The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/10/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that it was a one time thing and Taylor is remorseful that she shot Bill so they should just let it go. Brooke goes on that she knows he feels protective of Taylor being the mother of his children. She hopes Taylor never snaps again but there is that chance. They both need to watch out for her. Hope tells Liam that considering what Taylor did to Bill that she could now turn on Brooke for knowing the truth so they can all be concerned. She hates to be suspicious. She puts the seeds in his head that for now she would feel better if Taylor was not left alone with Kelly. Liam has doubts too but he tries to remind himself that she knows she did wrong and she is getting help for her mental health. Taylor keeps telling Steffy that she is fine so just go and mingle and enjoy her party. Zoe points out to her dad that he is spending a lot of time with Dr. Hayes. He pretends he did not notice how attractive she is, just how accomplished (and don’t forget rich Reese) she is. When Taylor turns her back and Steffy notices a glass of wine that Taylor has had she texts her dad to please come over, it is important. Reese asks his daughter what can she tell him about Brooke Logan. She finds a photo and shows him and wonders why he wants to know. He says just trying to place names with faces.

Taylor is surprised when Ridge shows up and Steffy admits she saw her staring at the glass of wine and knew she was tempted. They both just want to be there for her. Taylor breaks down and cries that she knows everyone is worried about her. Perhaps it is all her fault. She says she does not hate Ridge but it is true that he was not always there when he was with Brooke years ago and she had to hold the family together. Hope asks her mom how she left things with Taylor. She says for now she will not say anything but she will be on the look out to protect anyone she loves, especially Hope. Taylor spouts that maybe all their problems in the family starts with her. She used to be a confident woman but she is not any more. Her emotions are all over the place and she does not know how she got to this point. She keeps saying that she shot a man, unbelievable. But Ridge sweeps it under the rug and says she was upset. She really is a kind, wonderful woman. Steffy goes in and gets Kelly and puts her in Taylor’s arms.



Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe showed up at the hotel room and saw Hope. Ted came out of the shower only wearing a towel. Ben told Stefan how Ted and Hope were working together to set him up. Stefan wanted to know if set the fire at the cabin. Chad and Jennifer talked about Gabby being back and how they were worried about Abby. Abby caught Gabi at the DiMera mansion. Gabi wondered how she was able to get out of the hospital. Abby told her how she was Gabby and Abby was the one who was committed. Abby thanked her for confessing to what she did. Ben thanked Stefan for giving him a second chance. He wanted people to look past the fact he was the necktie killer. Ted threw up in Rafeís face how he cheated on Hope so he shouldnít be surprised they were there. Ted told Rafe he and Hope were lovers. Rafe punched Ted in the face. Hope told Rafe everything she did was for Ciara. Ciara tried to explain to Julie how Ben has changed. Julie didnít believe it. She warned her how Ben is a serial killer and advised her to run from him. Stefan thought Ben would sell him out to the cops, but he assured him he didnít tell the cops anything. Stefan wanted to know what he told Ted. Ben explained how Ted wanted him to sue the police department. He said Ted wanted him to confess to setting the fire. He said he was working for Stefan and didnít need the money. Ted believed he was working with Stefan to set him up. Stefan was upset, but Ben assured him he wouldnít sell him out. Stefan told him he failed his first assignment. Ben assured Stefan he would bring Ted to him. Chad wanted to go to Stefan, but Jennifer stopped him. Abby thanked Gabi for what she did because Gabby was able to come back. Gabi didnít really believe she was Gabby despite what Abby said. Abby told her she was going to be happy. Gabi told her she didnít have Chad and Thomas didnít remember her anymore. Abby didnít like what she heard. Hope explained to Rafe how she was keeping Ted safe from Stefan. Rafe wanted to know why his clothes were all over the floor. She explained how Ted was sloppy. She insisted she wasnít having an affair with him. Ted told him how he was too by the book and he would end up dead. Hope agreed he wouldnít be able to keep quiet, but she did ask for help. Gabi didnít believe Abby was Gabby and wanted her to take off the wig. Abby insisted sheís Gabby, but Gabi told her sheís screwed. Abby insisted she wasnít going to leave Stefan. Gabi let her know no one believed her and would help her. Abby warned Gabi how she could kill her since she had everyone convinced she was crazy.

