The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/13/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy sees Liam on his bended knee proposing to Hope. She fights back her tears. Meanwhile Ridge and Brooke are wrapped around each other in bed, proudly displaying his sexy shorts he just modeled. Katie and Thorne are enjoying the rays at the beach and then Bikini Bar. Wyatt and Sally see them and wave to come over and join them. Wyatt says she seems happy and she replies that she is. Liam goes back to retrieve his phone and sees Steffy is down. She admits she just saw him propose to Hope. He gives her the ring back and said it was a great gesture to give it to Hope. She says maybe Kelly will want it someday.

Kelly says it was her choice and she thinks it was the right one. Too bad she did not make that choice the first time and would have stayed and talked it out instead of going to his father. He says they both have things they wish they could take back. She opines that they have a daughter now and only want to be the best example for her. Katie gets a call from Will’s nanny and tells Thorne she has to cut their date short and go home. He says family always comes first. Hope talks to her mother and Ridge and says she appreciates Steffy’s support in all of this. She and Steffy were always connected because of their mothers, now it be their children and they can do this. Liam tells Steffy that he will always love her and respect her and be grateful for Kelly. She was not a mistake but born out of love.






Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve went to Kayla to find out what sheís hiding from him. She thought about Stefan threatening to take Steveís eyesight. Paul realized that Will lied about meeting his source. Andre haunted Kate and thought she was wrong to keep the truth from Chad. Kate said she couldnít tell Chad the truth when Ted woke up. Kate realized that Andre was gone. Kayla told Steve about a patient, but he didnít believe her. He told her that he overheard her tell Jennifer that he couldnít tell him the truth.

Steve confronted Kayla about what he overheard her say. Ted assured Kate that he wouldnít let anything happen to her. They ended up making love. Chad and Gabi went down memory lane. Abby ran into Stefan at the hospital. She was upset to see him. She told Stefan that Chad left her. He wasnít surprised and she slapped him. Steve thought Kayla had an affair. She assured him that she loved him. She told him a lie, but he didnít believe it. He assumed she knew something about Stefan. Will met with Sonny. Will thought they needed to get the money. They tried to figure out how to get the money. Paul looked through Willís things and found Tedís note. Andre appeared to Kate after Ted went to the bathroom. Andre wanted Kate to tell Chad that Gabiís not s good friend to Abby. Ted texted Sonny about getting the money. Abby showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Chad. Sonny told her that Gabi suggested that Chad stay there. Sonny told her where to find Chad. Steve believed that Stefan was bothering Abby. He was going to go after him when Stefan showed up at Kaylaís office. He wanted to know how Abby was doing. Paul showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to find out what Sonny and Will were up to. Will went to Kate to borrow money. Ted came out of the bathroom and saw Will. Abby saw Chad, Gabi, and Arianna together in his room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Robert and Jason investigate the facility that was holding Finn and Anna. There really isn’t much there but they do find the tracking device on the ground. Jason suggests that the person who has kidnapped them wants Anna and not Finn. Robert thinks about it but is not so sure that makes sense. Then he finds something that proves they were keeping Anna alive. Anna and Finn are moved to a doctor’s office, Anna realizes these are not spies because they would have killed her by now. The men walk back in and reveal that the person they are going to be helping is Cassandra once she is out of the coma.

Cam is taken in for shoplifting and Elizabeth is there with Franco. Franco pays off the debt owed for the shop lifting and gets Cam off the hook. Cam is ungrateful and Elizabeth will not handle it. Franco thinks he needs time to cool off. Joss and Oscar argue over shoplifting because she does it herself. In court, Griffin admits to having slept with Kiki. Ava runs out. After he is off the stand he goes after her. Ava slaps him twice. In her apartment she continues to tell him off and makes him leave. In court, David takes the stand and is made a fool of himself.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

According to Victoria, Reed was thriving at boarding school and had stopped rationalizing JT's crimes and disappearance. Sharon, Nikki, Mariah, Summer, Victoria, Phyllis and Summer ended up at Sharon's place. Sharon asked Victoria to be her bridesmaid. Phyllis and Summer were at odds over whether Billy and Phyllis made a good couple. Nikki asked Nick if Victor was invited to the wedding. Nick asked if Victor would be able to come without causing trouble. Sharon revealed that she and Nick nearly called off the wedding.

Billy confronted Ashley about trying to prevent him from opening the Jabotiques. Ashley confided to Kyle that she and Jack were working to stop Billy from being able to open the Jabotiques. Kyle and Ashley dismissed Summer when she attempted to get involved in their meeting. Ashley told Kyle to handle Summer. Summer tried to warn Billy that his family was conspiring against him, but he threw her out of his office. The Ashbys gathered for dinner before Lily's sentencing. Charlie told Mattie that they had to make sure Lily didn't go to prison. Cane told Lily that he'd made plans for the family to flee to Australia tonight.

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