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PC Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Port Charles Should Not Have Been Cancelled
by Beth

10. Props: From the multitude of globes at the lighthouse to the bowls of plastic fangs at the Halloween bacchanal

9. Pacing: Storylines didn't drag out for months or years

8. Daring: They dared to venture into the supernatural and made it fun without turning campy and ridiculous.

7. Camera work: From the regular sets to on-location scenes

6. Makeup: Elizabeth's sudden Goth-inspired look, Arianna's decline, and Livvie's Halloween nightmare

5. Direction: The MV-3 "Inside the Music" special was truly inspired

4. Music: From background themes to The Stephen Clay Experience

3. Writing: Nothing short of brilliant

2. Teamwork: The cast and crew obviously had a great deal of respect for each other and worked incredibly well together

1. Acting: Where to begin? Simply phenomenal!

Page updated 8/23/14

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