The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/15/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke they are married. He thought he knew what to expect from her and now he finds her in secret meetings with Bill. She reminds him that he had a secret meeting with the judge. He says that is over and no harm. Bill can see Will anytime he wants and that goes through Katie. She still thinks the judge would not have made his decision except for Ridge stepping in. Ridge ends by saying he does not want her meeting Spencer in his office. She admits Bill kissed her but she pulled away and did not kiss him back. She even told him never to do that again. Ridge accuses her of this not being the first time. Brooke says yes she went to his office to talk about Katie and he may have kissed her in thanks then. Ridge says he gets this way when someone kisses his wife and does not tell him. She has no idea how unhappy he is now. Will visits Bill in his office and Katie beams when Will seems interested in everything Bill explains to him about making money from oil. He even explains to Will that when you bark orders at someone that you always end by saying thank you. Bill wants to see Katie alone and thanks her. He thought they would be adversaries now and he ending up begging her to see Will. She explains again that was never her intention. Now she sees things as being different and she will not get in the way of him seeing his son. She just does not want Bill to let Will down again, only good excuse for cancelling if someone has malaria or dies. He agrees to that.

Brooke apologizes and tells Ridge they can get on now. He wants to know why the apology. He sees nothing wrong with him hating a man and then not liking that he put his hands on her. She says Bill was only trying to show his gratitude. He laments it might be old fashioned but he could have sent a greeting card. And she not kept him in the dark. Ridge says he did the wrong thing to get the right results from the judge. He doesn’t think Brooke knows how much he loves her and why this hurts him so much. He says if she does not tell anyone about the judge they will not have to talk about this again. She says that she did not tell Bill but she did think Katie had a right to know and she told her. He reminds her that Katie might tell Thorne and then here we go. He balls up his first and says she has no idea how much he hates that man for breaking up his daughter’s marriage and now he is playing Brooke. His hands on her is unacceptable. Those are the same hands and same lips he used when ruining his daughter. He is tired of fighting it. He leaves with saying if she wants to be with Bill instead of him then just go. She tells him to stop it. She loves him and she knows he loves her and they can try to work this out and get past it. It is not over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas told Bonnie that he planned on suing for sole custody of the baby. Chloe sang to little Bonnie when Mimi saw them together. She told Chloe that she wasnít her mother. They started arguing over it. Eve went to see Victor because she was looking for Brady. Eve told Victor that Brady knew what she did to cost him his son. Eric and Nicole were together and he didnít want to say goodbye. He gave her a necklace when someone knocked on the door. Nicole opened it only to be sprayed in the face by Sami. Xander and Kristen talked about how they had an intruder. Brady saw the man in the wheelchair and assumed he was EJ. He went closer to him when Xander hit him from behind. Eric demanded to know why Sami sprayed Nicole. She told him that she thought she was Kristen. She explained that Stefan gave her that address. She realized they were working together. Lucas and Bonnie argued over him getting sole custody of the baby. Chloe told Mimi that Lucas was going for sole custody of the baby, but she said he wouldnít. Mimi almost slipped and said why he couldnít get the baby. Bonnie begged Lucas not to take the baby from her. Lucas didnít believe her. Lucas reminded her what she did to Bonnie. She apologized for it, but he thought it was too late. He assumed she didnít care about the baby because she only cared about herself. Bonnie told him to give her back the baby or Mimi would kill her. He wondered what that had to do with anything. Mimi covered up by calling Lucas out for his sins. Mimi wanted her to get Lucas to change his mind. Chloe told her that she couldnít do it. Mimi threw up in her face that she stole Nicoleís baby from her. Chloe planned on taking the baby back to her father and there was nothing Mimi could do about it. Mimi planned on stopping her. Eve continued to tell Victor how she told Brady the truth because of Jennifer. Nicole denied working with Kristen. Sami didnít believe her, but Eric told him that Nicole was living with Xander. Kristen saw Brady on the floor and she wanted to know what Xander did. He let her know that Brady was with the patient. Kristen wondered if he saw anything. Xander let her know that he hit Brady before he saw him. Xander wondered what to do with him.

