The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/20/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Liam that she bets he got a better sleep last night. He says yes he is not the mad man he thought he was. She says the nightmare is over. Ridge tells Steffy that Taylor is a psychologist so she can deal with this now. It is time to put the family back together. Katie drops in on Brooke and tells her that she and Wyatt are no longer engaged. Bill made him an offer he could not refuse. Brooke says she knows it hurts but it probably is for the best. Then Katie quizzes Brooke of what is going on with Steffy and Liam now and how is Ridge taking all of this. Liam says he is still processing everythiung. She says good thing as she has already done that. He needs to get Bill and Steffy off his mind and get out of this creepy hotel. She says it is time to get this chapture out of his life. And she would like to help him with that. He says he still has issues with his dad but at least he now knows he is not that lunatic he thought he was. She kisses him but the phone interrupts. It is Steffy who asks if he can come by the house; she needs to see him. He says he is sort of in the middle of something. She says she has the annullment papers he wanted her to sign. Hope encourages him to go. It is time. It does not mean he won’t be there for his daughter but do this for him. Liam drops by the cliff house and Steffy says she made a decision. She never thought it would come to this but she changed her mind. She did not have a choice after she saw Bill so now she is going to sign if this is what Liam really wants.

Brooke is not exactly as ecstatic as Hope and reminds her that Liam is still married and a baby on the way. She says she is not worried about Ridge but about her. Hope keeps saying that she knows Liam is forgiving but can he be that forgiving of his wife sleeping with his father. He deserves to live his life with dignity and love and trust. Steffy signs the papers and says for Liam not to forget that she will always love him. He asks why now and she replies that sometimes you have to make a sacrifice for those you love. He says only if this is truly what she wants. He does not want her stressing out trying to make atonement. She says this is not what she wants. She had rather he tear up the papers and tell her that he forgives her, but here they are and it is up to him to accept them. He holds them in silence.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan put Vivian in the room with Marlena. Rafe and Hope came up with a plan to set up the security guard in Hong Kong.  Chad went to see Gabi at the prison.  She said that Abby set her up and insulted her.  He didnít want her to insult Abby.  Gabi said that Abby must have gone crazy again.  Abby tried to call out for help.  She heard Kate calling out to Abby/Gabi.  Abby/Gabi opened the door.  Kate asked if she was the one who killed Andre.  Gabi told Chad that there might be something wrong with Abby.  He said he talked to her and said that he got her to talk to Marlena.  Vivian told Stefan not to leave her with Marlena.  He said she wouldnít be in there for long.  Kate asked Abby/Gabi if she helped Stefan frame Gabi.  Abby yelled out in Abby/Gabiís mind that she would never frame Gabi.  Abby/Gabi told Kate that Stefan brainwashed her.  When Kate turned her back, Abby/Gabi hit her in the head.  Rafe told Hope that they made a great team.  She didnít want to hear what he was saying.  He said they were in sync and that they work well together.  She said she was working with him for Gabiís sake.  He said that she still loved him.  She said she still wanted him to sign the annulment papers.  He said he wasnít signing them.  Shawn called and told her that he had the security footage from Hong Kong.  John talked to Paul about Marlena being missing.  Paul thought he knew what was going on.  Vivian told Marlena that Abby had multiple personalities.  Marlena wanted to know how long she knew about it.  Marlena was furious that she and Stefan did nothing to help Abby.  Stefan went back to his room and saw Kate on the floor.  Abby/Gabi told him what they were going to do with her.  Stefan took Kate to the room with Vivian and Marlena.  Stefan told Abby/Gabi that they needed to get out of Salem.  Gabi insulted Abby again.  Chad didnít want her to do it.  She told him to leave if he didnít like it.  She apologized to him.  She asked him about Rafe.  He told her that Rafe and Hope were working together.  Gabi hoped they would get back together.  Rafe and Hope saw the picture of the woman.  He couldnít figure out who she was.  Kate wanted to know what was going on.  Vivian told Kate that Abby had an alternate personality.  Abby found a picture of Abby, Chad, and Thomas together.  Abby wondered where she was.  She promised to come home to them.  Stefan and Abby/Gabi talked about the island.  He told her that he was willing to give up everything to be with her.  While Abby/Gabi and Stefan were kissing, Abby started to come out.  She pushed him away.


