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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope explains to Brooke that Steffy wants her to marry Liam so she is not going to uninvite her, even if Taylor comes too. Brooke puts her foot down, neither of them will be invited. Steffy questions her mother again that if she can accompany her without causing a scene. Steffy says there are times when a girl needs her mother and this is one of those times. She needs her to support her. Taylor says she is not sure she can. Taylor says she needs to fight for the life of her precious little girl with two parents under the same roof just like she wanted for her when she was growing up. Taylor gets a phone call and it is Brooke who wants to know if she is available to talk. Steffy tells her mom that she does not have to go. Taylor says she does. This is a conversation long in the making. Liam tells Hope that he asked Wyatt to be his best man again this time guilt free. She tells him that she too has a surprise. She invited Steffy to the wedding as they both want to move forward. This will be good for their children and for everyone to see loving Forresters and Logans. He finally gives her a hug and says okay. Ridge visits Steffy to see Kelly and says she is going to the wedding but she is worried about her mother. She might be walking into a disaster. Taylor goes to Brooke’s and starts in on her for this adulterous wedding and brings up her affair with Deacon Sharpe, her son-in-law. Brooke tells her how dare she. Taylor returns the favor and says how dare Brooke by encouraging Hope to take a married man away from his wife. She and Hope are just alike and if she thinks she will get away with this Taylor says she is in for a shock. Hope tells Liam that she has a good feeling about this. Steffy has been an important part of her life and they do not have to be at odds. Ridge is surprised that Hope asked Steffy and she said yes. Ridge says and Taylor going to see Brooke is not good. Nothing about this is good. He says this is all sweet for the kids for her and Hope to work this out but not with Taylor. They cannot even imagine what Taylor is telling Brooke. Brooke tells Taylor that she is caught in the past if she is still talking about her taking Ridge away from her. Taylor says she will not stand by and see that happen again.

Brooke keeps telling her they need to support their children. Taylor says it is not support, she is power tripping. Brooke says her daughter who always tries to do the right thing wants this and now so does Steffy. And now Taylor cannot control herself so just stay away. Liam keeps asking Hope if she is sure Steffy wants to be a part of this; he was not expecting it. She says Steffy is family and no longer wants drama. Ridge keeps questioning Steffy but she says this is best for Kelly. This is the life she always wanted and she fought so hard for. Kelly will see the picture of her and Liam and know she came out of love and she will never feel sorry for he mother. She will look up to her mother and he can be damn sure she will give her something to look up to. She can do anything for Kelly. Brooke tells Taylor that she is a pschiartrist so she should not have to tell her that this will be hurtful to Steffy. Taylor says well Hope invited Steffy and they are going to attend. They argue but Brooke tells her that Liam chose her daughter and that will be something Taylor will have to accept. Steffy may be in pain but it was she that chose to attend. And Liam will be standing there seeing Steffy in pain. Perhaps that is what it is – Taylor hoping Liam will see this and call off the wedding. She better not do anything to interrupt this wedding.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

At Alexis’ house Sam and her host a welcome to the family party for baby Wiley. Sonny and Mike show up. Bobbie runs in saying they shouldn’t do this because they are worried the baby will be taken away. Sam thinks it should be fine though. Brad and Lucas show up and they all celebrate. Michael shows up and is happy for the two of them. Mike keeps thinking the baby is Michael’s and that he looks so much like Carly. Sonny insists it is not. Brad gets freaked out. Julian shows up and demands to speak with Sonny. He wants to know why he is trying to get involved with his business. Sonny claims not to know what he is talking about. Julian thinks the baby looks different. Alexis gets a call saying the baby’s birth mother wants him back. Margaux and Drew talk at Charlies about him helping her. Drew has no intention though. Margaux tries kissing him but it doesn’t help and she walks off.

Maxie and Nina go to prison and talk with Madeline. Maxie shows pictures of James but that is all she will ever see. Nina and her lash it out and Madeline is so happy for her. Madeline mentions she is up for parole. Maxie and Nina realize what this is about and try to leave. Madeline begs them that this isn’t about that. They don’t want to listen. Valentin and Peter talk at his house about what Peter is owed. Valentin reluctantly helps him stay in the city but he has to stay away from Nina. Peter agrees. At Charlies they run into each other. Peter owns the Invader and is turning it into a real paper. He wants Maxie to come work for him. Valentin shows up at the prison and wants to talk with Madeline.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

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