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Port Charles Top Ten List Pages

PC Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs You're Addicted to Port Charles
by Beth

10. You're convinced that your town is a battleground for good and evil.

9.  You can read the transcript and know exactly when the closed captioners got it wrong.

8.  Your TV shows all PC, all the time.

7.  You tell people that your workout clothes were designed by Georges.

6.  You go to the hospital and refuse to leave until Dr. Chris Ramsey can see you.

5.  You point and say, "Shame," in a raspy voice whenever someone does something wrong.

4.  You play hide and seek among silk panels hanging from the ceiling.

3.  You quit your job so you can be available to babysit Christina at a moment's notice.

2.  Your car horn, cell phone, watch alarm, and doorbell all play the same tune: the first five notes of "Naked Eyes."

1.  You have the Elixir "X" tattooed on the back of your hand--and it glows.

Page updated 8/23/14

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