Bonnie told Lucas that Mimi wanted to see the baby for the first time. Bonnie wanted to know where the baby was, but Lucas wouldnít tell her. He warned her that he would pay for not telling her. Sami congratulated Nicole on being with Xander. Nicole wanted Sami gone when she got back from taking care of Holly. Sami warned Eric that Nicole was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Eve waited for Victor to gloat over what happened to her. Victor apologized to her for what happened. Victor felt bad for Eve. Eve and Victor talked about how Nicoleís confession was missing. Victor figured out who took it. Kristen wanted Xander to leave her with Brady. Brady woke up and realized he was tied to a chair. Kristen questioned whether Brady was with her to find out about EJ. Brady wanted to know if EJ was the person in the wheelchair. Chloe showed up at Dougís Place with the baby and Bonnie wanted her. Chloe didnít want to give her back to her. Nicole told Nicole that she married Xander. Eric told Sami that Xander and Kristen were working together and Nicole didnít know. Sami told him how they showed up at the wedding together. Eric told her that Xander meant to shoot him. Brady admitted that he played Kristen. Kristen told him that he betrayed any happiness they could have had. He told her that he was sorry, but it had to be done. She said she was sorry too and pulled out a gun. Mimi told Lucas that she and Bonnie were taking the baby. Lucas told her that he wasnít letting her do that. Sami wanted to tell Rafe about Xander. Eric told her not to do that because he loved Nicole. Nicole told her that she wouldnít find out what Xander and Kristen were up to. Eric told Sami that he was going to follow Xander to figure out where he put the recording. Victor assumed Xander took the recording. He hoped he was long gone. Kristen assumed that Brady loved her. She would have done anything for him. Brady knew she loved him and wouldnít kill him. She hit him with her gun and told him that she would pay him back. Xander came back and wondered if he was dead. Xander wanted to finish what she started. Sami told Eric that she was going with him to follow Xander. The guy in the wheelchair called out Samiís name.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura tries to have a romantic dinner with Kevin but Ryan walks downstairs and makes an excuse that he has a patient to deal with. Laura understands and cannot wait for him to return home. Lulu and Charlotte show up. Charlotte receives gifts from Laura and Lulu talks about Dante. Laura then receives another visitor holding flowers. Ryan goes to visit Kevin and informs him that Laura is back and he plans to trick her into thinking he is actually Kevin. Nelle admits to Carly and Michael that she is pleading not contest so they don’t even have to speak against her. She ends up with a long sentence but tells Brad in passing that she might get out early.

Elizabeth visits Sam and pleads with her not to get back with Jason while he is going through things with Oscar. Sam wants to help Drew but he doesn’t want her help. Elizabeth explains that they all need to be there for Drew right now. Franco finds Drew at the docks and Drew asks what he would do if he could get the memories back but it would hurt Sonny and Jason. Franco thinks he needs to look at things from the bigger picture. Drew later goes to see Sam. Sonny and Jason try to figure out who Marino was as a person based on information Spinelli obtained for them.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The ladies night group each get a second note with a diffrent number when they compare notes they discover the blackmailer wants $250,000 in twenty four hours or he or she wil tell their secret to everone. The ladies argue about what to do for a long time but in the end they decide not to pay the money because thy want to see what the blackmailer's next move will be. Everyone in the boardroom is stunned by Ashley's addmission that she planned to make Jack think he wasn't John Abbott's son. Ashley tells Abby that she dd it for her sake so that she and the children she would have someday would be a part of the Abbott legacy. Jack sends everyone out of the room so Ashley can explain to him how she could do something so cold and heartless to him. Jack thinks Victor put her up to it but she tells him that she came up with the plan herself because she was tired of him using the fact that she wasn't John Abbott's biological daughter against her. Jack is most hurt that Ashley usedDina's illness against her to make her think that she cheated on John twice instead of onceand humilate Dinma in public by putting that admission into the movie about her life. The two siblings have a long gut wrenching talk and Ashley tells Jack she thinks that John would understand what she did and forgive her and she thinks Jack should forgive her too. Jack thinks their father would be disgusted by her actions and tells her that she has ruined everything John Abbott and his legacy stood for and she did it just to sit in that chair. Jack picks up the chair and throws it through one of the windows of the office.

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