Gabi apologized again for going off on Abby.  She told him that she didnít want to be away from her daughter.  When Hope told Rafe that he didnít see Abby at all in Hong Kong.  He realized that Abby could be the dark haired woman.  Chad listened to his message from Kate.  Abby/Gabi asked Stefan why he was kissing her.  She wanted to know why she was dressed the way she was.  She yelled out to Chad, but Stefan stopped her.  He tried to reach out to Gabi.  Gabi was now in Abbyís head.  She didnít know where she was.  Abby asked Stefan if he thought she was Gabi.  He told her to come back to him or she could lose everything.  Stefan told Gabi to come back to him and said he loved her.  Abby had a headache.  She told him to stop calling her Gabi.  He said he loved her again.  John told Paul what happened with Abby.  John said he thought something wasnít right about Abby.  Marlena told Vivian and Kate what was going on with Abby.  Vivian told them that Stefan was in love with Gabi and they were going to run away together.  Kate told them that Gabi was in Stefanís room.  She told them that she called Chad and told him to get to the house as soon as he could.  Vivian thought he better do it soon or Chad would never see his wife again.  Chad said he had to go home because Kate said the dark haired woman was at the house.  Gabi thanked him for his help.  Abby/Gabi said that Abby was trying to get out.  She said that they couldnít run because Abby was always going to be there.  Stefan said she was able to fight her.  She said that Abby/Gabi wants to be with Chad and Thomas as much as she wants to be with him.  She said they had to get rid of Abby.  He wanted to know how.  She kissed him.  He thought this would bring Abby back.  She said they had to prove that their love was as strong as Abby and Chadís.  He asked her if she wanted to wait.  She didnít want Abby following them around.  He asked if she was sure.  She said she was.  Hope asked Rafe if he thought the woman was Abby.  She said Abby and Gabi were best friends.  He thought it looked like Abby.  Hope wasnít convinced that Abby would go along with Stefanís plan.  Rafe said Abby could have been brainwashed.  Kate, Marlena, and Vivian talked about Abby.  Kate and Marlena blamed Vivian for why they were in this mess.  Vivian said she wasnít selling out her son no matter what.  Marlena told them that Stefan confessed to killing Andre.  Vivian told them that he didnít do it.  Stefan and Abby/Gabi made love.  John and Paul continued to talk about Abby and how her behavior has changed.  Vivian told Marlena and Kate that Abby killed Andre.  Chad came home and was looking for Kate.  Rafe and Hope saw Abbyís face on the security footage.  Chad walked in and saw Stefan and Abby/Gabi together. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly explains to Sonny that the tests came back negative but it is clear that Sonny doesn’t trust that she is well. Sonny just wants her to make sure that there is nothing wrong. She should go and see Kevin to confirm that everything is indeed alright. Dante and Chase go to a stable where they find Mike who thinks that Avery is Courtney. Dante stays with Mike but Chase takes Avery back to the station. Carly gets a call that Avery has been found. Sonny is glad. Ava runs to Avery at the station. Mike shows up with Sonny and Carly and Ava will not let Avery go home with Mike.

Lulu gets an email from the person claiming to Henrik. Peter wonders if she is going to reach out to meeting with the man. Lulu thinks that she will, but she has to admit she hasn’t told Dante yet but will have to because she knows she has to get the PCPD involved at some point. Anna and Robert interview a teacher. Anna has to admit to her that she is a WSB agent. Robert cannot believe she would admit that. The teacher remembers Henri and that he had very prominent brown eyes. Anna becomes emotional. Robert wants to know why Anna is so attached to finding this kid. Jason poses as Sam’s bodyguard while they meet with the bank manager. Spinelli shows up and has taken control of all bank information. He manages to find a picture of Henrik.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Kyle asked if he could move into the Abbott mansion. Ashley thought Kyle had an ulterior motive. Jack didn't trust Kyle, but he didn't want to alienate his son the way Victor did with Adam. Jack wanted to let Kyle move in. Ashley went along with it, but retained the option to change her mind. Dina was delighted when Kyle moved in. Jack was touched when he saw Kyle charm Dina. Charlie came to pick up Dina's SD card with Dina's interviews, and Kyle watched as Ashley resisted letting Charlie have them. Abby gave Charlie the cards, but she discreetly pocketed the one that had Dina's confession about Jack's paternity. Ashley and Abby decided to burn the SD card. Kyle commented on them using the fireplace on a warm night. He sifted through the ashes, after they left, and discovered the damaged card. Nikki disapproved of Victor's decision to check out of the hospital AMA. He assured her that he'd have a doctor come to the ranch to check on him. Helen got an icy reception from Nikki when she arrived to drive Victor home. Victor knew Nikki told Helen that Nikki was the love of his life. Victor asked Nikki where she'd been when he was attacked. She refused to answer and reminded him that they had an arrangement. At the ranch, Nikki bristled when Victor invited Helen to stay for dinner. Nikki tried to meet up with Arturo, but he couldn't make it, so Nikki dined with Victor and Helen.

Jack learned that Helen was Victor's mistress and that Victor and Nikki had an open marriage. Jack suspected Helen was a spy, so he fired her. Victor promised Helen that he'd make things right. Jack told Victor that he'd called the ambulance and had been arrested. Jack revealed that Kyle and Victor started chatting around the same time that Nikki and Jack got involved. Jack threatened to destroy Victor if he went after Kyle. Phyllis ordered Sharon to distract Nick from searching for JT. Nick told Sharon that he wanted to plant a vegetable patch at Chancellor Park gardens, unaware that JT was buried there. Phyllis urged Nick to leave the investigation to the police. Nick noticed that Sharon, Phyllis and Victoria had all told him the same thing. Phyllis contended that it would be best for Victoria if she never saw JT again. Nick thought Phyllis might be right. Nick and Sharon shared ice cream and watched movies. Cane and Lily had a date night. They were happy about the way their careers and personal life was going. They discussed JT and whether or not he was guilty.

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