The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/6/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Brenda

When Nina sees Silas’ reaction to seeing Sam and Patrick together, she tells him that that’s the way she felt when she found out about Silas and Ava. Nina tells Silas that Franco is seeing Denise DeMuccio. Silas says he never envisioned the two of them as a couple. Denise reveals to Franco that she is really Ava. She explains that the DNA test didn’t match her because of Avery’s DNA she got in a bone marrow transplant. Franco realizes that Silas must have been Avery’s kidnapper and says he has to tell Nina. Ava says Nina already knows she didn’t kidnap the baby and Franco already failed to stand by her so outing Silas won’t get her back. She says his plan to make Nina jealous is a better plan. She says Franco owes her because it is his fault that she got shot and thrown off a bridge in the first place.

Jake tells Elizabeth that Aiden makes him wish he had a child of his own. Danny runs away from Sam and grabs Jake’s leg. Jake and Sam decide to keep their plans for Nikolas a secret from Elizabeth and Patrick. Sam tells Jake about the footbridge Jason used to go to. Elizabeth tells Patrick that she is concerned about Lucky because he hasn’t been in touch with Aiden lately. Jake tells Elizabeth that he will help her find Lucky. Elizabeth says Lucky has never been the same since Jake’s death and that she think Jake haunts Lucky.

Frank Smith decides that he should shoot Laura first. Lucky appears out of nowhere and shoots Frank and some of his guards before anyone can grasp what’s happening. Dillon holds Lulu bank to keep her from running into the gunfire. Luke and Laura pick up guns and start shooting guards too until they are all down. They don’t realize that Frank isn’t dead and that he has a gun. Dillon sees Frank raise the pistol. Luke shoots Frank. Frank tells Luke that Lucky was in on it. Luke asks Lucky what Frank meant. Lucky says he had to play along was his only option because his son Jake’s life was at stake. Dante gets drunk. Lesley calls. Dante makes up a story to cover for Lulu’s absence. Dante kisses Valerie again. They go to bed together. Dante doesn’t notice his phone vibrating when Lulu calls.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Newman-Abbott, Gabriel looks at a pic of Victor and remarks that he has finally beaten him. Chelsea, Billy, and Ashley join him for a business meeting. Gabriel announces that there are going to be some major changes. Nick, Victoria, and Abby meet at the Underground to await Michael, so they can think of a way to help Victor. At the police station, Nikki talks to Victor about why he shot Jack. Victor claims it was in self defense. Paul joins Dylan at Crimson Lights and tells him that he ought to arrest him. At the Athletic Club, Lily thanks Avery for helping her the night that she slept with Joe. In the park, Sharon pulls out her mace and tells Joe to keep his distance. Gabriel tells the Abbott family and Chelsea about the changes to be made, but Billy is against them. Neil reminds them about the computer glitch and how they need to get it straightened out before they do anything else. Gabriel insists to Neil that he will run the show. Neil becomes angry and quits. Victoria says that Victor shot Jack, so she decided to cover it up for Jack. Victoria asks Nick for some information on Gabriel that they can use against him in court, but Nick refuses. Victoria reminds him of all the things that Victor did for him and he owes him. Paul confronts Dylan about tying Joe up in order to get a confession out of him. He insists it would not stand up in court. Joe insists to Sharon that he won’t hurt her and he didn’t rape Avery. She was just trying to use it against him so she could get Dylan back. Joe also insists that he didn’t brake the restraining order. He informs her that Dylan tied him up. Lily is upset with Avery for telling Paul that she slept with Joe. Avery lets Lily know that she was raped by Joe. Sharon doesn’t believe that Joe didn’t rape Avery, but he tries to make her understand. Ashley tries to talk Neil out of quitting, but he refuses to listen. Neil refuses to work with Gabriel and walks out. Ashley and Billy still don’t like the changes Gabriel is making. Ashley reveals to Billy that Gabriel is Jack’s son. Nikki accuses Victor of always lying to her and that is why she drinks. She wants to back away from him.

Paul tells Dylan that he is not helping matters by interfering and for him to leave this alone. He also says that he got the test results back, and they were inconclusive. Paul insists there is no positive proof that Joe raped Avery. Lily offers to help Avery get professional help in dealing with her rape, but she refuses. Michael meets with Victor at the police station and tells him that he will work to get him released on bail. Victoria and Abby join Gabriel and the others for the meeting, but they're quite upset when Gabriel names Abby as the new CEO. Ashley and Victoria feel she isn’t qualified. Abby, on the other hand, wants to consider this opportunity. Nick visits Victor at the police department to find out why he really shot Jack. Victor tells Nick that he had no reason to shoot him and then asks for Nick’s help in keeping Newman in the family. Neil visits Nikki and tells her he quit at Newman, but then sees Nikki drinking. Neil tries to stop her, but she passes out when he tries to take the bottle from her. Dylan tells Avery that the tests came back inconclusive that there is no positive proof that Joe raped her. Victoria tries to talk Abby out of taking the job. Later at the Athletic Club, Ashley also tries to tell Abby she isn’t qualified for this position, but Abby thinks that this may be her one chance to prove herself and to help get both her families back together. Chelsea wonders what Gabriel plans for her when Nick walks in and interrupts them.

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