to Clyde about what happened with Ben.  Sonny wanted him to be careful.  Gabi was attacked in prison.  An inmate named Danielle rescued her.  Danielle knew about Gabiís case.  Danielle asked her why she confessed to Abby that she killed Andre.  Gabi said she didnít do it.  Kate didnít believe Vivian when she said Abby killed Andre.  Vivian said that Abbyís alter Gabby confessed to killing Andre.  Kate thought that Vivian and her son was trying to ruin her family.  Marlena said that Vivian could be telling the truth.  Chad ripped into Stefan for trying to brainwash Abby.  Gabby said she wanted to be with Stefan.  Chad said that she didnít know what she was saying.  When he called her Abby, she told him that her name wasnít Abby.  He wanted to know what that meant.  Rafe wanted to show the footage of Abby dressed up as Gabi.  He thought it would clear Gabiís name.  Hope thought he shouldnít show the evidence yet because it wasnít proof.  She said it was a brother trying to clear his sisterís name.  Gabi told Danielle that she killed Nick, but she was framed for Andreís murder.  Danielle told her why she was in prison.  Danielle told her that the boyfriend who set her up was Lt. Raines.  Sonny and Will talked about how they were trying to be together.  They hoped that could be friends.  Arianna interrupted their conversation because she wanted her mother.  Will thought that they should tell her the truth.  Kate told Marlena that Stefan was the one who killed Andre and brainwashed Abby to help.  Marlena told Kate that it was a possibility.  Kate wanted to know what could have caused Abby to do it.  Chad wanted to know what Abbyís name was.  Stefan said it was Abby.  He confessed to brainwashing her.  Chad yelled at him to fix what was going on. 

Sonny and Will talked to Arianna about Gabi.  They told her that she would be back soon.  Danielle blamed Gabi for why she lost Raines.  Gabi said he kidnapped her and was counterfeiting.  Danielle said that Raines got 25 years while she got 10.  Gabi said she could get out on good behavior.  Danielle wasnít interested in good behavior.  The other prisoners gathered around her.  The prison guard walked away.  Chad attacked Stefan.  Gabby yelled at him to stop.  Rafe suggested that he and Hope talk to Marlena about Gabi.  She thought they should do it.  He thanked her for helping him.  Gabi told Danielle that it wasnít her fault that she was in jail.  Gabi wanted to get the guard, but Danielle said the guard was on her side.  Danielle attacked Gabi.  Chad attacked Stefan.  Gabby told him to stop because she loved him.  When Chad was finished, she told him to call an ambulance.  Sonny and Will talked about Gabi being sent away.  They agreed they would both be there for Arianna.  Leo showed up just as Will was about to leave.  Sonny wanted to know why Leo was there.  Leo said he was there for work.  Leo thought that Will was there to tell him about him and Vivian.  Sonny wanted to know what he was talking about.  Kate told Marlena that Andre fired Gabi that night, but she didnít think that was enough to kill him.  Kate told her that Abby was dressed in a wig the night Andre died.  She wanted to know what would explain that.  Rafe listened to his message from Chad.  Rafe and Hope left Marlenaís office.  Gabby attacked Chad and ran away.  He ran after her.  Sonny told Leo that Will didnít tell him.  Leo said that Vivian wanted him to work for her.  Sonny asked if it was to spy on him.  Leo didnít know.  Sonny appreciated him telling the truth.  He said he would keep his guard up.  Marlena told her that Abby wore a wig.  Kate thought it would devastate Abby once she finds out.  She thought Chad would be devastated too.  Kate thought the only good thing to come out of it was that the real Gabi would be exonerated.  Chad continued to attack Stefan.  Rafe and Hope found Chad attacking Stefan.  Rafe stopped him from attacking Stefan. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

`Hilary shows Devon a postive pregnancy test and she says they can tear up the contract because she is prepared to be a single mother. Devonb says he intends to be a part of the baby's life just like they agreed in the contract. Victir wants Kyle to continue to be his spy at Jabotbut when Kyle tells him that Abby and Ashley are hiding a secret about Dina Victir tells him that Dina is off limits and he should just concetrate on company secrets. Nikki has revenge sex with Arturo because she is upset that Victoir brought his mistress Helen into their house. Victor is happy that Nikki feels jealous of Helen and he apologizes to Nikki for bringing Helen into their home. Victoria talks to her counselor and tells her about what happend with JT in Hawaii and how they broke up but runs out of the office when the counselor senses that she is hiding something forom her. Reed gets very angry at Victor when her tells him that JT was working with the police to put him in jail and he was using Victoria to gain acces to the company. Nikki gets jealous when she sees Arturo having dessert at the Atheltic club with Abby. Victoria tells Reed that what his grandfather said about JT is true and she tells Reed that JT is never coming back to Genoa City.

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