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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that it wasn’t like that; Bill just showed up. Ridge says he cannot dismiss him as he is always just popping up to hit on her. He will not accept that. He spouts again of what Bill did to Steffy and Liam and ruined their life. And now he is seeking Brooke again so she needs to wake up and see what misery he causes. Justin is happy that Bill is back in Will’s life. Bill says that was all Thorne getting into Katie’s head. And the more he is with Will the better they have become. And in time he thinks it will come around again to shared custody. Behind that soft exterior with Brooke there is a woman to be reckoned with. All congratulate Pam and Charlie for being engaged. Liam asks what took so long. Charlie says he may have taken his time but from the first look he knew this was his bride in waiting. Hope gets a call and says they need to go, last trip to the doctor. They had held off for a while but have decided to find out today if it is a boy or girl. Steffy says Kelly will have a half brother or sister and you can’t get better than that. Brooke catches a moment with Steffy and says she has something to say to her. What she thought she saw with Bill was not what it seemed. Steffy is surprised there were two kisses but Brooke says neither meant anything to her and she pulled away. She only loves Steffy’s father and she did not have to run off and tell him this when she knew it would upset him.

Ridge congratulates Pam and then asks if she can find out where Bill is. Thorne asks if something happened to him. Ridge says no but it is going to if he doesn’t leave his wife alone. Ridge tells Thorne that Bill is going after his wife again and that is not going to continue. Pam tells Ridge that Bill has gone home for the day. Thorne says they need to go pay him a visit. They are family and he is in this all the way. At the hospital Liam tells Hope only positive thoughts today. They both agree not to change their minds; they are ready to know. Brooke tells Steffy that she could have come to her and asked her about it and not run off to Ridge. Now he hates Bill more than ever. Steffy says she was not mad at Brooke but she was shocked and uncertain but had to do something. Bill opens the door and there stands Ridge and Thorne. Bill calls them needle and thread and offers them a drink. He wants to toast them for giving him full access to Will. Thorne says he is the stepdad. Bill says yes but that is name only and real dad trumps that anytime. He should not have let them in the front door as he does not need to hear anything they have to say. Ridge throws words at him that he knows he is after his wife. Bill asks what they are going to do – stitch him together. Ridge replies they might if Bill doesn’t leave Brooke alone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas told Belle about having a baby with Bonnie. Chloe told her about her run in with Mimi. Chloe was upset that Belle told Mimi about what she did to Nicole. Mimi told Bonnie how she wanted her baby back. Bonnie wanted to take the baby and run. Mimi was worried about going to jail. Mimi wanted to go to the judge and tell the truth. Bonnie wanted to tell how she took the blame for her. Eric listened to Nicoleís confession while Sami went looking for EJ. Sami ended up finding Brady and not EJ. She confronted him about working with Kristen. Nicole ran to the door when she heard the knock. She thought it was Eric, but ended up seeing Xander. Xander knew she was working with Eric. He ended up with the recording. Eric was knocked out on the floor. Kristen found him and tied him up. Brady explained how he set Kristen up to get her to tell him about EJ. Mimi didnít think that Bonnie would turn against her. Mimi told her that she was a bad mother. Bonnie let Mimi know that she always loved her. Bonnie wanted Mimi to think about her and keep quiet about the baby. Mimi said she wouldnít say anything, but she didnít want Lucas to get her baby. Bonnie wanted to find a good lawyer to make sure that they get to keep the baby. Xander wanted to take Nicole away, but he would let her say goodbye to Eric. Kristen told Eric that Xander worked for her. She let him know that Brady was in the chair he was sitting in before him. Sami threw up in Bradyís face what he did to Eric. Brady wondered when she was on Nicoleís side. She didnít want Eric with Nicole. Brady wanted to help Eric and Nicole get together. Sami wanted to know where she could find EJ.

Belle and Mimi reunited. Mimi told her that Lucas was suing for full custody. Mimi wanted her to represent her mother. Sami couldnít believe that Brady would choose Kristen over her family. She reminded him what he did to Eric. He reminded her what he did to get Kristen to open up to him. He told her that he saw someone in a wheelchair. Sami wanted to know if the person was EJ. He told her that he was knocked out before he saw who it was. Kristen told Eric how she reunited with Brady. Kristen thought Eric deserved better than Nicole. Nicole told Xander that she would be a good wife. She warned him not to hurt Eric. Xander let her know that as long as Eric was alive, she would never be his. She begged him not to hurt him. Xander warned her that she would love him once Eric was dead or he would ruin her life. Belle wasnít sure if she should represent Bonnie. Mimi explained what happened with Chloe. Belle didnít want to get between Mimi and Chloe. Mimi thought the baby should be with her mother. Mimi let it slip that sheís the babyís mother. Bonnie ran into Lucas and Chloe and wanted to talk to Chloe alone. Eric wanted Kristen to let him be with Nicole. Kristen didnít want Eric to get in the way of her important work. Xander brought Nicole to the warehouse to say goodbye to Eric. She grabbed Hollyís water bottle and hit him on his back. Nicole took the recording from Xander while he was knocked out. Eric wanted to know what Kristen was doing there. Sami was determined to find EJ. Brady had the keys. Sami took the keys and locked Brady inside the room. Bonnie asked Chloe to get Lucas to drop the custody case. Chloe said she stood by Lucas. Bonnie didnít want Mimiís teasing to keep her from talking to Lucas. Chloe wondered what Mimi had to do with anything. Mimi ended up telling Belle the truth about the baby and the fact that she killed her father. Belle asked her if Philip was the father. Mimi told her that another one of Lucasí brothers is the father. Nicole looked for Eric and saw different initials on the doors.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick is jealous about Sharon and Rey's friendship and persudes Abby to ask Arturo about Rey's wife Mia and why they aren't together right now. Sharon's bond with Rey continues to grow as she tells him Cassie and Mariah's story snf he confides to her that he wanted to be a father but his wife doesn't want to have kids. Ashley goes home to pack her things and she takes out all her anger and frustration on Dina who doesn't even remember Ashley and can't figure out why she is angry with her, Dina is determined to prove to Ashley she is a good mother and she tells Ashley that there are some important papers that she and John put in a safe to protect her. Dina is agitated later while she looks all over the house for the papers and Kyle arrives and he helps her remember tht the safe is in the Jabot office. Kyle takes Dina to Jabot and finds the safe hidden behind a painting inside a wall. Dina tells Kyle that the combination is her birthday so Kyle opens the safe to check if the paers are inside and Dina is happy that she remembered correctly. Victoria and Sharon get an e-mail from the blackmailer telling the ladies night group that if they don't send the rest of the money the police will find out where JT is buried.

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