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Top Ten Unanswerable Questions from "Superstition"
by Beth

10. Why does Alison want to be friends with Livvie again?

9. Why didn't Alison get Ian to kick Livvie out of his cabin?

8. Why didn't anyone install surveillance equipment at the barn to catch Livvie committing one crime after another?

7. Why is Rafe and Livvie's marriage considered valid even though it's based on fraud?

6. Why does Jamal believe that Rafe's treatment of Alison is so much worse than his own?

5. Why did Dr. Porter keep dealing with Livvie instead of with Rafe, the actual patient?

4. Why didn't anyone try to frame Livvie the way she framed Alison?

3. Why didn't Rafe read the fine print before selling his soul?

2. Why does Rafe believe one word out of Livvie's mouth when anyone with even one millionth of a brain cell can see that she changes her story every two seconds?

1. How much money did James send Rafe back to earth with, anyway? Roses aren't cheap!

Page updated 8/23/14

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