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Port Charles Top Ten List Pages

PC Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Crimes Committed by Port Charles Residents
by Niki

Livvie Locke
1.  Poisoned Jack's drink
2.  Framed Alison for a murder she didn't commit
3.  Blackmailed a nurse to fix a paternity test
4.  Blackmailed Frank to kill Alison
5.  Shot Rafe
6.  Tried to poison Alison, but ended up killing her unborn child
7.  Locked Tess in a trunk and nearly suffocated her
8.  Rigged a light fixture to fall on Alison, but it hit Kevin instead, causing him to be paralyzed
9.  Injected Kevin with a drug that made him go crazy
10. Burned down the silo in an attempt to kill Frank

Caleb Morley
1.  Kidnapped Livvie Locke to make her his bride.
2.  Killed Jack Ramsey and turned him into a vampire.
3.  Used his powers to tear apart couples in Port Charles.
4.  Turned Elizabeth into a vampire.
5.  Slept with Alison to get revenge on Rafe and Livvie.
6.  Tricked Rafe and Alison into believing they were siblings.
7.  Killed several people for their blood over many years.
8.  Transformed Gabriela Garza into a vampire.
9.  Killed Rafe when he was very young.
10.  Killed the love of his life Olivia.

Frank Scanlon
1.  Turned Jamal into a vampire.
2.  Recruited others into vampires.
3.  Became the avatar and took the law into his own hands.
4.  Tried to turn Karen into a vampire which resulted in her death.
5.  Aided & abetted Jamal Woods.
6.  Attempted to kill Alison Barrington.
7.  Threatened to kill Livvie Locke.
8.  Attacked Rafe.
9.  Gambling.
10.  Attempted to steal money from the Recovery Room

Chris Ramsey
1.  Locked his brother in a cage.
2.  Did experiments with drugs and patients.
3.  Impersonated a clothing designer.
4.  Slashed Ian and Elizabeth's tires.
5.  Framed his brother for theft.
6.  Lied to the cops about his brother stealing his money.
7.  Locked Gabby in a cage to do experiments on her.
8.  Paid off someone at the hotel to block Jack's calls to Livvie.
9.  Stole Livvie's diary.
10.  Tricked Jack so he could have Livvie

Page updated 8/23/14

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