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Livvie's Top Ten Worst Backfired Schemes and Misdeeds
by Beth

10. Repeatedly angered Caleb by testing his love--and an angry Caleb is a dangerous vampire

9. Ordered Alison's death at the hands of the Avatar, which refused at the last minute because of Alison's goodness

8.  Bit Imani for being in her way, which made her violently ill

7.  Deceived, seduced, and married amnesiac Rafe but lost him anyway

6.  Framed Alison for murder and lost Jack because of her actions

5.  Tried to kill Alison but ended up paralyzing her own father

4.  Meant to kill the Avatar/Frank but hastily injected the wrong person--her dad--with a drug that caused him to lose his mind

3.  Locked Tess inside a trunk, not realizing that if Tess suffocated, Livvie would suffocate

2.  Used Caleb's ring to make a wish, which resulted in a tryst between Caleb and Alison instead of Caleb and Livvie

1. Poisoned Alison's bathwater and ended up falling into the tub and losing her baby

Page updated 8/23/14

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