Ben met with Ciara at the pub. She let him know about her conversation with Julie. Ben thought Ciara was going to dump him. She didnít understand why he wanted to go to Julieís place. Julie talked to Jennifer about Ciara dating Ben. Jennifer didnít understand why she would date him. Jennifer told her how Abby wasnít good. Chad showed up at the DiMera mansion. Gabi lied about why she was at the mansion. Abby wanted Gabi to leave the mansion. Abby didnít want Chad to be at the mansion. He told her how he wasnít there for her and wanted to see Stefan. Rafe told Hope the deal was off. He thought what Hope was doing was a big mistake. He wanted to do things on the up and up. Rafe believed Hope was jeopardizing her life for Ted. He advised her to walk away. Ted warned them Stefan would kill him if they stopped protecting him. Stefan called Ted. He let them know Stefan called him. Ted put Stefan on speakerphone and tried to get him to admit to what he did to him. Stefan didnít take the bait. He warned Ted how his people knew where to find him. Ted demanded Rafe and Hope protect him. Julie told Jennifer how she warned Ben about hurting Ciara. She also decided she was going to warn Stefan about messing with Abby. Chad didnít want to talk with Gabby about whatís going on. Abby reminded him how he couldnít look at her when he found out she was pregnant. Abby sat in his lap while she talked to him. Chad told her how he never stopped loving Abby. Abby asked him if he knew why she was back. She told him how he turned his back on her. Chad was sure Abby would get better. She told him how heís not her savior and now heís her enemy. Abby told him how sheís in charge of Abby now. He ended up leaving the mansion. Hope wanted to take Ted back with Rafe. Gabi told Kate how Abby pretended to be Gabi and she wasnít going back to the mansion to plant the paternity test results. Stefan showed up while she was on the phone with Kate. Julie showed up at the mansion to see Stefan, but she saw Abby. Julie told her the town didnít need another Gabby. Abby admitted she wasnít Gabby. Rafe warned Ted he would have to worry about him if something happened to Hope. Stefan managed not to hear Gabiís conversation. Chad went back to Jenniferís house and they talked about Abby. He was determined to be there for Abby. Abby explained how she had to pretend to be Gabby to be near her daughter. She explained to Julie how the family turned on her and didnít believe her how Gabi was the one setting her up. Julie told Abby how she believed Gabi was setting her up. Julie was determined to make Gabi pay.  


GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Cherie

As Mariah sits at the coffee house texting Tessa to ask where she is, Tessa is in the backseat of a car with a hood over her head. As Tessa pleads ”you don't have to do this” the hood is taken off. Tessa is in the car with Nikki and Sharon while Victoria is driving. They want answers! Victoria tells Tessa to stop messing with them as they know she is lying. Nikki tells Tessa that she is the one who knows the property and stables that burned down and now it’s personal. As Mariah waits for Tessa’s response Lola walks in and sits down to chat. They talk about Kyle and how relationships need trust. They talk about Tessa and Mariah tells her that she has no choice but to walk away and she will tell Tessa tonight. Meanwhile, Charlie is facetiming with Shawna when Cane sneaks up on him. They talk and Charlie tells him he wants to go to Colorado to be with Shawna but Cane convinces him they will discuss it after the holidays. Meanwhile in the hotel room at the Athletic Club Rebecca Barlow is making a play for Nick when Phyllis barges in. Rebecca is shocked to see Phyllis who insists this was all a misunderstanding and it isn't what she thinks. She tells her that she is with Nick. Rebecca initially blames Nick and asks how could it not have meant sex would be involved. Phyllis again apologizes how it was perceived. Phyllis knows the deal is lost however Rebecca surprisingly tells her the deal is still on because it is a good one. Phyllis assures Rebecca that she will get everything they discussed. Rebecca looks at Nick and responds with ’not everything.’ The two shake on the deal. After Rebecca leaves Phyllis admits to Nick she knew what Rebecca wanted. She asks him if he would have gone through with it, and he reminds her that he was fully clothed when she showed up. Nick said he will do anything for her and that they are partners. Since this was such a huge deal, Phyllis insists she needs to take the contract to the office and will meet him at home after. At the Abbot house Billy leaves Phyllis a voicemail asking about the contract and tells her to call him no matter the time. Jack overhears and questions him about his message. He tells Billy he understands the draw of Phyllis but reminds him she is with Nick. Billy says what he did was selfish and that he still cares for Phyllis. Jack questions how do you work your way back after wanting to murder each other? Billy insists they were good together and that doesn't just go away. He then gets a text from Phyllis.

Back at the kidnapping it dawns on Tessa that the women want her gone for good. She pleads with them and denies knowing or doing anything with JT’s body or the fire. Sharon tells Nikki and Victoria that Tessa doesn't know anything The women decide Tessa is telling the truth and agree to leave her out on the side of the road. Sharon apologizes to Tessa and tells her to be safe and warm. They drop her off and drive away as Sharon announces that what they did was despicable. Phyllis is at the Athletic Club bar with Billy filling him in on the deal. Phyllis then tells Billy she realizes he was looking out for her earlier in telling her about Nick and Rebecca. Things turn to a more personal topic and Billy asks her if they should try again. Phyllis tells him she is sitting here with him while Nick is at home and that he doesn't deserve that. Billy brings up Summer and tells Phyllis he will apologize to Summer. He knows what he did was wrong. Phyllis asks him what sort of message it sends if she takes him back. Billy tells her the only reason she is with Nick is because she isn't with him. Phyllis tells Billy that they burned their relationship into the ground and now she is someone else. She leaves her rings on the bar and tells him they are done and walks away. Tessa calls Mariah sobbing and Mariah tells her she will be right there and will find her on GPS. Later on the side of the road Tessa is ranting about what a terrible person she is and Mariah sticks up for her. She thinks the kidnappers were the ones who took Crystal until Tessa tells her it was Nicki and Victoria who did this to her. Mariah tells Tessa that she was going to tell her that she is walking away from their relationship. Tessa tells her she understands and that she will leave her alone. Instead Mariah tells Tessa she needs her and they kiss. After insisting she will be fine returning back home, Nikki leaves Victoria’s and is back at the ranch getting ready for bed. She climbs into bed and her hand feels something odd. She turns on the light and to her horror there is what appears to be JT’s clothing - a leather jacket and jeans carefully laid out on her bed to which she then freaks out!!!


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